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Friday, September 19, 2008

Late night randomness...

I'm bored at work after looking all night looking at web hosting options, so I hopped over to the Internet Anagram Server, and after playing around for a bit, this is what I found:

Ray Comfort
Terry Burton
  • Graven Duo
Mark W Laine
Lance Christian Johnson
Daddy Stegosaurus
* Warning: Clip from "The Shining"


  1. Some of those are just perfect!

  2. Mine came up with a BUNCH. Here are some of my faves:

    Hacking Moaning Lint

    Chanting Ailing Monk

    Calming Thanking Ion

    Lacing Manikin Thong

  3. In the Anagram Hall of Fame they had this one:

    Evangelist = Evil's Agent

    I like that one.

  4. I would be bacterial messiah
    I guess, I can't use this as a profile name at Ray's blog...

  5. @ The Man,

    Thanks for the lulz, nutsy internet wacko.

    Hm, hew nil. I regret my choice of screen name now, doesn't quite cut it here, eh?

    I just had to look up Todd Friel:

    Odd Trifle
    Fiddle Rot
    Fried Dolt
    Did Elf Rot
    Fed Lord It

  6. Atheists,

    You have no idea what you have stirred up by disrespecting and harassing these people. Using high tech devices to ‘blast’ people across their IP address is illegal.

    Yes, you can do jail time for it, or worse.

    There are rules to live by and there are things you don't do.

    You started this war,
    and now we will finish it. Threatening people at Ray’s blog, impersonating, and sending ‘hate’ mail is also unlawful conduct.

    Those activities have been reported to the proper
    authorities. Expect to see the
    law - knocking at your doors.

    This lawlessness will no longer be tolerated. You will be punished.
    Cease your activities immediately.

  7. Dear Terrence 'I have multiple personality disorder' Burton,

    I think I'd rather wait for someone I actually have the merest amount of respect for to knock on the door before I do anything you say.

    Now fuck off, you cataclymically tedious lump of knobcheese.

  8. Heh, seems I missed this one yesterday, MacGuyver. Nicely done!

  9. I was looking at anagrams of Ray Comfort the other day too. I was hoping for something really evil, but it didn't pan out. These are hilarious though.

    Odd sturdy sausage


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