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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet the New Terry; Same As the Old Terry?

I don't think there is a new Terry. Just someone who is pissed, maybe even hurt, that some people he admired, even looked up to, turned their backs on him. He hasn't apologized for his rants and insults posted here; he still claims they were made by someone else. He used to do the same thing at Comfort's blog. If one of his fellow believers offered Terry the slightest criticism, he would go off on them. Now Ray and Tony have abandoned him and Terry has really went off. He's still making wild claims and accusations without any evidence. If he has evidence of wrong doing by Ray Comfort or anyone else, please share it. "Marlin" made some great points on the Raytractors. I quote:

"The thing that sticks with me is that the things you are now saying did not come from examination of the facts. They come from the results of being slapped down by the very folks that you held in high esteem."

And I like this one even more:

"If what you say is true about Ray and Tony. And you knew this before they slapped you down you REALLY need to take a look at your integrity."

I think Terry is posting here simply because he can't post at Ray's. In fact, in the comments on the post at his site, Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, he tells Jean that he's posting here because he knows Ray, or someone, reads The Raytractors.

Obviously, I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but Terry, I do think you need professional help. You won't get it from someone who only talks about sin and Hell and the Law. I hope you get the help you need.


  1. Terry is welcome here, and while there still may be some bitterness left over from the past between some posters and Terry, I want to just be there for Terry.

    Terry is my friend, and he seems hurt right now. I'm here for Terry.

    Terry, if you read this, know you really are welcome here.

  2. Terry,

    If I may be so pretetious, could you tell us how the falling out with Ray transpired? And has he actually asked you not to comment on his blog?

  3. Terry absolutely does owe a LOT of people apologies for his behavior. Simply saying 'Oh someone else said that' is not accepting responsibility at all.

    I also agree that Terry is posting here because he can and because he can't post at Ray's.

    Personally, I would need some hard evidence for the claims he is making. Although some of them are plausible, I do not believe they are to be taken seriously unless hard evidence is presented and I do not think it will be.

    I also agree on the psychological help issue. Also, I think maybe Terry needs to be around a group of people in real life, even if it means a local church. Being around a group of people increases the chances that someone will notice something just isn't right and perhaps steer him towards help. I'm not sure if there are any friends and family involved, but there doesn't appear to be...or maybe they just aren't paying attention...who knows.

    As much as I chide Terry, and I have had quite a bit of fun at Terry's expense and I'll be the first to admit it, I do think that everyone who is facing a mental health crises deserves adequate attention from people trained to deal with such things.

    Sometimes people can be a bit depressed and find help through associating with groups of like minded and understanding people online, but in this case I just don't think that's going to cut it. From what I have seen, I think there might be some underlying issues, which I think I addressed in a similar post, and those issues need heavier attention than he is probably going to get, unfortunately.

    So, no, I don't think it's a new Terry either. I think it's a different side of a spurned and possibly destructive Terry. Untreated mental illness is a sad thing, no matter who it affects, I think.

  4. I didn't say Terry Burton wasn't welcome here. Anyone is welcome here as far as I'm concerned. I wish Ray would post here. I'd like for Ray to address Terry's accusations and claims; along with Jean's comments concerning Ray from her blog. But as for Terry, I'm cynical, and I question his motives. But I hope he gets some help.

  5. I for one hope that Terry can find a few people here to talk to. Of course some will ignore him, some will be very wary and critical, maybe even offensve - and it's everyone's good right to do so if he thinks that's the appropriate approach.
    Terry, please consider the remarks you made to one or a few of the female posters here. I cannot and don't want to judge this, as I didn't follow closely. Some of what I've seen of you would have been ok among friends, a little trashtalk you know, but I don't think you know any of the people here well enough to call them friends on that level.
    As long as nobody from either 'side' throws a useless tantrum, this can be the site to progressively communicate. There wont be full agreement, but at least we can learn more about each others' positions.

  6. I for one hope that Terry can find a few people here to talk to.

    I dislike the man as far as I know him, and have said so. That aside, he's certainly welcome to post here if that's what he wants to do.

    I don't need to like a person in order to treat him/her with respect and sincerity.

  7. Terry's picture on his avatar look like a person that is ready to go off the deep end.

  8. I don't need any apologies, guys.

    I consider what was said and I consider the source. I feel no ill-will towards Terry.

    I feel that pushing him to apologize is counter-productive. Let's focus on now, and this new Terry instead of re-hashing what previously was said.

  9. Nonmagic,
    OK, thanks. The links cleared up my confusion.

    This is the money quote - Apparantly Ray or his staff writing to Terry:
    "Needless to say, we were very concerned when we discovered that there is pornographic material among the plethora of blogs you have created, under your several blogger profiles. We are also very concerned about an inappropriate reference to Trish on one of your blogs and the wholesale copying of material from our websites and blogs to your blogs."

    Terry goes on:

    "1st of all, that was my private blog with a picture of the wife in Japan in a mini skirt!

    That is NOT pornographic! Read the dictionary on the definition. The profile pics on Ray's in the past were PORNO!! I brought it to his attention, it stayed there for several days! I did not report it."

    I wonder what Terry would have said had Maragon's picture shown her in a mini-skirt, which I think would be a great idea, by the way.

    He would have called her the same stuff that he did of the other picture and the audacity! He had pics of scantily clad women on his own site!

    I remain skepticaler than ever.

  10. This is the thing...

    Poor Terry's in bad shape right now (hey Terry, that's a statement of concern). Pushing him to apologize right now will probably get nowhere. The guy needs help, we need to show whatever concern and sympathy that we sincerely have (for those who do), and after that the apologies can come or not come.

    Terry was mixed up with a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites, and he ate up every last word they said. He followed them blindly, and so is it any wonder that he himself was hypocritical (I refer to his wife in a miniskirt and Maragon; you could probably even pass off that Terry was married to the woman so had the freedom to do so)? Ray said "jump," Terry said "How high?" Ray said "ignore reasonable evidence and deny all things," and Terry said "WHAT EVIDENCE? Dick Dawkins' book is never coming out, see!"

    It may be naive to just up and let Terry have the benefit of the doubt for this latest turn of events, but I'm willing to give it to him and hope that he comes out of it better.

    Terry, I don't expect you to lose your faith in God or Jesus or whomever, but I do hope that we atheists can help you get the help that I do think you need, and help you change your mind about us :-) Please don't let the good will you're getting from this site go to waste, and please don't exploit it for some ulterior motive. I bet a bunch of us will give you benefit of the doubt, but trust is another matter entirely.

  11. I totally disagree.
    Say you are navigating through a swamp with two other people and one of them has been trying to kill you the whole way, while the other is very helpful.

    All of a sudden both of them fall into quicksand. You only have time to help one of them; and you know as sure as shit if you help the former, he will still want to kill you...or maybe even you do have time to save them both.....

  12. So what if Terry gloms onto the Raytractors and decides to become our spokesman on his blog swarm?

    If we were ever to enjoy some shadenfreude, now is the moment.
    Bask in the glow of the revenge, oh sweet revenge, not of my doing...

    I predict that Vera's goin down next. She's rockin the boat on the age of the universe issue.

  13. Nonmagic is right. Terry should give an apology to a lot of folks here. When I wrote my post this morning the one that stuck out was Maragon's.

    It shouldn't be that big of deal, after doesn't he apologize nightly to sky daddy and his son for all his thought crimes?

    I see a pretty good out pouring of sympathy from these so called "fools" that say there is no god. Maybe, just maybe, you might want to re-examine your views of good and evil.


  14. dale,

    Your quicksand is a false analogy. Who is the other person in this? We're not really sacrificing anything here by being reasonable and sympathetic to the man. If he tries anything that defies our offering him sympathy, he loses it. I'm not saying trust the man. I'm saying give him a chance to make things right for himself and us. I'm also not denying Nonmagic and Maragon their apologies, nor Rufus nor Ranting Student nor anyone who was assaulted by Terry or her personalities, just let him figure his shit out and hopefully actually mean them when he gives them.

  15. Shag,
    I do agree with you on that.
    I was being a bit of a shit head on purpose.

  16. dale,

    What else is new, man :-P

    That's why you're awesome.


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