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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Intellgent links are flowing around here lately !

And I'm loving it!!! Sometimes I wonder if we haven't exhausted the subject of Ray Comfort. Every post he makes is just a rehash of the same idiocy he posted the day before. I've yet to see the man say anything insightful or even coming close to being intelligent. It's nice to see some links popping up that are stimulating to the mind and not the numbing of the intellect brain drain from Ray.

Of course, there is today's post from Geoff featuring all those great videos. I think it would be great to have discussions of individual videos from that link.

Tilia also posted a good link to an article on feminism the other day. I really enjoyed that link, but now I can't find it. I think it would make for a good general discussion also.

And then there is this one left by Rob Penn, but it was left as the last comment in a thread and at least speaking for myself, I don't tend to read all the way through threads with a ton of comments unless I'm seriously interested in the topic. I don't enjoy the blah blah from apologists 99% of the time, but Rob has a thing for this Ben Witherington guy, so I checked it out.
I have to admit, it wasn't so bad. It's called the Architecture of the Post Modern Mind Part 1 and he doesn't once, not once, say anything like 'Evolution is dumb, har har har!!! Look at me and my banana!!' Not even once. I've read some of Witherington's writings before at the behest of Rob and didn't care for it, but this was interesting because not only did Witherington show intelligence and thought in his writing, he also had intelligent, thoughtful responses in his comments. No, I'm not kidding. No Jinxy McFuckNuts or Carports or Verifieddungs any of the the other dumbassed crap that passes for thought over at Ray's. I think I'm still in shock.


  1. I think we have basically exhausted the subject of Ray Comfort. And as I recall, nonmagic, you in particular were "all Rayed out". I still check out AC, and it can still be fun to point and laugh, but there's not much point in trying to have an intelligent discussion there (was there ever any point?). As far as am I concerned, anything can go here. Except LOLCATS, of course. The same goes for the forum.

  2. Here's a quite intelligent blog post I came across, presenting the brilliant Parable of the Time-Traveling Greek.

  3. nm,
    I made a short post about that article. It's getting late and I'm off to bed in some minutes...

    There is another article about one of the founders of Protestantism Martin Luther on the same magazine and some other stuff about America from a German point of view.

  4. Rufus,

    May the furry paw of the LOLCAT god be with you.

    Felix, thanks!

    Tilia, Another good one!

    There's so much more to the world than Ray.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Felix,

    Good find. But, get this. The church on the masthead.

    I drove past that church on my way to work every day for eleven years; and I attented a wedding there about thirteen years ago.

    Yes, unless there is another, say replica of some european church somewhere else... the building to the left is still there too.

    This is no more that three miles form where I live.

    I'm tellin ya. Dis is a miracle.

    I have to find out for sure.

    Oh, and it was fun learning of Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian.
    He has some awesome credentials.

    Thanks to Nonmagic, who chose this moment to highlight the eclectic make up of this bunch of cronies (defined as: loosely knitted comiserates.)

    I think the reason we are changing our name is to move away from focusing on fuckhead and his minions.

    Why? Because we can be an instrument of change, a voice for science and reason, (excuse me I'm in the middle of writing an Obama speech)a devine wind at our backs, the known world is ours....bwaaahhaaahahahahaha...

    Just kidding. Actually, I just love kicking over sacred cows, one by one; been at it for forty years. I didn't think it was going to take me this long.

    The Frog

  7. We have a link-fest going on here tonight. I don't have time to read them all so I'm stashing them.

  8. Froggie,

    You just made Obama proud. ;P

  9. Froggie: the clincher was "bwaaahhaaahahahahaha". If I was American I'd vote for you.

    On the subject of interesting links: Did a mutation give humans thought?

  10. Glad you liked it.

    Dr. Witherington is a professor at one of the seminaries that I'm looking at going to for grad school.

    I'd LOVE to do Doctorate work under Dr. Witherington some day. We'll see where the spirit moves me. ^_^

  11. I just left this at Ben W3 blog, awaiting approval:

    How do we reconcile this:
    ""It is interesting that most of the adamant and now famous atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens are in fact unreconstructed modernists, .... Somehow they have not gotten the memo yet that Western culture has moved on to post-modern ways of thinking about reality and its nature."

    with this just a few paras later
    "In the wake of the computer and Internet revolution, post-moderns look at life as not primarily involving an allegiance to some sub-set of humanity, but rather to the human race in general. The post-modern worldview transcends hard line nationalisms of any sort"
    given that it seems to describe Dawkins, Hitchens and humanism in general?

  12. Ben witherington rules. Gary Habermas and Alvin Plantiga are awesome too.

  13. Quasar,

    That's another good one.


    I'd like to see if your comment passes moderation. I'm hoping that W3 is not another Ray in that he doesn't discourage discourse, but we'll see.

  14. Here's another, in my opinion.



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