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Monday, September 15, 2008

To those who don't want author rights, but still want to be identified as a "Raytractor"

We can have up to 100 authors and we are only up to (at most) 42, so we aren't in any danger of running out of room (so far). However, there are a couple of users who have expressed a passing interest in not being an active contributor, but still have the same feelings that the contributing authors have regarding Ray, his blog, and the general reason for this community. Therefore, if you want to be a Raytractor, but have no need or desire for author rights, and want the anonymity that not belonging offers (no need for an email) but still want to be recognized a such, I have created a second list of people below the list of contributors.

If you would like to be on that list instead, either post so in the comments of this thread, send me an email or just post a random comment to me in any other thread. I am subcribed to comments, and If I see my name in there, I try to respond or react fairly quickly. If you still want to remain a contributor, EVEN IF you don't post anything, that's great. This is just an attempt to catch the lurkers and the people who don't want to contribute posts, but comment semi-frequently.

EDIT: So far, removed the phrase "so far" which was posted so far too many times.


  1. MacGyver Jr,
    Oh oh me me! I want in! I'd be proud to have my little ol name added to your ranks. And maybe one day when I learn to form a coherent thought, I'll ask for posting priviliges.


  2. As our 1st (acknowledged) non-author member, welcome :)

  3. Tough part is that I've got tonnes of things to say, but am concerned to post on the blog.

    So add me! And then, everyone go join up at the Atheist Nexus group!

  4. Add me too please. Perhaps one day I'll want to post, but right now I'd be happy just to be a Raytractor.


  5. Me too. I may want to post someday, but not now.

    Unless you make an scmiketractors blog. Then I want in for sure. He's really making me angry today.

  6. Hey Jason (another Jason?),

    Well, scmike is quite the job. What is he up to now? Once again with presuppositionalism?

    Actually, we do some "other-tractoring." Not enough, but we do. We have done some "dan-tractoring" ("debunking" atheists), but dan might not be worth it, except as an example of willful (and willfully stated) stupidity. We have also talked about some of the fundies at ray's, such as Mark W Laine (who can be quite the jack ass, even without trying, or because he does not try?).


  7. "Actually, we do some "other-tractoring." Not enough, but we do. We have done some "dan-tractoring" ("debunking" atheists), but dan might not be worth it, except as an example of willful (and willfully stated) stupidity."

    Ah... Dan...

    I actually quite like Dan. He might be a willfully ignorant creationist, a right-wing religous nutjob, a copy-paste debater and an proud anti-intellectualist, but at least he's honest.

    Plus, his blog is an absolutely perfect example of the intellectual bankruptcy of fundumentalist creationism. At times it's pathetic and sad, but Dan doesn't depress me like Ray does.

    Back on topic, I think we're all Terrytractors as well.

  8. No, it's the same-old PZ-sodomizing Jason. That's a picture of Terry, btw.

    It's not the intellectual vacuity of scmike's arguments, it's how he makes a statement or asks you to back up your claim, and then says, "Here's the part where you disappear from the blog for a couple of days."

    He does that quite a lot. Now, I make fun of a lot people on Ray's blog, but I try to limit myself to only insulting their intelligence, and only when they've said something demonstrably and over the top (even for AC) retarded and have shown that they can't be reasoned with. I don't attack their integrity unless they're truly despicable, like Mark W, and I don't arrogantly expect my eye spots to convince people I'm a predator (no offense to any Raja binoculata who may be reading this).

  9. OK Jason,

    Yep, I kinda recognized that face, but then I thought, well, maybe there are several of guys who look like that.

    So, funny that terry has not insulted you in some way for using that picture.

    As of scmike, well, he seems quite easy to be dealt with. I have not read him saying "this is the part where you ..." but that is pretty much like his hero the high-pressup guy whose name now escapes me, and I rather keep forgotten not to invoke him into this blog ever again. So, I understand your despising the guy.


  10. I guess he is pretty easy, but I'm here for the evolution denial, not the philosophy. It's kind of difficult for me. Some people have trouble with basic math, I have trouble with basic philosophy and basic math.

  11. Jason:No, it's the same-old PZ-sodomizing Jason.

    Sodomy can be a real pain in the ass

  12. hey Jason,
    couldn't you at least make him a beard or something? I'll get sick if I have to see that face too often...

  13. Sign me up! I am mostly a lurker, occasional commenter but I'm happy to be counted as a Raytractor

  14. @ Jason
    I just saw Terry's reaction to your profile picture. It's worth getting a little sick. Keep it as long as you can

  15. @Tilia:

    Oh, I so will. Here's his first comment:

    "@ Jason, take my picture off your profile immediately, otherwise I will have your account deleted!

    Fair warning shipmate!"

    And then, before I even saw this one, he posts another one:

    "@Jason, just reported you to Google for impersonation and identity theft.

    Suggest you delete my photo before they DELETE your account.

    Crime does not pay Jason! Now, you will suffer the consequences!

    You've broken the Law, you are guilty, suggest you watch HBKS video for the rest of the story.

    HAVE a NICE Day Shipmate! :)"


    And did anyone notice what Ray said to Howdy?

    "Captain...please remove Joel Osteen's picture from your profile. Put your own on. I'm sure you are better-looking. Let's see what "evolution" gave you..."

    What kind of bullshit is that?

  16. I could only guess that this is Ray's new way to silence the voice of disagreement on his blog without looking like he's just not letting the comments through. He can criticize your name and your profile picture when your views don't fit his.

    I have a feeling that if one of his own put Darwin, Myers, or Dawkins in their profile, he wouldn't ask them to change it.

    Terry is a tougher nut to crack. He doesn't seem to get that if you put your picture on the internet, you don't have a reason to complain when someone uses it. I hope the people at google have a good laugh.

    (I also can't stand his use of unnecessary capitalization and quotations. Doesn't he get that it seems like sarcasm when he says something similar to "You will be 'saved' by 'Jesus'"?)

  17. I asked Terry if he still thinks I'm gay. If he says no, I will take the picture down.

  18. Hi MacGyver,

    I'd love to be an official card-carrying member of the Raytractors. Although being able to author entries might be fun, I already write way too much as it is :p

    If possible, please add me to the list of non-author members. Thanks!

  19. You can add me MacGyver Jr, as Rocky "BeamStalk" S.

    Just on the detractors list not on the contribution list.

  20. MacGyver Jr, put me on that list as well. I am doing my own Raytracting on my blog at http://superstitionfree.blogspot.com/

    I am currently working on debunking Ray's Atheist Starter Kit in a series of posts. I'd appreciate the comments.

  21. Hey there Macgyver Jr. Can you please put me down as a non authored member? I read everything, but don't always have the time to comment.


  22. Hi MacGyver Jr. I'd like to be added to the non-authored list. But I'd also like some info on being an authored member. I really enjoy writing. And I REALLY enjoy poking fun at fundie ignorance. Thanks!

  23. I'd be interested in sharing my thoughts, so if you would, please add me.


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