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Monday, October 20, 2008

"No one gave any reasons."

In Ray's latest post, he responds to Daniel Florien's surprise that Kaitlyn (our "atheist essay" contest "winner") gave no reasons for not believing in God with the following bald-faced lie:

"No one gave any reasons."

Now, Daniel was confused because Ray's previous post quoted one of Kaitlyn's comments on AC, and then mentioned that Kaitlyn won the essay contest. Daniel assumed that the quoted material was the winning essay, when in point of fact, it was not.

Given the circumstances, Daniel's confusion is understandable, but Ray doesn't have that excuse. Ray knows damned well what the content of Kaitlyn's essay was, and since that alone contains reasons for not believing in God, that essay alone is enough to put the lie to Ray.

Perhaps Ray has a special executive version of the 10 Commandments, in which the 9th Commandment reads a little differently.



  2. He'll probably say something about them being 'excuses' not 'reasons' and claim no 'reasonable' person could ever be an atheist; therefore there are no reasons not to believe.

    He's so predictable.


  3. It requires working brain cells to check back and see the actual entry.

  4. Yeah, that fooled me as well...

    The dink makes me feel stupid for thanking him for having the contest in the first place, and then lying about not receiving any responses.

  5. I was gonna say what Matt said. I got 10 bucks that Ray says they are excuses, not reasons.

  6. I don't know why he just didn't explain that. In his previous post, in fact, he said Kaitlyn had given reasons to believe in God, so he's contradicting himself.

    But I guess that's not too surprising, eh?

    Congratulations, Kaitlyn!

  7. I agree - it was short and rational, and illuminated one of the best possible reasons (imho) for a person to be an atheist:

    pure skepticism

  8. "Kaitlyn. You won the $100, with your excuse for not believing in God." - Ray Comforts amended post.

    Y'all owe nonmagic and I $10...

  9. Off-topic (kind of): Copy of comment to Ray's blog


         Does this Jesus of yours command you to lie? I'm serious. You started off admitting that Kaitlyn gave reasons. No matter how much you lie now, it is in the record that you know that people gave reasons and not excuses.
         There is no need for a direct answer. Whether you correct your blog to remove the lie will tell all. If you keep the change to "excuse" everyone will know that you worship a liar and a father of lies -- though I am sure that many will continue to play the game. I will also post this in a couple other conspicuous places in case you decide not to let this through.

  10. I think Ray have cose Kaitlyn because he has singeled her out as one he might get his hooks into and I very much agree with his calculus on this because Kaitlyn has, in fact, represented herself as somewhat of a "fence-setter."

    Kaitlynn, if you read this, I am merely stating what I thought of some of your comments, but I am committed to you to make your best choice based on your personal needs. /d

  11. And Jesus turned his back and wept bitterly, for the men who had claimed his fellowship were full of pride and deaf of hearing. Their words spoke of the good news, but their minds were slaves of lies.

  12. Note that he has now changed it to no JUSTIFIABLE reasons.

  13. Note that he has now changed it to no JUSTIFIABLE reasons.

    For someone who claims to be an author, he sure seems to be "conveniently imprecise" when it suits him.

  14. He's now challenging me to state which of the 10 Commandments that he broke.

    I responded that I didn't care which of his religious injunctions that he broke. Just that he had demonstrated his lack of integrity, again!


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