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Saturday, September 20, 2008

She's a Christian!!!

Well, recently in one of the most humorous and sadistic comments by 'Terry' AKA 'Man with a badge' AKA 'Dufus' AKA 'USA' AKA 'Rayzluver69' (okay okay, this last one may not be real...), he stated his ex was a big breasted gal. Well, fellas, I've found her...


  1. She seems a little too coherent for Terry.

  2. I feel sorry for her family. "Mommy's home!" Then she comes in and ruins the little party they had planned. I've seen another clip that starts before this one where you can see her pause and take a few deep breaths before going in to work up the "righteous" drama.

  3. They think everything fun is dark sided... magic, voodoo, astrology, hypnotism...

    They never have any fun. ;)

  4. I can just imagine a Christian posting at Ray's reading his comments for the first time-

    "They're not CHRISTIANS!"

  5. On Ray's blog, Freed is telling me I have to stop practicing witchcraft.

    *Waves magic wand!*

    Neverus Evertus!!!!

    Ignorant muggles. -_-

  6. I love how after all that ranting and drama, she decides to take the money.

    What a class act.

  7. Apparently it's from the reality TV show, "Wife Swap." That's what they're saying on the YouTube comments anyway.

    I feel so sad for those kids...

  8. If god is so great, why won't he cure your fat, Godwarrior?

    I would be embarrassed to have a mother that waddled, let alone the rest of that ranting.

  9. I feel sorry for the kids too. I could not imagine growing up in that environment.

  10. That woman's oldest daughter died in a car accident ...I think last year sometime.

  11. mjarsulic said...

    I feel sorry for the kids too. I could not imagine growing up in that environment.

    Well, I did. Anybody wondering why I could never be a Christian?

    Poor kids

  12. She actually had a website out there, too, and plays up the God Warrior thing, but now she's just on MySpace.

    They brought her back on the show, and sent her to a Black Nationalist household. Apparently she was quite a bit less crazy and also less fat.

    Still, I can only watch that clip so many times without getting this icky, icky, icky feeling that I'm watching something so incredibly frightening. If that's what God can do, I really want no part of it. Nor the astrology and tarot stuff, but y'know.

  13. Oh, man, I forgot all about her. She was great. At the end she said she didn't want the money, but then she did take it and was supposed to use for gastric bypass surgery. if it isn't Terry's wife, maybe it's his long lost twin. Great post.

  14. Sorry to tell you this, but that's not my former girlfriend. We only made love one time.

    That's Rufus mother. I will admit I did her a few years go, and Rufus is my son. Now you know the rest of the story!

    Confession is good for your soul.
    Rufus, son, I hope to see in W.VA.

  15. Kaitlyn,

    You lied to Myself and Tony! Switch that from 'witch' to a spelling with "B".

    Don't waste our time with bogus
    decisions for Christ. Ok?

    May God forgive you for your evil deeds. Tony is a busy man with his ministry. I doubt seriously that you are legally blind.

    Just a typical atheist liar.
    I am so disappointed in you.

  16. ...Thanks for biting, you dumb flounder.

    No, it is not the mother of Rufus, it is the only lady who makes you seem sane.

    Tony 'The Stony', or whoever he is, would probably be less busy if he spent so much time trying to figure you out.

    The only bitch I see here is the only one barking, and that would be you.

  17. I am so disappointed in you.

    Swearing is a sin, Terry. Threatening people is a sin, Terry. Having sex out of wedlock is a sin, Terry. Lusting after an atheist is a sin, Terry.

    Don't you have some praying to do?

  18. My mother is dead, psycho. I've told you that before. But it takes a true Christian like you to say that. Thanks for proving my point.

  19. If I thought you were a distant relative, let alone my father, I'd blow my brains out, psycho.


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