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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lurker's Haven II

It is my opinion that the first Lurker's Haven Post by Expatmat was quite successful and produced some interesting discussions.

Let's try another and check the results.

Any Lurkers, Christians or otherwise, that want to ask questions or speak your peace, please do!

We'll behave!


  1. Hi dale, I'm lurking around your thread and I brought some spam

  2. I have a question.


    Is it hard for you to behave?

  3. *lurk lurk lurk*




    *lurk lurk lurk*

  4. freed,

    It's not hard, he just doesn't want to.

    Except when he does, then it's easy.

    Make sense?

  5. expatmatt,

    sadly, yes, it makes sense. :D

    Now I'm wondering why he started this and hasn't answered.

  6. expatmatt,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had considered removing that post earlier because it didn't serve any purpose and I'm not political. After your comment, I did remove it.

  7. Wow. Expatmatt what did you say to her?

    Freed. I saw the link to your church page the other day. I think we live relatively close to each other. And you thought atheists weren't in the Bible-belt!

  8. daddy s...

    He just asked me to reconsider an email I had posted from a friend. It was political in nature and I had earlier considered removing it so his suggestion just gave me the nudge I needed I guess.

    You live in Arkansas?

  9. Very small world - I'm just up the road in Beebe.

    How did you get into the Bible belt? You don't go to my church do you? :p

  10. Don't know why I told you where I live. I know you saw it on the website..duh!

    Anyway, nice to meet a fellow arkansan.

  11. My son and I work in the yard on Sunday mornings. I don't know how all you church people manage to keep the yard work done!

    It's nice to meet you. Now you'll be wondering around looking at people askance and wondering, "Is he that atheist fella?"

  12. Well don't feel chosen. I look at everyone with dubious eyes.

    As for our yards, we church people mow on Saturday.


  13. Daddy S and freed,

    I am not too far from either of you. I thought you were close DS when you said you went to Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, Tx. I have been there myself. I live in South East Oklahoma.

  14. Ahh, another Bible belter.

    Nice to meet you too rocky.

  15. I am originally from Dallas.

    I've only been an Arkansan since 1982. I live in a small town with big ideas and have never missed the big city.

    Don't know why I'm saying this :)

  16. Freed,
    You asked,
    "Is it hard for you to behave?"

    Let's put it this way. My wife says I have a lot of little boy left in me. A rather mischieveous little boy, but she doesn't mind!

  17. That's it?

    That wont keep this thread going.


  18. Freed,

    I live about 3 hours from Dallas and tend to go there occasionally. Always like it there, downtown is very cool. I am considering moving there.

  19. Well then, Freed, say something contoversial. Go ahead! Make my day! :>

    This is for the lurkers.

  20. Rocky,

    I always liked downtown Dallas also. I worked there in the DA's office at the courthouse for about 14 years, that would be the one across the street from the first one close to where Kennedy was shot. I moved right before they built the newer courthouse they have now.

    I went back to visit about 4 years ago and could not believe the change in the skyline.

    It really was like "not" going home. Way too different.

  21. dale,

    you could probably read me elsewhere and get your controversy fix.

    I'm all controversied out right now.

    I think I feel a headache coming on.


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