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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ray doesn't like religion

From the post "When famous atheists went to meet their maker":
Ray Comfort said... Mudley...you need to read closely what you cut and paste. Many of these people weren't atheists. They were theists who were offended by "religion" (as I am). Atheist sites tend to grab these folks to bolster their case :).

So I think I would be correct in assuming that Ray now wishes to shrug the Christian dogma and no longer proselytize. Who would have thought that he was on the side of anti-religion the whole time...

Ok, I have to end the facetiousness due to the douche chills it's giving me.

I don't think Ray gets the point of people being against religion means all religion and not just the one you follow.


  1. Oh, I think he gets it. I also think he's choosing to spin it otherwise...

  2. froggie,
    I recognize the mustache if the picture is taken from a angle similar to Maragon's. But for the rest...
    Not every butt is a butthead.


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