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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I can't beat Ray in a logical argument . . .

. . . for the same reason I can't beat Neptune, my brother's yellow lab, in a game of Monopoly.

Even if he understood the rules -- which he obviously doesn't -- he's clearly far more interested in barking for attention, trampling on the game board, slobbering on the Community Chest, peeing on the other pieces, gobbling up the money, and then wagging his tail with a proud expression, as though he's just accomplished something.

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  1. Has anyone noticed a sudden in-flux of pro-Ray cheerleaders over at AC... Each of them trundling out the same tired old arguments.

    Obviously Ray has been roping in fresh, err, talent.

  2. For me the amusing thing about Ray is that like you said, he acts like he really did accomplish something every time he does this and he's just so puffed up and proud of his little self. It would almost be cute if he weren't such an ignorant, lying, ass.

    It's like watching a sad clown attempt to juggle over and over again, every single day. He fails miserably, picks up his balls and says "TA-DA !!, I did it !".

  3. @Matthew - I was just reading through it and noticed the same. One acts like God of the gaps is some new genius theory they just came up with and we have no way to refute it. Except well that gap keeps getting smaller and we never find god when we learn about the gap he/she is supposedly in.

  4. I don't think that you made a fair comparison, Dave. My dog has a greater understanding of Monopoly than Ray does of logic. Please try and find a more apt metaphor next time.

  5. That's because
    God killed a lot of little kittens is considered a valid logical argument in the atheistic world.

    MrFreeThinker saith..

  6. I don't think there has been anything "logical" coming out either side

  7. Actually, that sounds a lot like the way that I play Monopoly, too.

  8. I don't think there has been anything "logical" coming out either side

    Better shed the reading comprehension thing, then...


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