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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GIMP Tutorial II - Let's Take a Few Years off of Ray

Let's pretend that Ray is really pissed off at some people for uploading porno to his website, and you want to cheer him up by touching up a photo of his to make him look younger and more attractive.

First things first. We need to darken his hair. Open up his photo, create a new layer, and set the new layer mode as overlay. Draw black over the hair on the new layer to make his hair darker.

Use the airbrush tool on a new normal layer to touch up any gray spots left.

Next, we need to get rid of some of those neck and face wrinkles. Use the clone tool on unwrinkly skin (ctrl-left click), and draw using the clone tool over wrinkly skin to erase those wrinkles! Use the smudge tool if you need to.

Flatten the image and use a gausian blur on his face to blur any imperfections and smooth things out. Use the sharpen tool again to regain some detail.

Flatten the image again and create a new layer using a soft-light mode. Copy and paste the background image, do a Gaussian blur, and adjust the transparency of the new layer to give Ray a bit more of a youthful glow.

Finally, flatten the image again, do any touch ups with the smudge tool, and we're done. If we wanted to make him look even younger, we could take away the mustache and darken his lips a bit, but then he wouldn't look like Ray anymore!



Ta da!


  1. What I wanna know is if there is a tool in Gimp that can take the stupid out of Ray? Is there, please?

  2. You can use GIMP to make educational slides. I don't know!

    Ray's not stupid, but his arguments against Evolution would be a lot more effective if he did a bit more study into the subject of science and biology.

  3. Nicely done Kaitlyn!

    After the negative reactions to the last tutorial, this is a nice way to show that you meant no insult.

    Not that there's anything wrong with insulting Ray Comfort.

    If you want to remove Ray's stupidity, you could try morphing his face into someone smart, like... oh wait, he already did that. It didn't work. Oh well.

  4. Quasar, there was only one negative reaction by Jinx, right? And he barely said anything.

    I thought the reactions were surprisingly positive, which is why I'm did a second tutorial to show off the power of the clone tool.

  5. Kaitlyn wrote:
    "Quasar, there was only one negative reaction by Jinx, right? And he barely said anything. "

    Well yeah, but Jinx is the only Rayist posting here at them moment: lurking Rayists may have had a similar reaction. And just imagine how negative Terry's reaction would have been.

    But your right: since Jinx is the only one we have proof for, I amend my previous post: read "reactions" as "reaction". ;)


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