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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the origin of life made easy

Maybe some of you already know this one, but it might improve the debate over at AC if some of the Christians had a look at it.
(Well, that's a little bit to optimistic. But if it reduces the amount of completely ignorant comments on abiogenesis, it's a start.)


It's quite simplified, but at least it makes clear that scientist don't believe life just popped out of nowhere.


  1. You don't seriously expect theists to revise their views to reflect reality based on what some atheist says, do you?

    As long as you have professional liars like Comfort, telling them what scientists think (whether they think it or not), the flock will continue to spout the same old bunk (just a theory, can't be proved, were you there?, change within a species, escaping from sin, why are there still monkeys, your grandfather was slime, blah, blah, blah).

    For those who patiently continue to walk them through the science, I take my hat off to you, but I honestly think you are wasting your time.

    Check out this guy, for instance; you could play a 'Count the Fallacy' drinking game with this website.


  2. No, I don't expect them to listen to reason. But there are some people out there that aren't completely lost yet. Maybe it helps, giving them some arguments.
    And those ignorants over there at AC can argue 'godditit' as long as they like, but I just can't stand this 'creation needs a creator' argument.

  3. Nice find.

    I think there are a good number of creationists that are very logical, but have just been feed propaganda, and would change their mind if presented enough convincing evidence. They may not be people like Ray, but there are actual rational people who may be creationists who read Ray's blog and this one. After all, I used to think evolution was a lie/conspiracy.

  4. And by "feed" I mean "fed". lol

  5. Matt, websites like that make me want to punch a hole in a wall. I don't cause then I'd have to fix it but.... I'll be back. I have to find some sheetrock.


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