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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weemaryanne Regrets (But Not Very Much)

(Note: All puns and innuendo intended unless accompanied by disclaimers.)

Believe it or not, Ray, I'd miss you.

(Insert pause while searching for tissue.)

But, the old intertoobs

Have no shortage of boobs

Spouting nonsense about this non-issue.

Invitation to Ray's Pity Party


  1. Bingo!

    We had our first frost a couple nights ago.
    Are the rivers up there froze over yet?

  2. Not yet. But it's dark 23 1/2 hours per day.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. There once was a blogger named Ray

    Who was offended by pictures risque

    So by an atheist scheme

    Nonmagic uploaded a pornographic picture quite extreme

    And boy was there hell to pay.

  6. I don't think it's fair calling it an atheist "scheme", when we all know it was properly planned and enacted by the government funded Evil Atheist Conspiricy (EAC) after a 3-2 vote in favor (deciding vote made by Darth Vader). Calling it a "scheme" makes it sound bad. It's more like a "policy".

  7. Loved it Wee!!

    You guys talking about how dark and cold it is make me jealous. It's still nearly 100 degrees here. I freaking hate hot weather.

  8. It's still one hundred degrees after the Equinox? Oh, I forgot, you're in Hell. Want some ice water?

  9. Rufus,

    I'd take some chill in the air and a bit of frost if you have it to spare.

  10. nonmagic:

    Lows in the mid-fifties tonight.

  11. Weemaryanne said...
    Not bad, Kaitlyn, not bad at all!

    Kaitlyn- You got a compliment from one of the best!

  12. Rufus,

    I have a fantasy in which I roll over in the morning and snuggle up close to Ray, his cheesy mustache tickling my...oh shit, wrong fantasy...

    I have this other fantasy where I live in a log cabin in the woods, Thoreau-style, with nothing but books, a radio and a fireplace. In my fantasy it's always either a crisp cold, with beautiful fiery colored leaves on the trees or there are several feet of snow outside and wild animals roaming about.

    Mid 50's sounds nice.

  13. nonmagic:

    One of those fantasies sounds very nice.

    Eralier this year I taped something off PBS called Alone in the Wilderness. In 1968, at the age of 51, a man named dick Proenneke moved to Alaska, built a cabin by himself, by hand, with hand tools, and lived there for next 30 years. He filmed himself for the first year, building the cabin, then that first winter. He also kept journals. I've watched it just about weekly since April. But it does get cold up theer. At one point he says, "outside -45 degrees, inside the cabin it's warm, a toasty 40 degrees." I guess everything is relative.

  14. OMG Rufus!!! I've got to see if Netflix has that !!!!

  15. nonmagic:

    I don't know if Netflix would have it or not. It's kinda obscure. My local PBS station apparently shows it twice a year, during Spring and Autumn pledge drives. I have it on three different tapes now, but I haven't acquired a DVD-R yet. I know the Alone in the Wilderness web site and Amazon sell the DVD. It's only about an hour long, but it's amazing.

  16. "Alone in the Wilderness" is great. It's really oddly fascinating. It's not exciting or anything, it's just really interesting to watch this guy, well...just survive. He can build pretty much anything out of a piece of wood. He was definitely old school hardcore.

    The video might be on 'Internet Archives', theres a lot of documenterys on there.

    Wee, that's one of my favorite poems yet ;)

  17. Rufus & Nafa,

    Thanks! Yep, checked Netflix, but they don't have it. I may just order it.

  18. Yeah, it's not "dramatic" or anything like that, but I can watch him build that cabin over and over. When he's finished it looks like it came from a prefabricated kit and a crew worked on it, not one man building it from the ground up, by hand, from local materials (except for some plastic and tarpaper for the roof).


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