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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scientists find the oldest rocks on earth. Big surprise-- --- they aren't 6,000 years old.

From the article:

"The scientists, who describe the discovery in the journal Science, said studying these rocks can give clues about what the planet was like early in its history. The solar system, including the Earth, was formed about 4.57 billion years ago. These rocks date from roughly 290 million years later."

Full story here.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what the fundies take on his would be? Would the scientists be stupid or misled by Satan or would a deity have put those rocks there just to test our faith? Or maybe they would come up with one I haven't heard before. Just wondering.


  1. My favorite is: "Well,you weren't there, were you? So how do you know how old those rocks really are?"

    Followed by: "You're going on blah blah blah about a bunch of stupid scientist stuff about rocks when you should be humbling your heart before God, who made all the rocks anyway."

  2. Your dating methods r all fucked up an youz all goin ta hell.

  3. Ya know....*sigh* I just really need to get this off my chest and it doesn't deserve it's own post so I'm just gonna dump it here in the comments and leave it.

    I was over at Vera's blog today reading through some pretty lengthy comments between she, Maragon and GE. Very interesting stuff and I learned a few new things, which is always welcomed.

    In one of the comments Vera says the following:

    The "skeptic" says, "Prove it. Prove with science that this is true. Produce God for us by naturalism or we won't believe." I say, "My perception was that I prayed and agreed with God on my sin asking Him to forgive me and I am no longer the person I was. At that moment, I was so overcome by His love. When I smoked cigarettes, God set me free of the desire for them in a day. I have never gone back to that addiction since that day because I have no desire to." The skeptic says, "Your 'memory' of the situation is unreliable. Demonstrate how a God can set you free from sin." I say, "Well the proof is in my life and not just in that area but in the area of anger and bitterness, sex, and many other areas of personal character issues." The skeptic says, "This *could* have happened without a God." I say, "You have no idea how addicted I was to cigarettes or how much God convicted me, tried me and tested me." The skeptic says, "What about all the other people that quit." I say, "Was the desire completely taken away in a microsecond never to return again?" Is my memory and perception of this event "reliable?" Have others claimed to be set free just like me? Yes. Are we all gone mad? I wasn't ill when I quit smoking 30 years ago. I liked smoking, which is why I didn't want to give it up.

    And that's part of her proof that her god is real. Quitting smoking.

    I quit smoking, too, yearssss ago. It was instantaneous. I was sitting there smoking one day and I decided that even though I liked doing it for the most part, that it just wasn't something I wanted to do anymore. I put out the cigarette and never had the desire for another one. That was it. It really was that instantaneous. And it didn't prove to me the existence of a deity.

    Looking back, I understand the nuances of why I was smoking and why I decided to quit.

    Some people just do not understand the concept that there might be other things at work besides 'Gogdidit'. Everything gets attributed to God and anything that even hints that something else might have been going on there gets painted right out of the picture because to them, anything that doesn't involve their deity is obviously false.

    Then I started reading this article, The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism. I had read similar things before in college in a course I took called The Psychology of Religion, but that's been awhile back and some of it had been forgotten. It's a long read, but a good one. I didn't care for the political parts, but I took some good insights from it.

    Even after having grown up in one of those end times fundy churches it still amazes me to this day to watch that sort of thinking take over someone's brain.

    That was all, folks. And none of that had jack to do with the article I posted. I just really needed to get that out.

  4. LOL Dale. I hadn't heard that one in awhile.

  5. NM,
    You said a lot there, and it's getting late but I think it is very courageous that you were able to think your way through that maze...I had some of that going on too...trust me on that one.

    Been there, done that, but long ago. At my age and place I have to make NO excuses, and I love it. You'll find it too.

  6. NM,

    You just love your sin too much to admit that it was Jesus who made you quit smoking.

  7. Thank you, Dale.

    Charles, actually Jesus smoked with me. I don't think he's given it up yet. I kept trying to tell him that for someone his age, it's bad news, but you know Jesus--you just can't talk sense to the guy.

  8. It's Ken Ham with "were the scientists there? No. Who has always been there? God"

    The rocks just look like they're that old. God, who can't be dishonest, is tricking those who don't have faith.

    And oh yeah, T-Rex had those big nasty teeth so he could eat coconuts before the Fall.

  9. Rufus wrote:
    "And oh yeah, T-Rex had those big nasty teeth so he could eat coconuts before the Fall."

    Don't be silly, Rufus. T-Rex and Coconuts? That's rediculous.

    Everyone knows T-Rex's ate bananas.

  10. Thanks for the articles nonmagic. I am reading both now. I have recently taken a big interest in the psychology of religion.

    I think back to my own days in pseudo-fundi church, they switch back and forth on issues, and wonder how I got there, how I got out. It is a very interesting mindset. I know when I first started questioning things, I had trouble even looking at opposing view points because they were "evil". It is a very interesting mindset to me and it is a form of brainwashing.

  11. I really think it is interesting as I said that twice. My english are gewd.

  12. I wouldn't worry about your English with NM; she likes those cats that use bad grammar, and spell with Zs.

  13. Ohhhhh Rufus.....you got it comin'!

  14. NM:

    Keep 'em away. Good grammar, no Zs.


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