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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look Out, Oscar!

I don't recall how to make links work, so you'll have to copy and paste, but man, is it worth it.


I wanna see this even more than Expelled!

Edit: Fixin' ur links.
I'm piggybacking on this post to add some relevant information(hope you don't mind Rufus!).

Here's the description of the movie off of Rotten Tomatoes:
" In this religious romantic drama, Kirk Cameron (LEFT BEHIND) stars as Captain Caleb Holt, a firefighter who is brave enough to risk his life daily but he can't save his marriage. When he and his wife (Erin Bethea) are on the verge of divorce, Caleb's father steps in and asks him to take "The Love Dare": 40 days of spiritually driven ways to try to get back into his wife's heart. At first, Caleb doesn't have much success...until he realizes that he has to get his relationship with God in order before he can improve his marriage."

My mouth....I puked in it.



  1. I found this on one of the comments there. so laughable.

  2. Spoiler: Da Jeebus pops out of the sky, stops the train, has a few beers with everyone, signs some autographs and vanishes back into the clouds.

  3. It's being released in theaters, but I bet they'll be selling it at Living Waters about two weeks later.

  4. Did y'all catch this comment under the clip?

    Let me do a little bit of evangelizing here. As a Christian, one of our core beliefs is that the best way to honor the God we say created all the universe is to make a fart of a movie that no one wants to see.

  5. I would go see it as a goof, but I wouldn't pay for it at all. Maybe I'll buy a ticket for "Righteous Kill" and sneak in the other theater.

  6. This movie looks pant wettingly funny... If I can bit-torrent it, I will. I could do with a good giggle.

  7. What a pity that this masterpiece won't make it into European theaters...

  8. Tilia:

    You mean they won't be showing it at Cannes?

  9. Latest Offer from Living Waters and Way of the Master:

    A copy of Ray's new book, Shit I Made Up While I Was Taking a Shit; A CD of Terry Burton chanting "Watch Hell's Best Kept Secret" over and over for an hour; and the Director's Cut of "Fireproof", with deleted scenes (all of them?) and alternate endings (Kirk and Ray come out of the closet, Alan Thicke is Kirk's real father; yours for just $39.99 (.99 donated to charities). Act now, this offer will only last as long as there are gullible believers out there willing to throw away their hard earned money, which turns into Ray's easily earned money.

  10. Thank you, my dear. I tried to come up with a third alternate ending involving Terry, but my brain froze. I'm sure eventually, there will be some kind of offer like that.

  11. I read on dlisted.com that Kirk Cameron refused to actually kiss the actress who played his wife because it would be like cheating or something. His real life wife had to stand in for any kissing scenes.

  12. Once again, my local paper:
    (under Movies)
    Kirk Cameron talks about faith, marriage and 'Fireproof'

    A couple paragraphs about Kirk and his movie. Then the article moves on to his phone interview from Beverly Hills. First question:
    A. ...yada, yada, yada... Has being an adoptive family given you any special insights into the way God adopts people into his family?

    Granted the Press Register is lazy and probably got the whole article from a Christian outlet, but what is it with theology questions?


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