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Friday, September 26, 2008


Should we expect Thicky McThick to post a new blog everytime he learns the meaning of a commonplace word?


  1. I've been lurking at AC for a few months and here for a week or two. This is my first comment at either blog.

    I have to say this latest post by Ray is quite the about face from his earlier comments that the atheists do know god but want to fuck like rabbits so they pretend god doesn't exist.

    Is this evidence that he is finally coming to understand what you folks have been saying for so long?

  2. Interesting, I hadn't thought about it like that.

    To be honest, I doubt Ray's capable of changing his mind; at the very least, he's shown himself to be remarkably stubborn when it comes to listening to ideas which contradict his own.

    He also seems to have a hard time with making a good case for his own thoughts. He has an idea, but is never able to really express it without (at least in part) mangling his own credibility.

    In short, I seriously can't tell what (or even HOW) the guy is thinking, and this is unusual for me. One of the few things I'm gifted at is empathy - but Ray's as impervious to it as a block of granite.


    As a quick after thought, I don't really think he's altered his opinion. He's merely trying to restate it in such a way as to make it look valid - and isn't concerned with whether it contradicts past statements

  3. Hey ford (pangalactic gargleblasters at the ready...), welcome to the Raytractors!

    I honestly do not understand the point of Ray's latest post (and I think I've become quite adept at deciphering his bullshit over the past year) so that's saying a fair bit.

    G.E, was merely asking that Christians spell the word 'atheist' correctly. His reasoning was that the second part - theist - is a translation of 'god' and so spelling it 'thiest' is kind of, well, stupid; especially if you actually believe in a god.

    That's all. The fact that its original meaning was 'without god' is utterly unimportant so the rest of Ray's post is just the usual preachy bollocks.

    Oh well, another day another steaming pile of fundie shite.

  4. Thanks for the welcome! I may be completely out to lunch with Ray's intentions, it seemed like a different tack than he has previously followed.

    I had to come over to the Raytractors because all the cool kids are here :)

  5. What he's trying to get across to us is that God exists but we are without him because was arrogant and filthy atheists. He says that we can't know him until we've been all up with the Holy Spirit.

    Basically, "You won't know he's there until you believe he is." Which is exactly what he's been saying for the past year.

    The thing is, if G.E. hadn't been bound by Ray's rules, he'd have said "without god," not "without God," meaning something much more broad. But he couldn't, so Ray decided to spin his words into preaching.

  6. Don't you get it?

    Atheists prove Ray's point that God exists!

    Furthermore, G.E. shown that Jesus Christ is God's only begotten son who died for our sins on the cross and rose to heaven!

    I think that's Ray's point.

  7. Kaitlyn said: Atheists prove Ray's point that God exists!

    But, I thought atheists already knew God exists. I don't see that there's a need for proof...


  8. Ray Comfort-

    "I think God exists, therefore he exixts"


  9. Don't you get it?

    I don't think I will ever really get 'it' and I am fine with that. In fact, it's probably best for my mental health that I won't get 'it'.

  10. I may be dreaming but I thought Ray's post said, "we know god but we don't know "about" God, but it seems to have been changed.

  11. Maybe the next he will try to learn the difference between the colloquial definition of theory and a scientific theory. I somehow doubt it though.

  12. Revenant,
    I see you have Fear and Loathing in LV on favs.

    R U an HSTist?

  13. I watched Fear and Loathing the other night. It still cracks me up and blows me away.

  14. I've heard Hunter was a great journalist but I've never actually read anything of his. After seeing the movie I wanted to read the book but I just haven't gotten around to it yet

  15. Rev,
    HST invented Gonzo journalism. That's where the jouranalist participates in the action.

    If you watch the movie, Where the Buffalo Roam," it is aout some of hunter's antics. He is played n that movie by a young bill Murray.

    One day my sone was asking me what it was like back in the seventys, he knows I am an HST fan so I watched "buffalo" with him.

    By the way, two years ago an ailing Hunter ended his life one afternoon and a few weeks later his family shot his ashes out of a cannon at his fortified compound in Colorado.

    The fortified part refers to all the good liquors and drugs he kept on hand.

  16. Dale:

    With Bill Murray? I'd forgotten about that one. I'll have to find it somewhere.

  17. Dale
    I did hear that about his writing style although I didn't know the name. I will definately watch that movie (and probably Fear and Loathing again) thank you!


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