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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dark Flow

"As if the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy weren't vexing enough, another baffling cosmic puzzle has been discovered.

Patches of matter in the universe seem to be moving at very high speeds and in a uniform direction that can't be explained by any of the known gravitational forces in the observable universe. Astronomers are calling the phenomenon "dark flow."

The stuff that's pulling this matter must be outside the observable universe, researchers conclude."

Comfort and Friel will no doubt see this and Friel in particular will take great pleasure in mangling it on air into some sort of "Science fails, but they might have found heaven" tripe.

Anyway, an interesting read... http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/080923-dark-flows.html


  1. Friel might have a point. Only one thing can be outside the universe and you must admit that it has to be God.

  2. Science cannot explain it, so it must be God!!! Not just "God" but the Christian God!!!

    Haven't we went down this road enough times during our history. It always ends up pretty embarrassing for the Christians.

  3. I think it's more likely to be Shiva.

  4. my money is still on Wotan, Valhalla sounds so cool.

  5. I'm surprised Ray hasn't gone off on the fact that the LHC is down for awhile. Ooops, I probably just gave him an idea.


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