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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Response to Ray's Invitation

Not sure if this will get posted, but thought you guys might be interested:


I am considering taking up your offer to attend the Transformed event. Based on the comments so far, it seems like I will be quite the heel if I do show up. I have no problem signing up under my own name and letting you know when I've arrived, as long as there is no chance I will be turned away at the gate after a long drive. It's in a great location too. I haven't visited for awhile, but Charlestown, WV has always been one of my favorite towns, and the people of Charlestown are some of the kindest. I have a few questions for you about the event:  

1. Will I be permitted to live blog the event?  
2. Will I be permitted to use a digital recorder at the event?  
3. Would I be allowed to videotape the event?  

Hope to hear back from you soon.  

Your atheist friend, 
Mike Jarsulic  

BTW, sorry to disappoint you Jinxy, but I'm the last person to hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard.


  1. hah! You caught that remark by Jinx too, eh? I just posted at the "Busy Tree" blog about that guy. Here's the link.

    I should have just posted it right here instead; a comment on such an old post looks kind of odd...

    I also posted on Ray's blog in reply to that guy, but I've no idea if it'll make it through or not.

  2. Looks like Jinxy is another master baiter.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yeah, Jinx is a character all right. I posted a reply to his post on this topic, my first reply got through, but when I tried posting a reply to his "rebuttal", it never got through. So I tried it on his other blog and got banned for mocking his beliefs. If you look around on Theology Web and on Ray's blog you'll see that he doesn't respect anyone else's beliefs.

    I like what he posted here in regards to that. I tried posting again to see where he does deal with people who question his beliefs. We'll see...

  5. I really hope they allow you to go. I have suspicions they'll try to harass you in some way, whether it'll be to call you out in front of the audience, or use your name in the sermon.

    Or - maybe they'll surprise us all by just letting you be there without changing their message in any way.


    On the matter of recording it by video, they'd be in their rights to tell you "no". Pictures - maybe. I'd suggest bringing an audio recorder, and at the very least, dictating your responses; it's easy and unobtrusive. Just plug the 1/8" jack of your earphones into the microphone jack and pretend to be talking to yourself...

  6. Mike,

    I would think twice about going! I found out that Tony ( ex-cop ) will be bringing a security detachment. Ray is baiting you guys to come, and then he will 'cook up' some ruckus to have you removed.

    It will prove his point of the evil atheists. Just some friendly advice, I've done some checking on Tony Miano. He loves to strut his stuff as a body guard.


  7. Terry,

    Thanks for the advice. I haven't decided if I will go yet, but I will take your suggestion into account. I am aware of the possibility that Ray will try to swerve me with the invitation. Sorry to hear what happened between you and Ray.

  8. That's funny mjarsulic is Mike Jarsulic and he get's accused of hiding behind net anonymity.

    Daddy Stegosaurus is hiding behind net anonymity. Mjarsulic is bravely and brazenly open.

    Bravo. Wish I were you. maybe some day...

  9. Mike,

    I tell you truthfully, Ray is setting a trap for you guys!

    Think about it, he wants some 'pay back' for making him look bad, the porn pic, and just some deep down 'hate' for atheists.

    He can say what he wants, but I know the man too well. He is really full of himself these days, and he is looking for an excuse.

    If you do go, take some people with you for witnesses, and look for exits in the room. Serious!!


  10. @ Mike, "Sorry to hear what happened between you and Ray."

    Actually I am glad it did happen.

    His 'holier than thou' attitude was eating me up alive. I know for a fact he 'ducked' arguments, reposted posts with corrected information, and lied about it.

    He's just TOO GOOD for us common
    people. The fame has gone straight to his head. He preaches about 'humility' when he should do it Himself! Talk about a jerk.

    The worst part, he is a bossy jerk with a trigger happy body guard named Tony.

    The man doesn't remember giving permission to post his articles, or his FREE hyperlinks ( on his wesite ) to post on blogs!

    I gave him credit and still he says I'm plagerizing!!! I ripped most of it down today. I still have a few to do.

    He would not know the 'Truth' if it smashed into his face. Him and that big nose of his! No wonder he can't see the TRUTH! lol

    sure hope your reading Ray!!!
    Retire Ray! RETIRE!! You grumpy ole' Man.

  11. Terry,

    I was looking through Tony's site the other night. I swear I saw a comment where he said you could use anything from his blog.

  12. Terry, I have to say I never thought I'd see the day that you came over to warn atheists about Ray.

    Maybe this isn't really happening...maybe it's just the Sudafed....

  13. Oh Terry, for what it's worth from an athesit, I'm pretty proud of you for getting yourself away from those people. I think you should find a good group of people to get involved in and try not to stay upset about this, even though I know it must be hard.

    Being upset won't accomplish anything. Just focus on putting those people behind you.

  14. I feel like I have lost my fucking mind.

  15. I agree with NM.

    Terry, I'm glad you see Ray for what he is. A liar.

    Although I am an atheist, I believe a good step for you is to find a good ministry that does not lie about atheists, science, or act like hypocrites.

    Ray Comfort, if you're reading this like I know you are, just remember you like men... NM has the pictures to prove it. ;)

  16. Ray, if you decided to copy from an 'atheist' site, copy the following...


  17. Terry is reminding me of Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds II.

    Gotta say, you're growing on me.

  18. @ Mike, your right he told us in a post to use whatever we want for spreading the gospel. His gospel!

    @ R.S. Yes, I see the 'fake' for what he has becomed. I think he was good ( at first ), but he turned into a 'slimey' TV evangelist.

    @nonmajic, Your right I need to move on, but I am revealing some truths along the way. If you see my lastest post. You will think twice about his body guard Toni.

    Lots of muscle with Tony in some of his videos. Safeguarding the money machine ... RAY & KIRK.

  19. Huh. I need to do some extra reading it seems...as I have no idea what's going on between Ray and Terry.

  20. rufus said...

    I feel like I have lost my fucking mind.

    My take for what it's worth. Not much I would guess.

    I pop in here occasionally and read back through the comments. Every so often scenerios emerge that, to me, read like vignettes. Always in the back of my mind is the belief that everone,to some extent, creates an internet persona. I don't mean that we're dishonest but I think we all want to present ourselves in a possitive light. We get to think about what we're going to say and have time to edit ourselves before we post.

    What I'm trying to get at is when someone turns on a dime because of a slight by someone they admire it might be best to take it with a grain of salt.

    Terry, I'm sure you are pissed at Ray. I hope you take some time to examine your thoughts and feelings and find some christians who aren't just looking for sheep to validate their own piety.

    I've got this feeling. I think you kids call it "intuition" that something smells. It's not a good feeling. Maybe I'm losing my fucking mind too.

  21. I've got this feeling. I think you kids call it "intuition" that something smells. It's not a good feeling. Maybe I'm losing my fucking mind too.

    As much as I welcome Terry's search for truth and meaning, his opinions still carry no fucking weight with me whatsoever. He behaved like a wingnut, and I don't see that his comments are now more relevant having since left Ray's humble cadre of supporters.

    Given that he suddenly seems to have calmed down and be more friendly makes me all the more suspicious. How can you claim one day that all atheists and non-evangelists are going straight to Hell - and then the next be looking over your shoulder saying "Yeah I agree - that was whack, yo..."

  22. Reynold,
    Thanks for posting that stuff about Jix over at my blog.

    He definitely has "Issues."

    I know that is an old post over there but I'm going to correct all that very soon.


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