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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny...

Ok, after a PEBKAC error and an ID-10-T error, I finally have the name survey set up. Here it is. For those contributors that I have email addresses for, I have sent you an invitation, everyone else must register at the link. For security and consistency purposes, this survey does require registration, however ALL responses are anonymous and I won't see your personal information.

P.S. This software is more complex than it needed to be, but I'm in a research design class so I'm also using this to try out this software

EDIT - Hold on, a sec, apparently I am a moran, & was given some wrong information. If you got the survey email, I'm sorry, I should have an answer back within a day.


  1. Ignore my email, I just saw this.

  2. Am I too late to the game? The link doesn't seem to work anymore

  3. Tilia:

    It never worked. He's going to fix it and get back to us.


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