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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I guess I'm personae non grata at Atheist Central. I tried to post a couple of times, but no dice. I also tried to post under the name "atheistssuck", but that didn't make it either. But I have been trying to make sure Ray's staff earns their pay. I keep sending in multiple posts of Great Post, Ray. Over and over and over. They can moderate their tight little Christian asses off. Oh, I'm so immature.


  1. Ha! Make 'em earn their keep, Rufus!

  2. Rufus,

    I just noticed something a little strange. Terry has not posted on Ray's blog since the Hurricane Terry incident. Do you think he may be banned too?

  3. Ray should do an "In Memoriam" post:

    In memory of Clostridiophile, Rufus, Nonmagical Thinking, Henwli, Maragon, and all the atheists whose sorry asses -- er, souls could have been saved if they would just shuttupaminnit -- er, if they would only fall on their knees and chant owa tagu siam until everybody falls asleep, this blog posting is fondly dedicated. RAYmen.

  4. LMAO, Wee, you're on a roll tonight!

  5. mjarsulic:

    I don't know. That would be interesting, because usually over there he is just about the number one kisser of Ray's ass. I'll have to keep an eye out for him, or an alias to show up over there. Being banned might actually make his head explode. He's liable to show up at that Transformed bullshit armed. Kinky Friedman would have to do a rewrite and come up with The Ballad of Terry Burton instead of The Ballad of Charles Whitman.

  6. nonmagic:

    Whenever I have a little free time I'm gonna bombard them. Great Post, Ray.

  7. Oh, I'm joining in on this, too. Seems like it would be a good stress reliever, lol.

  8. On the general subject, I got an email back from our friendly censor.

    "Hello Quasar,

    My apologies on deleting your comment. I was, perhaps a little over zealous on my moderation, as this is my first day at it.

    If you can reproduce your comment I'll make sure it gets through this time. Sorry about that.

    God bless,

    My response?

    "The comment was long and in a thread now obsolete due to Ray's followup post. It also happened before Ray mentioned that he had turned moderation over to his staff, so I can only assume it was he, and not you, who censored the comment.

    I was hoping the comment would still be archived or cached or something of the sort, so it could be simply restored rather than requiring a full re-type, which is why I provided the timestamps.

    Am I correct in assuming that this is not the case? If so, I thank you for your time and am sorry you could not help.

    FSM bless,

    One final thing: I don't think that spamming Comfort Food is a good idea. Do unto others, y'know? But posting legitimate comments and then complaining when they get censored: that's fair enough. Let's see a little free speech!

  9. I gotta ask this, because I try to keep track, but sometimes it's just too painful to weather the Shitstorm of Stupid at Ray's site, and I close my eyes when I'm reading it. Which post was it in which Terry had his meltdown? Did Ray actually have something critical to say about him? (I remember that Ray did say something a while back that got him to knock off the sockpuppet act when it was really getting out of hand. No pun intended.

  10. Sorry if I go off topic but the mention of Ray's "Staff" makes me think about all these other religious Family Dynasties around today.

    They try to say, We are a holy family and have been granted leadership by the Lord," but, if you follow the money we usually see that the "Godhead" person's family is abundantly rewarded, while their "Staff" is universally "volunteers," or they are paid starvation wages.

    They constantly make sure their family and friends are in the money while constantly asking for volunteers for the lord. right.

  11. I'm out of the loop, who got banned and why??? If someone doesn't mind telling me.

  12. Apparently, I, and nonmagic, have been banned. We used dirty photos in out profile pics. Although the first one I used was an actual product, made by some Christian. Nonmagic did some wonderful work with Photoshop. Suddenly, out of the blue, Ray began complaining about Maragon's photo. The one she'd been using since she started posting at Comfort's blog. Her breasteses were showing. I wanted to make a rude, obscene point.

  13. Rufus,

    Thanks, I forgot about your profile pic, the light switch right? Hahahah that was priceless. Took Ray long enough to figure that out, dumbass.

  14. Holy shit! Usually Terry is really funny in his psychoses, but that trail of stupid potty-mouth was aweful. Gag. Oh well, for a while I was hoping that NM was going to become hero of the webernets by shutting Ray down, but now I see that he was just setting up a pity party. At least it may have got the Terrys banned for life.

    I now vote to ban him from this site as well. He's no longer amusing, just disgusting and pathetic. In my humble primate opinion.

  15. Quasar:

    I wouldn't call it spamming. It's not as if I'm hitting a key and sending fifty emails at once. I have to write the (short) post, then do the word verification crap. And I doubt if Ray considers "Great post, Ray" to be spam. I imagine that's one of his most favorite sentences of all time.

  16. Ha! I'm back. I live again. My comment has been posted at Atheist Central! Glory, glory hallelujah...

  17. And oh fucking no, it's the only one that has been posted on the Great Idea thread. What's up with that?

  18. Rufus, Ray always liked you best!!

  19. Oh, check out Jinx McAsswipe's comment from the Idea thread. He's such a tough guy.

  20. I'm back to being banned. The comment was removed, and it doesn't even say "post removed by blog administrator" the way it usually does. It's simple gone, like a miracle. That's all right, Ray, we know it was there, and we know you're using stuff from this site without citing it. Same old Ray.

  21. I posted a couple which didn't make it, so it looks like I've been banned as well. Has anybody here posted successfully at Ray's recently?
    A notable lack of atheists at atheist central.

    One person who'll never be banned is dimensio - I love the bloke! (in a brother-in-Darwin kind of way of course) He is the most dogged debater ever, is scrupulously polite, and possessed of super-human patience.

    His voice will now be the only voice of dissent and reason in all of Ray's arid desert of brown-nose mutual congratulation.

  22. Another post of mine, a very short and to the point post, made it through on the The Meaning of Atheist... thread. I wonder how long it will be there?


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