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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Terry Burton?

I suppose he could be off using his super hero powers to save the world, but I haven't seen him post at Ray's since the big brouhaha. Do you think he's having a crises of faith? Is it possible he might deconvert? Probably not, but have you ever wondered what kind of atheist Terry Burton would make?


  1. Terry would make a fantastic atheist. His zeal would be like nothing we've seen before. I can see him now, wearing a sandwich board and screaming like a maniac in front of churches across America "Don't watch HBKS!!!!! Don't go see it on all my blogs!!!!"

    On second thought, maybe it's best that he plays for the other team.

  2. "Don't watch HBKS!!!!! Don't go see it on all my blogs!!!

    Falsely accused of posting 'porno' on a blog, and told it was inappropriate to call Trish a 'Hot Babe'. More like a dog n heat!!!

    I thought that was a compliment? :) I am black listed, and I have been told NOT to "comment" again. The knife is still sticking in my back with Tony's initials on it.

    Ray gave him the order to PHD me, but he used a throwing knife instead.

    In fact, if you look at my blogs you will see no more HBKS! Delete, delete, delete. Still working on deleting all the websites I created. Ray's hypers are hard to get rid of. It takes a few hours.

    I challenge you to look at my blog. Much different.


    Ray and Tony have really showed their true colors. Nuff said.

    Road Kill Burton

  3. Hi Terry,

    Sorry to hear that someone you looked up to so much turned their back on you. If you have family and friends I think this might be a really good time to spend time with them. Sometimes when we are upset, spending time with those close to us can make us feel a lot better. Also, someone can be close in case...well, you know.

    As long as you are nice and behave yourself you can stop by Raytractors and say hello anytime.

  4. I agree with nonmagic. Terry, you're always welcome at the Raytractors as long as you're polite.

    I actually do like hearing from you. It would be nice to gather some more diverse people to share their thoughts with us.

  5. "I thought that was a compliment?"

    Just like everything you said about Kaitlyn, Maragon, Rufus, and Quasar.

    compliments... sure.

  6. How is it a compliment when you call her a "dog n heat" in the very next phrase?

    You are a seriously conflicted and psychologically messed up individual.

  7. Fuck me running. Did you check out his site? All that crap is gone, and he wrote a couple of wicked comments to Ray and Tony. Does Terry know that a post of mine was allowed through today?

    By the way; what does "PHD me" mean?

  8. If I recall, PHD had something to do with Tony Miano's blog. I think it was the name of his gun or something.

    Haven't a clue what it stands for, though.

  9. PHD= Packing heat, dude.

    Yeah, they come up with some real winners.

  10. Baldyslaphead,

    I know what you did.

  11. What happened to the post before this one, it was just deleted.

    And Guys can someone post about how Atheist Central has now removed Rufus' comment and only posted four positive agreements with Ray?

  12. Tony seems to have removed the page from his blog where he wrote about the origin of the PHD name, but this is a cache of the page:


  13. I'm sorry Ray and his pals fucked you over, Terry.

    They're only interested in money.

  14. Shaggy,

    If you are referring to the post made by me, I removed it. In looking at what Kaitlyn and Ornitheologist said in response to my post, I realize they may be right and I am always open to admitting I am wrong, if and when I am.

    The only thing I can say about AC is that I predict Ray will eventually just stop putting through anything that isn't along the lines of 'Great post, Ray!!'

  15. Has anyone read Terry Burton's Atheist Central-Christians Not Allowed post on his site? Doesn't it read like a high school kid has been dumped? Terry there are other fish in the sea. Have you tried Bob Larsen? He's a real life exorcist. He's tons of fun. Good luck, dude.

  16. Anyway...

    Hey Terry, I'm glad to see you here. You're always welcome if you stay respectful, and we'll certainly all be the same way (though there is a difference between argumentative and disrespectful :-)). You are a most interesting individual, and I think we'd benefit from hearing your opinions once in a while.

    I'm sorry you had to learn the Swamp's real side like this. In the interests of Raytracting, would anyone be interested in posting Terry's story here for posterity?

  17. Nonmagic, fair enough, m'lady. :-) I just didn't get a good chance to read it before it suddenly vanished, and wondered what happened.

  18. As usual, I remain highly skeptical about this lastest comment from "Terry."

  19. Dale,

    Me, too. I just hate to see him go shooting or something.

  20. I retract my earlier suggesting that Terry get hit with the virtual bug spray and disinvited from posting here. Very sad to see he got dumped, but not at all surprising.

    Feel free to drop by, but do try to be polite, Terry. Just like we are.

    By the way, baldyslaphead rules!

  21. Am I the only one missing the Baldyslaphead reference?

    Have I had too much Sudafed today? I think I need to lie down.

  22. I'm with dale on this. It's getting difficult to differentiate between Terry and his alter egos, and Terry and his evil twin (i.e. Terry the Poe, who incidentally is damned funny. I tips my lid in your direction).

  23. Terry, stay a Christian.

    Atheism has nothing to offer you; if you were happy as a Christian up to now, why change?

    If you weren't happy as a Christian, then do a little soul searching, keep an open mind, and just hang loose awhile till something you like better comes along.

    No need to make a big deal about this.

  24. Terry,

    You need to leave the fundamentalist cult. Find a nice, moderate, Christian church. One that is not afraid of modern science would be nice.

    Good luck!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Charles

    sshhhhhh.....mustn't tip them off

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I confused...somebody please 'splain it to me. I thought Tony Miano was just another one of Terry's sockpuppets...is he an actual person? (I nevered look at his blog, FWIW)

    Are Man w/ Badge/USA/Wild on Gospel/etc/etc/etc real people to?

    Jesus Christ, blogging is really getting fucking complicated!

  29. My previous comment has now been deleted as it gave away the location of the secret prize. I didn't say anything. Nope, nothing. Carry on.

  30. Nafa,

    Unfortunately, Tony Miano is a real person who goes around yelling at people on street corners and flinging a gun around to protect Ray's candy ass while he's out yelling at people.

    All the other names you mentioned are just Terry puppets.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Ok, ok, removing my comment too. Shhh.

  33. Ray preaches the love of Jesus from behind a gun?!?...oh Christ I've had acid trips that were less surreal than this blog

  34. Somehow the thought of Ray and Tony with a gun is starting to freak me out a little.

  35. Hey Gang,

    Thank you for all the support and your kind remarks! I see the light now of WOTM / LW businesses. I will try to keep the comments civilized. Try! :)

    Its all about money, Ray can say what he wants, but he has a hefty payroll now, and his own car. More like a 'death cult' in the making.

    The guy with the 'kids bike' has long been gone. Its not the same man there. oh no! ;)

    I still have my Faith, but I do need to get back to some 'real' Christians. :)

    @ Rufus, yes I saw your post, and I was surprised he let it thru.
    Maybe he has stopped his 'temper tantrum'.

    INSIDE NEWS for you! Kirk is pushing Ray to retire (step down), Kirk will move up to CEO, and Tony or Todd will move up to VP. It gets nasty at times!

    Power struggle going on in his organization. Then there's EZ, but they treat him like a step child.
    These are the same guys who Open Air Preach LOVE!

    excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick. (RALPH!) ... L W sickness!

  36. @Maragon,

    You are absolutely right! That is the way they are now. Its so true what they say about 'Money Corrupts'.

    I remember back in 2002 it was not that way with Ray. I talked to him several times, ordered over the phone some tracts, and he acted like a normal guy.

    That was before the "changeling" effect. Now, he talks like a yuppy, and Kirk is too GOOD to have a normal conversation with.

    Kirk was the poster boy ( so to speak ), former TV star, and brought alot of publicity to WOTM. Then the money increased, and the fame went to their heads.

    Ray and his books, and Kirk and his movies, appearances got out of control. The rest can be seen in them now. Chasing people down with CAMs, chasing down gangs with Tony along, and creating scenarios for their WOTM TV series, to make Ray look like "Super Evangelist".

    The 'Graham' affiliates warned me about him being self righteous and full of himself. Oh yes they did.
    That's why he was asked to leave the Billy Grahama ministry.

    Ray had a 'ax' to grind, and to this day he tries his best to out do Frankin Graham and the Graham ministry. Not Christian at all.

    Hope your READING Ray!! I know you read this blog every day. :)

  37. @ nonmajic "Ray and Tony with a gun"

    It freaks me out as well, Tony will create a situation in order to make himself look GOOD. Earn his security pay. Ray's lap dog.

    He has a pocket 'taser' as well.
    SHOCKING ... just Shocking.

  38. @ nafa, Yes Tony Miano is real. He is a retired deputy sheriff chaplin. He started out as a patrolman, got religion, and has written a few books. His blog is featured on the side of Ray's blog.

    As far as Wild about the Gospel, USA, and the Man. That started out as Steve on my house boat in Key West, he gave it up, and I post a few comments with it on Ray's blog from time to time. The ID name has changed. Yoko has her own as well. Her in a mini skirt is considered PORN by Ray and his gang! lol a bunch of turds.

    FYI, Ray has posted several times under assumed names! Oh yes he has!
    Ray drums up his own blog! I would not be surprised if he does it with WOTM Radio as well.

    I got some INFO on him, I intend to spread on my blog and across the internet. The man needs to retire in a bad way.

  39. FYI, Ray has posted several times under assumed names!

    Oooh, Terry, examples please! This is prime Raytractor material!

    Can you show us where and when?

  40. Is Ray the man behind "Holy Bible"? I noticed Bible didn't have a profile.

  41. FYI, Ray has posted several times under assumed names!

    Well, of course, I for one admit to being a Ray Comfort sock-puppet.

  42. Waah!

    I don't know what's going on!

  43. Well I finally cottoned on....
    Even a kid shoulda' seen it
    Lies are always obvious
    Left out in the open like that

    Don't take short cuts tho -
    Obvious posts like this one
    Normally end up giving the game away

  44. Hi Terry,

    Who'd have thought it? - your very own thread on an atheist site!
    I'm really hoping that your recent comments are genuine, they aren't another wind-up, and I'm not wasting my time.

    First off, atheists are generally pretty pragmatic - we DON'T have all the answers, nor do we claim to - we're just asking questions. Ray and people like him, are happy to answer questions ONLY if they think the answer can be backed up by scripture. The Bible has some good and decent things to say - but in terms of science, you're better off looking on the back of a cereal packet.

    What's been very noticeable from posters here, is the amount of atheist forgiveness that's been extended to you. You made some very unpleasant and ungentlemanly comments (to maragon, non-magic and kaitlyn amongst others) and they have all forgiven you and expressed sorrow at your treatment at the hands of Ray and his minions. I don't discern any hint of triumphalism in their comments either. I think it would be a true Christian thing for you to offer an apology to them. I hope you can.

    What's also been noticeable is that nobody here has suggested you abandon your beliefs and become an atheist - we haven't been trying to convert you. I think only a small percentage of atheists wish to hack the beliefs of Christians from under them - merely to point out that from certain quarters, people are lying to them.

    What I think we do want, is a fair examination of the world around us, using all the best tools available, and a way to live out our lives with enjoyment and peace. Nobody here believes that the Bible is able to provide all of that. Where atheists generally become vociferous is where we see children and vulnerable people wilfully misinformed, and subjected to extreme fundamentalism whilst being asked for money.
    I hope that now you see Ray for what he is, you will be able to re-examine some of what he's posted on his sinister blog, and see for yourself that he deliberately misrepresents the voices of dissenters. He knows that his YEC views are absurd, but he's like a child with his fingers in his ears going "la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

    Somebody here respectfully suggested you find yourself a niche within a good ministry (I have no doubt they exist) where the 'bottom-line' is not the most important thing.
    You are obviously a man with boundless energy Terry - why not use that in a more constructive way? You could do some very useful non-christian charity work (if you don't already) with your experience. I firmly believe you would derive more satisfaction from it than spending time with people who try to batter passers-by on the street with their strident and unsolicited beliefs.

    I agree with Kaitlyn's comment above, that different views make for good debate, and I for one hope you continue posting here. I wish you the best.

    BTW - did you ever find that quote about Darwin being 'high on hash' on the Beagle? ;)


  45. Great post Jaser!

    I really hope you take those things into consideration Terry.

    The thing that sticks with me is that the things you are now saying did not come from examination of the facts. They come from the results of being slapped down by the very folks that you held in high esteem.

    Listen Terry, we didn't believe your claims when you were spouting that comfort bullshit, why on earth should we believe you now.

    You are making some claims that are a little dubious.

    If what you say is true about Ray and Tony. And you knew this before they slapped you down you REALLY need to take a look at your integerty.

    I know you remember a little catch phrase we used in the Navy, Honor, Courage, Commitment. Sometimes we lose sight of this.

    I know as a godless heathen atheist, thats what I try to keep in mind.

    I do hope you think about it Terry, I also hope you keep posting here.

    you owe an apology to Maragon, those were pretty rough comments you directed at her.

    fellow retired squid

  46. Somebody grab my head so it will quit spinning!
    What did Ray do to Terry to touch this off?

    I am on the road (again.) Maybe someone could do a summary in a new post for us underachievers?

  47. Dale, and anyone else:

    Go to Terry Burton's websitte and read his latest posts. Also the comments.

  48. Rufus: To which of his websites do you refer?

  49. Stew:

    His main one, I guess. Or, I guess I meant, his web page, when you go to his Blogger profile. Sorry.

  50. Hey all,

    I just moved across country so have been offline for awhile...

    So...What the??

    Never thought I would see the day when Terry Burton resigned as President of the Ray Comfort Fan Club.

  51. Oh, you've missed a lot, Rando. Maragon's lady humps offending Ray; Pornographic photos of Ray and Terry Burton and Kirk Cameron. It's been a wild week.

  52. Damn. Seems I picked the wrong week to move.


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