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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bunker Mentality Prevails

This recent event has turned out to be a rather unexpected source of amusement.

To me, this is a perfect example of not only the Bunker Mentality, but also a main dichotomy between fundamentalists of all kinds, and everyone else.

I have a couple younger managers that report to me, Steve and Dave. Whenever anybody addresses an email to someone, a dropdown appears after entering the first letter and you can just click instead of typing the whole name. It is handy, but deadly, because it is rather easy to click the wrong name and not notice if they are spelled similarly, in this case Dave and Dale- easy to fuck up. Last week I get this email from Steve and it is an animated frog being tossed into a blender. His comment was, "does the "ol Man" ever make you feel like this?"

I knew immediately what had happened and I know they use that certain term of endearment in reference to me, as does my youngest son. Of course by the time I mentioned it to him, he had already discovered his mistake and I no more than got the word "blender" out of my mouth and he did the perfect double face palm- Priceless! Let me tell you, it was all I could do to not crack up. Did I lock down the security? Filter all emails? Scan/moderate their stuff? No, people have to communicate in their own ways.

It gets worse. About a six moths ago I recieved an errent email from an office assistant and there is a picture of a man with his head cut open with an axe, and there are thousands of little vaginas spilling out all over. The message read, "This is all Joe thinks about." I lost a whole mouthful of green tea. Did I Lock down, et, No. Open communication flow is the key to any successful organization. The moment someone wants to start stifling the flow of communications, the organization must eliminate them.

So, what did I say to that assistant (she is emminently competent and reliable as gravity?)
I said, "I just wanted to confirm that the picture with all the little vaginas in it was not actually intended for me." She looked at me like a cow staring at an oncoming train.

So, instead of all the drama and now the lockdown, more screening, more censorship.... wow, funny how that sounds so.....cultish. Just sayin...... Maybe they'll be heading to Guyana soon.

And so why didn't Ray merely ask Nonmagic why (? How novel?) she posted an avatar with a cock on his face? He forgot to ask why? Of course it is irrational not to ask why, or Rufus, why did you post that light switch thingy? Ol' Ray has exploited this to the max. That fucker is a master at capitalizing on this type of stuff, I must say that for him.

So now the Godhead has taken his minions further into his bunker of ignorance.


  1. Ya know, I was thinking about this state of emergency reaction Ray has enacted in regards to his comments. What's funny about it to me is that he and his minions have been verbally abusing atheists for ...how long? And every time an atheist says something even the least little bit untoward to them they act like somebody fucked their mother and forgot to leave a tip.

  2. Right.
    Say all of a sudden my avatar appears with you with a cock in your face. What would you say?

  3. I'd laugh my ass off and wonder why it took someone so long to do it.

    Try me.

    I mean seriously, if people can't laugh at themselves, what the hell are they ever gonna laugh at???

    But, could you at least make it a nice cock??

  4. This is why I listen to Eric Idle's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" about every day. Helps keep things in perspective.


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