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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


While driving to work today, I had one of those wacky ideas that always seem to pop up. A few months back, I got the urge to visit my one friend in Spain and participate in the running of the bulls while I'm there. Today's idea is even stranger, I am considering going to the Ray Comfort Transformed cult meeting in Charleston, WV. Some of the reasons I have for wanting to attend are to:
  • Report back on all the lies that Comfort vomits upon the crowd.
  • Witness the mental instability of the the Raytards first-hand
  • Meet Terry Burton
  • Get my picture taken with Ray
  • Attempt to get Ray to autograph a particular photo I saw recently
I'm wondering if you guys think this is a good idea. Admission is free and it is only about a two hour drive. Also, if you have any other ideas for how to spend my time there, let me know. 


  1. By all means attend, Mike, unless you discover an urgent need to count the blades of crabgrass on your lawn or something equally productive. But even if you figure out which fan is Terry, DO NOT APPROACH HIM and do nothing to attract his attention. You don't want that in your life.

  2. I agree with weemaryanne, don't really do anything to announce your presence so to speak.

    Personally I would stay home and play video games, but that is me. I also think I would have more fun jabbing pointy objects in my eyes.

  3. Mike, you have a strong stomach! I say do it and don't forget to take pics, video if you can.

    Be sure to take some fundy shots before you go to inoculate yourself.

  4. Yeah, if you want to go and take pictures, that would be neat. But don't do anything you might regret! O_O

  5. I've thought about it myself. But if I heard Terry Burton express his bullshit in person, I'd end up in jail. And I'm still very pissed at Ray for his "hooded believers" remark in the Darwin/Racist thread. If you do go, take a fruit basket with nothing but bananas in it. And maybe a full sized poster of Maragon. The uncensored Maragon, that is.

  6. I think its a great idea! This past spring I had a chance to do the same with a character named Carl Baugh and his creationist museum. The creationist evidence he had was so outdated even Ken Ham would find it ridiculous. Later I had the chance to have a one on one chat with Carl.

    I must say, the experience was worth every moment, but to prevent my brain from going into shock, I followed it up with a hike along the Paluxy river to see some of the greatest Dinosaur footprints ever found.

    I recommend you too should have something to jump start your brain after its over!

    ~Atomic Chimp

  7. Chimp:

    You found human footprints mixed in with the dino prints, right?

  8. @kaitlyn

    I'm definitely not going to cause trouble. Having a criminal record would be very bad for my job.


    Something to jump start my brain? There should be a strip club on the way home. That might help.

  9. Two of my co-workers were the catalyst for this idea. One of them was telling me the other day about his attendance at creationism conferences. It was interesting to hear his stories of the creationists talking freely about their ideas. He claims to have even heard one of them tell the truth during his presentation. When I mentioned the idea to another co-worker today, he thought it would be a great idea if I attended.

    While I doubt the event will yield anything interesting, I do think it could be quite the experience to go and observe.

  10. Mike,
    It would be really neat if you could "live blog" it.

  11. dale,

    That's a great idea. If I sign up, I'll have to look into the logistics to get a hookup for my laptop.

  12. I'd be wary. I hear they can smell if you don't have a soul.

  13. Make a tract chock full of Terry Burton quotes. Explain in very nice terms who Terry is, and start with civil God worshiping quotes, to make the fundies think it's legit, then slowly get worse and worse.

    You could call it "Is Fundumentalism Really a Bad Thing?" or something, to make it look even more legitimate.

    Take hundreds and hand them out. See how long it takes before you get "Expelled" from the premises.

  14. Rufus, Yes I did find human foot prints near the dinosaur prints. Unfortunately I was greatly disappointed when I realized they were my own. :(

    mjarsulic, that really wasn't the type of stimulation I was thinking of, but I'm sure it will work just as well! :)

    ~Atomic Chimp

  15. ac,

    At least there will be intelligent life there.

  16. Almost on topic-

    Terry Burton was mentioned at the revival.

    I think he's getting some competition lately in the person of Jinx McHue. I think this guy is constantly ready to snap.

    Unlike my rants where I use every cussword I can think of (and threaten to cut people's heads off and piss down their necks,) Jinx is emotionally irritated.

    Reynold, If you read this how about a link to one of those references you made about his activitites on some other sites.

    It seems to me that he is always on the verge of snapping.

  17. Mike,
    If you take your laptop it may be a hot spot......

  18. Mike,

    I'm only an hour and a half north of you and I would love to go to one of these meetings, just once, mind you.

    I think I would fit in a new "borner," and just watch all the shenanigans. It would be like a psycology clinical lab experience.

    I highly doubt if I would challenge anybody or ask any obvious question because they will tell so many lies there would be no way in hell to even try to refute them. So it would get boring pretty fast.


  19. dale,

    Do you go to any of the CFI meetings in Pittsburgh?

  20. Mike,
    I only go to the Burgh about 5 times a year lately and three of them are on business.

    What is CFI?

  21. It's a skeptics/humanist group. I started going to the discussion group this month. They are going through the Bart Ehrman lecture series on the historical Jesus. BTW, I may hit up the next creationist conference. You are welcome to join me.


  22. Perhaps a group could go there together and pose as a folk band.

  23. Mike,

    It would be a pleasure to meet you as I adore your attitude on life.

    It's a stretch though in the near future given my rather frenetic schedule.

    But, it will slow down and I want to buy you lunch at Premanti Bros.

  24. Do you have anything that records sound? 'Cos I'd like to hear what they talk about. Some Mp3 players and camera's record sound. Plus in the olden days there were tape recorders....

  25. @dale

    I will definitely take you up on that sometime.

    @jill d

    Already got it covered. I have a digital recorder that I can take with me.

  26. Mike,

    This is the first time I have read a post on this blog, I never thought that I would, but when the google alert said something about Transformed and Charleston, WV(my hometown) then I couldn't help myself.

    Anyway, since I know Charleston fairly well I thought that I would give you some ideas of things to do while you are in our fair city.

    1)You could visit the grounds of our beautiful capitol building, which is just a few blocks from the Clay Center where the conference is taking place.

    2)I have heard that the Clay center is quite interesting in itself. I haven't actually been there yet but I am looking forward to finally seeing it on the inside.

    3)You could visit our premiere shopping mall, The Charleston Town Center, it is also just a few blocks away. It is a beautiful 3 story mall and there is a Starbucks on the 1st floor, where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful cascading fountain.

    4)Last and my personal favorite: you could repent and believe and join the winning side of the arguement.

    Susan(one of the Raytards)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. susan,

    Thanks for commenting. I'm not sure if I can handle a Starbucks. For some reason, they are always hostile to people like me that only order regular coffee. In fact, the clerks usually give me a look that is reserved for those that go around and kick puppies.

    Are there any good bookstores in Charleston?

  29. Bookstores?


    Taylor Books is on Capitol Street, a few blocks from the Clay Center

    Charleston Town Center has a Borders Express and Waldons.

    There is also a BAM on RHL Blvd., but it is a few miles away from the downtown area.

    I haven't been to Taylors, but it looks like a nice place.

  30. mjarsulic:

    Did you post about going to Ray's Transformers Convention over there? He's used it as a thread and made you an offer.


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