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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Censorship Project.

Or, Lies, Damned Lies and Freedom of Speech at Atheist Central
Now, I fully respect Ray's right to censor anything and everything he likes on his blog. It is his blog, after all. But the thing is, he has a very specific list of things that he will censor, and that makes us assume that he isn't going to censor anything that does not break the rules in that list. And yet, perfectly reasonable posts occasionally seem to fail to appear...

Recently, to Ray's "going to shut down the blog" pity party, I made a joke comment. This was published. After a few hours, I realised that the theists there likely have a 0% humour value, so I posted an extensive retraction and my thoughts on the subject.

The content of this second post was civil and polite (as usual), and merely stated that I had enjoyed participating in the Evo vs Crea debate for some time for the intellectual stimulation, and had found the knowledge of those theists on Atheist Central, including the Blog master, lacking. As a result, I would be relieved to leave them to it: unlike my participation in other creationist forums, I had not learned anything new or even had to refer to a source other than memory more than twice. I also pointed out that I felt his ministry was leading people away from God, rather than to Him/Her/It. Finally, I expressed my regret that shutting down the blog would decrease the traffic to the Raytractors, and thanked Ray for leading be to them via Atheist Central, because I had found them to be a logical, witty and humorous group of people.

It hasn't shown up. I recently posted this in the same thread.

Ray, I'm curious as to why my second comment did not get through moderation. After thinking about it, I indicated that my first post, which was meant as a joke, and posted my true thoughts on the concept of you closing down this blog several hours later.

This second post contained absolutely nothing that could be considered foul language, no links, capitalised all mentions of God and was decent and civil.

I would appreciate knowing why it did not appear.

Thanking you in advance,

I thought a good project, inspired by The Quote Mine Project, would be this: let's gather copies (preferably) or just or just provide summaries (like mine above) of those posts which don't break any of Ray's rules, but have mysteriously vanished when submitted to Ray for moderation. Jaser mentioned one in Nonmagic's "Why I did what I did and why I'm not sorry." thread, and I believe Rufus did also. Post them in the comments for this thread, so we can all see what Ray doesn't want us to!


  1. And here's the reason I think we need this list:

    "Hi NonMagic, my post on Atheist Central didn't make it past the censors (don't know why, I don't think I transgressed regarding Ray's commandments), so I've posted it below:"

    Benjamin Franklin
    "What I find far more offensive is the outright censorship of posts (including mine) that merely refute in a cogent and logical manner the biblical bullshit billowing from Bumfuck's blog."

    "I posted at Ray's and it wasn't allowed through. I wish I had saved it because I can't recall it word for word."

    "I ALREADY TRIED THAT. I was censored and not allowed to defend myself or even ask why the profile picture I had been using for months was now deemed 'unacceptable'."

    All of these are from one thread. So if you get censored, or are bored enough to go back and track down past censoring, add it to the project!

  2. Good idea, Quasar.

    I'm not surprised that Ray is censoring me, because he's pissed off at me.

    However, since the avatars have been turned off I've left 5 or 6 comments that haven't been put through, non of them offensive in any way.

    I think we should consider getting Ray a one way ticket to North Korea. He'd love the censorship and he'd have plenty of people to spread his mind virus to.

  3. The censorship that really did it for me was when Ray posted Richard Gunther's "Letter to The Editor" about Noah's ark.

    Ark Dimensions

    My friend (and cartoonist) has written regularly to the "Letters to the Editor" for years. This is one of his letters:

    Dear Sir,

    In reply to Mr Dyer, as to where in the Bible the dimensions for the Ark are to be found, I suggest he read Genesis chapter 6, but by his mocking tone I suspect he does not find the Biblical account credible.

    When originally posted, it said "I suggest he read Genesis chapter 5

    Having been posting for the past week explaining why the biblical story was contrary to all the physical evidence collected and analysed in the past 2 centuries, I knew damn well what chapter the bible story was told.

    The comment I submitted, showing the error, was never posted. Instead, Ray's post was magically corrected to show the proper chapter.

    Blatant censorship, dishonesty, and the complete lack of hubris to admit a mistake.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. In my opinion:

    Ray is disgruntled with the atheists and the 'mocking' pictures of him.

    If you see his post today, you will see he is thinking about
    shutting down the blog.

    The recent Kaitlyn conversion, then 'reversal' did not help matters. Just a childish game on Kaitlyn's part. She wasted several Christian's time & efforts with a bunch of lies!

    We felt sorry for her, and reached out a helping hand. She bit us like a psycho dog.

    He is starting to see its a 'waste of time' to preach to atheists.

    I don't blame him, he would be better off publishing those books so he can reach more lost souls than a minority of ungrateful atheists. Remember, Ray was a atheist at one time, and so was Kirk Cameron! They are just trying to help their old family.

    God Bless!

    Have a great day!


  6. They just set up an email address to complain about censorship.

    NOTICE - SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
    Due to recent events, content moderation has become much more stringent. If you feel your comment has been rejected in error, please send an email to the new moderation staff at livingwatersmoderation@gmail.com.

  7. I've tried several times to add this comment to one or other of Ray's anti-science posts. He doesn't seem to like it. I can't imagine why.

    Not the Atheist's Nightmare
    (by Weemaryanne)

    For Ray and his little friend Kirk
    The banana's a marvellous work --
    ("Ain't no better fit
    For H. Sapiens' mitt!")
    Despite all the research they shirk.

  8. Weemaryanne,

    You know I love you (even though you are a Canadienne,) cuz we go back a ways... but those alliterations and stuff you do... priceless...

    I often think that some of these freethinking forums become restrictive and start capitualating to the demands of the fundies so as to not annoy them too much.

    Fuck that sisters and brothers, if you know what I mean.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Terry said: Remember, Ray was a atheist at one time, and so was Kirk Cameron!

    Actually in Ray's testimony, Ray says that he never was an atheist. (it's an mp3 on the living waters site) He uses it to get an insult in:
    "I wasn't a fool! I knew that if there's a creation there must be a creator..."

    And at age 7 he was taught the Lord's Prayer.
    Kirk seems like he was just apathetic until he became a Christian.

  11. Why are you wearing that Mask: Cool, I hadn't noticed that.

    To that end, I'm going to send a carefully worded email:


    I post under the blogger account "Quasar" on RayComfortFood.blogspot. Between my two comments in the thread "Important Note to Atheists (and others)", I left another. These two posts occured at timestamps September 21, 2008 8:04 PM and September 22, 2008 2:37 PM: the censored comment therefore occured between these times.

    I cannot remember exactly what I wrote, but I was civil and respectful and do not believe I broke any of the rules of the blog.

    If the comment could be returned to it's proper location, I would appreciate this.

    If not, I would appreciate a copy of the text so that I can remove whatever section may have caused it to be censored, and then proceed to re-post my opinion.

    Thanking you in advance,

  12. I've posted twice to the Important Note To Atheists thread; non-offensive avatar, nothing offensive in the post, and they didn't show up. I guess I've been banned. Oh well. He keeps the blog up and I see anything worth replying to I'll post here. Damn. Where's Terry?

  13. Oh, there are Terry, spouting more lies, this time about Ray Comfort being an atheists. I guess he was an atheist when he was getting that college degree you claimed he had. He's a crybaby.

  14. Personal favourite that finally made me stop posting at Ray's.

    I also love the time when he posted an excerpt from one of his books and censored the comments that observed that Ray had just copied some paragraphs from an old out ofo print book, changing a word here and there.

    Ahh, the good old days...

  15. This one didn't make it through..... I was responding to Ethan, and don't think I broke Ray's commandments...

    "Ethan, your God's mistakes started with Adam, who could have been made perfect, but deliberately wasn't.
    The experiment should have ended there. If God can see all these trillions of transgressions (the evil of gathering sticks on the Sabbath being a particularly heinous one) stretching into the future, why not just call a halt after the Sodom and Gomorrah incident?
    It's failed.
    Why torture countless generations of worthless ingrates? - for the fun of it?

    I am confident that had I had a clean slate and ultimate power, no-one would have had to be raped or aborted or interfered with, or starved or bayoneted, or run over. If I'd had evidence (ultimate foresight) that this was going to happen for a good few millennia, I'm confident that I'd have called a halt before Adam and Eve had a chance to get their kit on."

    Incidentally, my least favourite fundies from AC (I'm sure they all lurk here) are in order, as follows:

    1) Storeytwin a
    2) Mark 'Dubya' Laine
    3) Jinx McHue
    4) Mike and Lizette (how about less travel and more library visits guys?)
    5) Ethan

  16. Well I posted a comment on his "leaving the blog" post along the lines of "you mean the biggest liar for Jesus is leaving the internet? Can't say I'm disappointed, but you definitely provide a lot of laughs, to your expense for me"
    I can't for the life of me remember the exact wording, and sure, it wasn't very nice, but I don't think I broke the rules, yet it wasn't posted. I just tried to re-post it, so we'll see if it gets approved.

  17. Jaser,

    I quite agree with your list, but I think you forgot fourkids and all these other homeschooling mom's.

    Well, on a second thought: You could sum them all up with storeytwin a. They have exactly the same shit in their heads.


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