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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catholic Priest fucks whole Church

at least it's some progress to fucking little boys

Gnade für den Luxuspriester

Grace for Luxury-Priest

101 sin: A catholic priest had a lover. He beats her, because he wants money from her to finance his luxurous lifestlye. When she didn't have anything anymore, he scammed the Church by 137000 Euro. Now the moral-theologian was sentenced by the state-court in Freiburg to a suspended stentence of 20 month.

"Where the greed for quick money is bigger then the necessary consciousness for responsiblity, there the world gets out of track." Did the archbishop of Freiburg Robert Zöllitsch think about Frank B during his sermon last Sunday in Hockenheim? The likely most famous priest of his diocese?

D. is thought to have scammed the Catholic Church of altoghether 137000 Euro and four further victims of more than 100000 Euro. But this isn't enough: All in all the 39 year of clergyman stands against 101 crimnial charges, amoung them fraud, coercion, breach of trust and personal injury. Alone 46 criminal offences are accounted to Gudrun E., his ex-lover. A woman who Frank B. met years ago when he sill was chaplain in a small town in the Odenwald. She word as a temp in a drugstore and seduced him - as stated by Frank B. in court - to fall to his knees before Mammon.

She should have animated him to buy expensive furniture to get a tuned Mercedes worth 72000 Euro plus an Audi A3. She was it who seduced him to a wasteful life. She always told him: "Grant youself something, money is no problem." She assured him that she owns several plots of land that could be turned into money. It's her fault. It was a bit like in the Fall of Man: Gudrun E. who handed him the appel - and Frank B. the victim who doesn't see the snake.

Beaten with the belt.
When the clergyman went 2003 to Freibug, his eleven years old woman followed him. Whether out of love or a feeling of dependance, doesn't get clear in court. True is that the priest had on his side very own perceptions of partnership. State Lawyer Dietrich Bezzel explains: "This relationship was in the following times rules by demands for money and verbals as well as corporal aggressions of the defendant against the aggrevied party." More than once Frank B. shall have beaten his lover with a belt and repeatedly forced her to bring in money. When this didn't work anymore he started to care for the finances.

In his function as priest and doctorand the morality-theologian lied to the archdiocese of Freiburg, a congregation in Freiburg and several other persons. So he is thought to have gotten by fraud to loans of 35000 and 85000 by claiming that he urgently needed it fo the treatment of his severely handicaped brothes. To a known politician he told the story about a supposedly poor female student who needed help badly. A cousin of his lover he tricked by telling her he wanted to secure the fortune of Gudrun. The woman thereafter transmitted him actually 90000 Euro. In the fall of 2005 and in spring of 2006 he finally claimed to have cancer. This brought him 5000 Euro from to compassionate women. Not a single Euro was used for charitable causes.

Praying for Frank B.
For the Catholic Church the case Frank B. is more than just a financial disaster. He causes a damage in image that is hardly to repair. After the whole amount of misdemeanors got pulic in the end of 2006 not just members of the congregation in Freiburg posed the question who is still trustworthy at all, if even a catholic priest lives in sin and abuses the money of this Mother Church for his greed and his wastefull lifestyle.

On the last day of the trial Frank B. agreed to pay 70000 Euro as reparation to Gudrun E. He said "I beat, lied and commited fraud. I can just hope that the people I've heard will pray for me some time."

Today the state-court in Freiburg sentenced the sinner to an imprisonment sentence, that was suspended. This ruling isn't a suprise. The participants of the trial already agreed beforehand that an eventual sentence of imprisonment would be underneath 2 year and suspended. Frank B. wants to work in the future again for the Catholic Church.


  1. 20 months of suspended imprisonment? Ridiculous. An acquaintance of mine once got charged with refusing to pay a few hundred Euros for goods he had bought. They told him he'd be sentenced to three months in jail if he didn't pay back in full plus a fine of equal value. I believe him when he tells me he wasn't aware that his bank account had been exhausted, so the money couldn't be transferred. They charged him for fraud immediately.
    Evidently intentionally stealing at least 400 times as much only gets you a seven-fold punishment that won't even be enforced, just as long as you're the right kind of believer.

  2. They told him?

    War das das Inkassobüro? Die nehmen es mit der Wahrheit selten genau.

    3 monatige Haftstrafen werden bei Ersttätern prinzipiell zur Bewährung ausgesetzt.
    Außerdem waren das soweit nur die strafrechtlichen Konsequenzen. Auf fast jeden Strafprozess folgt nochmal ein Zivilprozess in dem man zu Schadenersatz verklagt wird. Und dieser Schadenersatz übersteigt meist die Strafe aus dem Strafprozess bei weitem.

    for the English speakers:

    Was it the collection agency? They rarely take it serious when it comes to honesty.
    By principle 3 month sentences to prison are suspended for first time offenders. Furthermore that were just the consquences out of the criminal trial.
    Almost every criminal trial is followed by a civil trial in which you get sued for compensation of damages. And those compensations of damage normally exceed the fines out of the criminal trial by far.


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