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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh dear...

Be sure to watch the whole thing to see where it gets really bizarre.

Oh, and a Christian friend of mine sent it to me - not because he thought it was good. He laughs at it for the same reasons we (or all sane people) do.


  1. LOL At first I was thinking "OK this is a little weird, but not too strange" and then I came to the 1:08 mark. Oh my!

    So is "lil markie" the demon who lives inside this guy?? It sure sounds like it. How was the crowd not falling over laughing??

  2. That man has a front butt.

    Additionally... Does this remind anyone of a Chris Farley skit?
    Maybe I'm reading too much into the front butt.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wonderful.

    In the original sense of the word.


  5. He also did something with that voice called "Diary of an Unborn Fetus"

    As a fan of Opie and Anthony, I was glad when they ragged on it.

    Part One
    Part Two

  6. Kelley r. said,

    "That man has a front butt."

    More like a FUP.

    These people are fucking nuts.

  7. Holy shit, this is just sad...

    ... and the white-bread clapping at the end.

    How can anyone possibly enjoy this pablum? How could you sit in the audience, and not have part of your conciousness trying to escape through the fire exits?

    Quite sincerely, I think the audience have issues far greater than the fruit loop on stage...

  8. Not bad. I raise you THIS:



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