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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof Numbers

Comfort is touting his protégé's movie (Fireproof) as the number three movie in the US. Comfort's young apprentice stars in this mawkish drama(-edy?) about marriage, firefighters and kissing other women. No seriously - his character kisses another woman that clearly is not the character's wife - it promotes adultery I tells you!!

Anyway - Comfort says number three, Box Office Mojo says number four - taking just over six million dollars on a very quiet weekend. Yesterday figures were down 34% on Friday and Saturday. I will take BOM's numbers over Comforts any old day of the week.

If you are interested in seeing the movie - for shits and giggles, it is available through various BitTorrent trackers. "Arrrr me pirate mates, av ye some of this ere god movie. An' be sure to share the laughs." - as an eye-patched, sea-faring purveyor of movies might say.



  1. over at AC Bound for Glory wrote:
    I saw Fireproof last night at the Dublin Village here in Columbus Ohio and I must say I was richly blessed.
    What a fantastic movie, with a great message.
    I had already read on your blog that Kirk Cameron's wife doubled in for the kissing scenes and it is wonderful to see that level of commitment in these troubled days.
    They met on the set of "Left Behind" apparantly. I sure hope she was credited for her part in Fireproof, and I hope the Lord BLESSES her career greatly. Playing private and intimate scenes for money must be in demand, but Izmir sure her agent can word it better than me.
    Go see Fireproof!

    He's a sweet guy

    But I'm sure it's not true that Kirk only ever kisses his wife. I bet he kisses ray's backside regularly

  2. I hate to say anything that might not support the fact that Ray is an absolutely gigantic arse of a man, but it's perfectly possible that early figures may have indicated Fireproof was at #3 and it's a bit churlish to make much out of getting it one place wrong.

    For a movie aimed soley at fundies and totally off the mainstream radar, it's genuinely done very well. However, if Christian music is anything to go by, high levels of consumption are not nbecessarily indicative of high levels of quality.

  3. Done well... And look at that fierce competition...


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Laughs, tears and cheers filled 800-some-odd-screens.

    The e-mail Ray posted in the comments reads like the propaganda for "Expelled." It's not a bad thing by any means (that's what marketing is about) but it's a fascinating look into the mindset of fundie-ism.

    "OH look we've screwed up Hollywood! A movie about love and relationships and fidelity and staying together totally amped up the box office and confused everyone! This is a movement!"

    All rhetoric and emotion and "We're so oppressed but we're making a stand and fighting back."

  6. Why didn't Kirk get a stand in to play his part when it was time to kiss the actress? Lets' see. Did his wife earn any compensation for her smooching? Just wondering.

  7. Milo, don't you know? Kirk is the star, it is all about him. This has nothing to do with christianity, but has everything to do with feeding Kirk's ego and in turn feeding Ray's ego.

    If I would guess though, I would say she did get compensated, but I have no evidence for that.

  8. Thanks for that link, MWooler. I had spent ~20 minutes last night unsuccessfully looking for something similar...

  9. All rhetoric and emotion and "We're so oppressed but we're making a stand and fighting back."

    Seriously, do they ever express anything else?

    Try to get them to back up their statements, and you may get some scripture - but only the sentence that specifically supports their point of view. Point out that they've taken it out of context, and they'll fall right back on the emotion & rhetoric.

    To be fair, I'm talking only about fundamentalists, and those to portray their religion's belief system as being "under siege"

  10. Basically, all the xtians that wanted to see the movie did so in the first three days. It will now tank just like Expelled did.

  11. I think the thing that puts me off about drama like this is that I want to see a story about how people behave not a story telling me how I should behave - it seems dishonest, more like propaganda than story telling.

  12. Which trackers do you recommend ? I've only found fakes or trailers.

    And, while I'm at it, anyone tell me where to get "Expelled" ?

  13. I don't know why I'm always so hesitant to post comments like this on his blog...

    In response to shiver talking about how great Kirk's book is, and how the story of him falling in love with his on-screen gilfriend is a great read:


    Does the book mention how Kirk's conversion to the gospel "inspired" him to force his previous on-screen girlfriend to lose her job, all because she took pictures for a men's magazine?

    Even your Jesus hung out with prostitutes, but a former adult model wasn't good enough for TV's Kirk Cameron?

    (In the interests of fairness, Kirk apparently did apologize to the entire cast on television - that takes a great deal of guts so he gets some respect from me on that... but the actress was fired without actually being told... pretty heinous)"

  14. They met on the set of "Left Behind"

    Actually, they met on the set of "Growing Pains". She played his girlfriend on the show. Sorta like Michael J. Fox and Tracey Pollen only more jesusy ;)

  15. Ray's latest post is from E Online and talks about how much better Fireproof has done in advanced sales than Eagle Eye. I wonder if Ray will post the total numbers; about 29 million for Eagle Eye to about 6.5 for Fireproof. SO pathetic, so pitiful.

    And I'd for Ray to post some actual reviews of Fireproof.


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