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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I won't put Ray's latest post here (Jesus has a lot of names; Christianity must be true), but I wanted to mention that he uses some verses from the Song of Solomon. I've always loved it when Christians claim that the Song of Solomon is about Jesus. The Song of Solomon is pure eroticism. Solomon can sing about boobies, but Maragon can't show her cleavage. What idiots.


  1. Also, "Wonderful" happens not to be a noun! Of course, just like anything else, the Bible isn't exactly good at teaching English.

  2. I didn't know that Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley came from Song of Solomon. In context SoS 2:1 is not God talking, but the young woman lover that narrates the SoS. She says that she is the Rose of Sharon and The Lily of The Valley. It's not Jesus saying this.

  3. I've always wondered why Christians dread to mention the book. If anything, Song of Solomon is love in its element, and last time I checked Christianity was... all about love. Last time I checked, that is.

  4. But is it love, or lust?

    One is a sin.

  5. I found Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon" to be a better read.

  6. Yeah, I'd vote for Toni Morrison's myself. The best of hers that I've read.

    Lust isn't a sin. Love and lust go together.

  7. Append to previous post:

    Lust is a sin according to the bible.

  8. Well, yeah, according to the Bible. It might be easier to list what isn't a sin according to the Bible, than what is.

  9. Rufus wrote
    "Well, yeah, according to the Bible. It might be easier to list what isn't a sin according to the Bible, than what is."

    "Some of the sheep."

  10. Maragon's breasts - making theists commit adultery in their heads since 1996.

    Yeah, baby.

  11. Maragon - there is boobage in your picture again - I am on the verge of committing adultery in my heart... Tuck 'em in.

    Adultery in your heart... That just means thinking about shagging the object of your lust... Just thinking... It does rather seem that Christian (and most religious) doctrine is awfully keen on stopping you from thinking and imagining - which is an irony as it is the imagination that first gave birth to these myths.

  12. I like this picture. She could button up the sweater (?), but she doesn't. Take that, Thought Police.

  13. This is an interesting read...


    Rays brand of mind control via myth was late to the party - the world and his dog have 'virgin birth' myths. Heck, even George Lucas slipped one into Star Wars.


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