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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Want to improve your bible knowlegde?

Check out this page:
The Brick Testament

Edit: Don't check the page at work. You might end up loosing the day...


  1. Something about Lego people 'knowing each other in the Biblical sense' (sex) that just doesn't seem right.

    Sorta like having a sex ed. class with Barbie/Ken dolls used for illustration!

  2. laof,

    Would you prefer the sex ed. class from Monty Python's 'Meaning of Life'?

    "As you can see, the penis is now, more or less, fully erect." - John Cleese

  3. laof,
    now that's interesting. How are sex ed. classes illustrated in the US?

  4. expatmatt -

    I don't prefer either. Well, not sure... it's been a long while since I had sex ed. the first time, and don't think I need a refresher of that class.

    Tilia -
    When I was in school, the classes were using drawings as illustrations (for body parts) and the murmered '..and this goes there'-type general statements.

    Despite the depiction on television and in films, not as awkward as you may think (for the USA).

    How do they do it in (Germany?) Although I lived there for three years, I don't remember much of the schools. I was too busy eating the wonderful food and going to winefests.

  5. laof,
    well, I only knew the Simpsons version and they are sometimes disturbingly correct...
    Actually I don't remeber much about sex-education in school. I think it was mainly about ovulation and contraception. We knew the rest anyway. Most German teenagers get their information from that magazine.
    It#s in German, but there is little text. Mainly pictures and a lot of anglizisms...


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