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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Po' Girl

I've discovered the joys of torrent files and web sites of a pirate theme.

Ahoy mateys

One of my favorite bands are The Be Good Tanyas, now defunct, and I recently downloaded their 2006 album to go with my legit copies of Chinatown and Blue Horse.

Anyways, people were saying that the group Po' Girl is similar in sound, so I got a hold of their album Home To You (2007) and included is the song "To The Angry Evangelist"

The lyrics are awsome, read and digest

Don't sing to me of saviours and sorrows
Don't sing to me of saviours and sin
Please, don't say there's a crown waiting just for me
Waiting and shining up there in heaven

Don't sing to me of turning my cheek
Don't sing to me of the virtues of meek
I'm sick of someday soon things will be better
That creed kept slaves, slaves of my ancestors
Faith it has beauty but not when it blinds us
Blinds us and folds us to crimes of excess
Never to lead and always to follow
Follow sad mad men to shame worse than death

Don't sing to me of joy on the other side
Don't sing to me of waiting to die
I want joy in this life, my joy loves company
Don't sing to me that war is our destiny
This is my gospel I hope you'll share it
Stand for each other don't let greed be our measure
Put down your gun and put down your bible
Hold out your hand, we'll build a new temple

Don't sing to me of saviours and sorrows
Don't sing to me of saviours and sin
Don't sing to me of damnation and bloodspill
'Cause I don't believe it, I never will
I don't believe it, I never will

For UK users I found their music cheap at DVD CO UK Free delivery in the UK and 1 quid delivery to Europe. So I ordered.


  1. ps, weemaryannne and others will be proud that they are Canadian.

    pps If anyone despeartely wants the music I could upload it.

  2. Ha yes! I'm glad someone else knows this band!

    They were great


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