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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Catholic Magick Spell to Protect Sarah Palin

Not all spells are Wiccan or Pagan, the Catholics have had their own form of magic in the form of prayers to angels and saints since the beginnings of the church.

Repeat this incantation to the Archangel Michael to help protect Sarah Palin from evil.

Great Archangel Michael Archangel, defend Sarah Palin in battle,
be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the

May God rebuke Sarah Palin's enemies, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into Hell the Adversary and all other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.



Let us hope this anti-witchcraft blessing on Palin has eroded over time:


  1. I'm glad you posted this, Kaitlyn. I wanted to post it myself and say something about it, but I went to bed really early last night and just didn't feel like doing it. I can not seem to shake this flu.

    Anyway, yeah I wondered, even when I was Catholic for a very brief period in my life, how they rationalized all the prayers to saints as not being 'magic' or spells. I mean, really when you strip all the religious trappings off of it that's really what any prayer is. It's the attempt to change nature, or a course of events to be something other than what they are....which is what magic and spells are....hence my name...NONmagical thinking.

  2. Speaking of spells and prayers and such, I think it was Rob Penn, before he left us, who told me he was going to pray for me--this was when I was first getting sick with this flu.

    I have no idea whether he did or not and I certainly do not think that there are any invisible beings that give favor to those that are prayed for, but if magical thinking did produce any results, those would certainly have been some that backfired because I have never hung on to a flu so long in my adult life.

    That's why I've been here so much lately, because I've been trying to recover from this crud of all cruds.

  3. NM,

    Maybe if Robb had not prayed you would have pnuemonia! Maybe you do have pnuemonia.

    Have you seen a doctor?

  4. I always thought the monotheistic thing was very difficult to practice. How can you justify asking the Almighty with the weight of the universe on His shoulders to help you look for your car keys? But who hasn't felt that frustration of being late for an appointment and losing the keys? It will drive an atheist to prayer. So it's very handy to have Saints around who will hear your pleas and help with the little stuff without bothering God.

  5. What kind of an accent was that, I couldn't understand a word he said.

    Except for "Jesus," "Finances," and "Personnel." So God does all the hiring for Sarah Palin now?

  6. Mono-theism is where all of the violence comes into religion. Or most of it. I have the one true God; you don't. You have to worship my one true God. If you don't worship my One True God, I'll kill you.

  7. Nice! The fist thing he asked god for was $$. Never mind any of that world peace crap.

  8. Mono-theism is where all of the violence comes into religion. Or most of it. I have the one true God; you don't. You have to worship my one true God. If you don't worship my One True God, I'll kill you.

    You have to admit that it totally depends on the God you claim to know, and how much you claim to know him. If he's an inclusive God who recognizes the faith of other religions, you're not gonna be stirring up much trouble.

    As for prayer - I've always viewed it as source of spiritual/emotional/inspirational/intellectual help. I don't think I've ever prayed for material things, such as finding my car keys, or getting me the money I need for {X}.

    It was almost always like "Help me find a way to solve this problem", or "Help me not suck when playing in front of an audience", etc.

    I know others don't necessarily limit themselves to such things. But seeing God's reluctance to *pop* into existence and fix all of our problems for us, I've assumed that if he does have an influence on the world, it might be of a more personal nature.

  9. Milo,

    I suspect had Rob not prayed for me I would have had the same outcome that I have now: Le Flu.

    Yep, I saw the doc.

    She looked me over and said 'Guess what? You have the flu!!!'

    It was almost like I'd won a prize or something.

  10. When people say they'll "pray" for me, I usually say something like "I appreciate the thought", but what I'm thinking is, do something real. Give me some money.


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