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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"PenisGate08" Drives Wedge between The Way, and His Master

In a recent slight breach of decorum an avatar appeared on the blog of Ray Comfort, Atheist Central, with a picture of Ray Comfort with a cock in his face.
This set off a shitstorm of opinions between the fundamentalists about how this accidental event should have been handled.

Comfort responded by locking down the site and expelling those who did not toe the party line.

Comfort started a purge of his minions with a total investigation of their personal blogs to see if they has any "objectable material." In one reported case, a picture that was posted of a man's wife in a mini-skirt, the man was banished from the Comfort fold, cast out, ex-communicated, humiliated and beaten by those he was trying to support, yet compassion, they say, is their earmark.

The Godhead of this cult, Comfort, is a slavish adherrent to his own interpretation of the bible, in spite of admonishments from other religious leaders.

More at eleven.


  1. It really speaks volumes about Ray's 'ministry', doesn't it? They have no problem taking people's money, but they'll turn on them in a heartbeat.

  2. I wonder who that detestable person was that sparked that shitsorm over at the Comfort blog?
    Some ingrate, I suppose.

  3. What site has the wife in a mini-skirt?

    Just shows how ashamed they are of the human body.


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