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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My entry into DI's little contest. It's pretty obviously a work of fantasy, as I have logically proven that Ray Comfort is, in fact, an atheist -- but never mind that, and enjoy.


Pope: Ray Comfort

Bishop: Kirk Cameron

Holy City: Bellflower, CA, USA

Creed: The Way of the Master

Holy Book: The collected writings of Ray Comfort

Fellowship: Whoever Ray bothers on the streets, as well as the membership of Comfort Food -- I mean, The Soapbox -- I mean, Atheist Central.

Faith: The belief that everything that Ray Comfort says that God says is completely true.

Agenda: To pretend really, really hard that they, and not we atheists, will win in the end.

Moral Code: Whatever Ray says that God says.

Language: Wishful Thinking Out Loud.

National Holiday: December 5


  1. Nice.

    Although I think your Holy City should have been Machala, Ecuador. According to a 2 second Google search it is the proclaimed "Banana Capital of the World".

  2. Niiice!

    Bellflower is Ray's home town.

  3. Correction on National Holiday:

    Feb. 30th, same as National God Day.

  4. Niiice!

    Bellflower is Ray's home town.

    Heh. I know. I was going with Banana Capital for the humor value :P


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