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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ray lies again. Quelle suprise.

Ray's latest gem is a self-adulatory piece of dreck entitled "Further to “A Challenge for the Atheist”". In it he gloats:

So I then put out a challenge: “Okay. What is the purpose for human existence? I don’t mean, what do we do while we are here--find happiness, party, help people, etc. I mean, Why are we here--what’s our purpose?”

The comments weren’t very forthcoming from the usual outspoken folks, and their silence spoke volumes.

Really? Silence?

A quick perusal of the referenced thread, "A Challenge for the Atheist", reveals 33 comments, about half of them from atheists giving various responses to his "challenge". Apparently, 50% of all the responses doesn't qualify as "forthcoming" to Ray.

Also, it's important to note that this "challenge" was previously issued in the "Oh, I Get It" thread, and and received at least four responses there, including one from Yours Truly. Funny how Ray couldn't manage to reply to any of our responses at that time.

In short, Ray's claim that atheist responses to his "challenge" "weren't very forthcoming" is yet another blatant LIE. Ray has absolutely no compunction about breaking his 9th Commandment. To quote Joseph N. Welch, "Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

(UPDATE: Ray has responded to the exposure of his latest lie...by deleting the entire "Further to “A Challenge for the Atheist”" thread from his blog. So much for decency.


  1. It could be a lie. It could also be that he was waiting for specific atheists to respond to it.

    Personally, though, I suspect the former; lately he's been doing nothing but trying to goad his critics into ranting. I think this gives him more material to quote mine from...

  2. He's just throwing out bones to keep his blog active.

    I wonder what he does do with the material. Does he tell people to come see the atheists on his blog? Does he brag about his atheist outreach program?

  3. Probably just looking for fodder for his new book so he can form the view of atheist he wants.

    If he gets a ton of replies he says "See? Atheists believe x, y, z!" and if he gets no replies he can say "Atheists can't answer me because they know I'm right."

    He fails to recognize option number 3. "We all think you're a twat."

  4. Ray said recently he was using material from his blog for one of his "books". I doubt if any of us will see any royalties.

  5. Completely agreed with Yeager on this one.

  6. Yaeger,

    Don't say the t-word. Mike&Lizette might tell on you.

  7. Is it only me, losing my tolerance, or are his posts really especially stupid the last days?

  8. There are a number of people posting under Ray's name - it is not always Ray. I am as sure of this as I am sure of the fact that the 'Doctor' in 'Doctor John MacArthur' is worth little more than fluff in my navel.

    Knowing that it is not always Ray posting goes a long way to explaining the spectrum of idiocy (mild to extreme) that we see above the 'Comfort' name.

    Anyone remember how to find out the admins for another blog?


  9. Is it only me, losing my tolerance, or are his posts really especially stupid the last days?

    Could be. I wonder sometimes if my cat's shit is especially stinky some days, but then I have to remember that it always stinks. Some days I just notice it more.

  10. Maybe someone should just ask Ray if he is the only one posting under his account. He's a Christian, he can't lie about stuff like that.

    The blog posts seem pretty consistent, but in the comments section his writing style appears to change from time to time.

    I'm pretty sure he's not the only one doing the moderation, that's a crazy amount of work. We should ask about that too.


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