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Monday, September 22, 2008

Nice company

seems as if Ray has an islamic brother...
He's called Harun Yahya.
Strangely his comments seem to make some sense as long as you have no clue but he is just shamelessly lying.

Some of the followers of this guy are actually financing the Discovery Institute.

I stumbled upon an interview with this guy. Unfortunately it's in German, but if you want to have a look:


  1. He's the dipshit who spent vast amounts of money on a glossy, high quality tome called "The Atlas of Creation", which claims to refute evolution. Unfortunately, his science is about on a level with Ray's completely inept grasp of the subject.

    The book includes a picture of a caddisfly that's clearly got a fishing hook sticking out of its arsehole.


  2. I'll be perfectly honest: this din of misinformation is making me depressed...


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