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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank you, Mr. Comfort.

Dear Mr. Raymond Comfort,

I would like to personally thank you for the impact your ministry has had on my life. About four years ago, I was questioning my faith. I would go to church every week and think "I don't believe this stuff. Why am I here?" I was on the fence.

Then I found out about your ministry through a reputable website and was inspired by what I witnessed. Your message opened my eyes! I felt inspired to shout the truth of the universe from the mountain tops! Mr. Comfort, you helped me through my conversion and made me more certain of the position I hold today than anything else in the world. The Way of the Master was one of the most influential shows in my life.

Yes, your message was indeed what changed me. After seeing your rigmarole on the internet, I changed my ways. I doubted that things could happen the way the prolific atheist writers and scientist said, but after hearing the inane balderdash of yourself and Mr. Kirk Cameron, I was convinced.

So once more I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. You are the reason I first set out on the journey of atheism and thus far the journey has not disappointed me!



  1. Well, I'm sure Ray would be glad to hear he had a hand in helping you find your way in life even if it isn't through Christianity.

  2. I had a similar experience after watching Jesus Camp. That movie is scary!!

  3. So, Ray does serve a useful purpose!

  4. Yaeger, I know just what you mean. I recently had a very similar experience and I'd like to share my testimony. After erupting PenisGate 08 on Ray's blog I realized that my Photoshop skills suck and I need help. If not for Ray, I may never have realized this.

    Praise be to Ray.

  5. @Nonmagic,
    Want me to switch my tutorials from GIMP to Photoshop?

  6. Kaitlyn, would you please. I need help.

  7. At least his ministry has accomplished one conversion.

  8. Hi Yaeger...

    Although I'm fairly vocal in my criticism of fundamentalist Christianity, I'm going to suggest the following:

    just because we've foudn a buffoon claiming to represent the word of (the Christian) God - doesn't mean that his existence completely rules out the Christian God.

    I don't like Christianity. However, I don't think it's entirely fair to let one idiot characterize an entire religion's belief system.

    If you want to reject Christianity, by all means do so. But don't think that a single idiot is a reason for tossing the baby out with the bathwater...

    Regardless, cheers!

  9. Great Post! Its shows the "Hollywood" of Ray & Kirk.

    Just a 'Dog and Pony' show. Oh yeah!

  10. I'm not saying because Ray is crazy that I threw out the idea of a Christian God, he was merely one contributing factor albeit the first. Philosophy classes also helped me along.

    Ray just gave me the "push out of the nest" so to speak. After laughing about his arguments, I self-examined my beliefs, figured out the silly parts, and reached my conclusion.

    I'm all for isolating the baby from the bath water and throwing out the soiled bits.

  11. Whateverman,

    Dan Barker says that after he had thrown out all the bathwater, he found that there was no baby there at all. Silly beliefs may have a kernel of truth, but not necessarily. In any case, a "may be true" is not a reason to back off or don the kid gloves. Rather, it's a reason to question closely, to demand evidence, to refuse to accept any premise not based on evidence -- in short, to get to the truth.


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