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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't even know what to say about this video. Seriously. Loss for words here.

It's not her politics that bother me. Vote for whomever the hell you want, but please have solid, well thought out and LOGICAL reasons for why you are voting for the candidate that you are supporting.

This woman has none of the above.


  1. Man, I have watched this video make the rounds today. The Atheist LJ community, Pharyngula, Friendly Atheist... spreads like fire :-)

    But I will say this: at least her response was a more accurate "mother was an atheist" rather than "Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA OMG Muslim Iraqi like Saddam Osama!" Wish I knew what was so horrible to deserve that shudder.

  2. I applaud her honesty. She should feel free to speak her mind.

    I don't agree with her and will challenge her ideas any day of the week, I'm glad we live in a nation that allows her to say such politically incorrect statements.

    I'd rather her be honest about her reasons than be closeted. The more her views come to light, the more opportunities we have to make a rebuttal.

  3. Shaggy,

    Agreed. I have no idea why anyone would care what his parents religion is/was or what his religion is/was. And to actually care about his name??? This woman is the EPIC FAIL of all epic fail.

  4. Kaitlyn,

    I'm glad she's honest, too. The more honest she is on camera the better. That way we know stupid when we see it coming and we can get out of the way.

    This has nothing to do with her honesty. It has to do with her utter jacktarded stupidity.

  5. people like her really deserve Sarah Palin. If the USA were as important as, let's say Luxemburg, I wouldn't be that much afraid of some of the people living there and what they could do to the world...

  6. Kaitlyn - you're right. I'm Canadian, and am afforded so many of the same rights. It is wonderful that we're allowed to express whatever it is that we believe in our respective nations.

    Nonmagic - I can understand how a parentage can affect the values of a child, and why values are important to a voter. But I think people need to be smacked with a "Politics is NOT Morality" stick. Governance, policy and law has nothing to do with religion or morality, so people like this really need a crash course on what is important in a governor...

    Intelligence, respect for the constitution and the state despite personal morality = good.

    Ignorance, blind devotion to personal morality in contradiction to the constitution and the state = bad.

  7. Shaggy,

    Also, statements like "The LAWD is gunna take care of us!!!" make me think that this woman wouldn't have a clue on how to even get a clue about intelligence and respect for the constitution.


    We could find this ignorant crud for brains and send her over to you! :p What if I say please?

  8. Exterminate them all.

    Seriously. I've had it with them. I cannot think of a bigger impediment to a reasonable, healthy, conscious and conscientious world than religious retards. Hunt them down and kill them in their homes.

  9. NM,
    as long as you don't send us Sarah Palin...
    Don't send us too many. We could deal with some, as long as they are a minority but history has shown what can happen, when racist lunatics have the power in Germany.

  10. Tilia,

    Oh, I forgot to mention it's a package deal!

  11. well, let's hope then that the package gets lost somewhere over the Atlantic ;)

  12. That's the problem with a lot of voters in America, they have some of the most ridiculous reasons for voting for someone. There are people who are voting for Palin because she's from a small town...WTF does that have to do with anything?! The fact that she lives in a small town or the fact that she's religious is no indicator of whether she is capable of being VP!

  13. Revenant,

    I agree. I also can not fathom why anyone would vote based on gender. That has nothing to do with capability or the issues at hand.

  14. Tilia,

    We can't give that woman away!

  15. Tilia, the unfortunate part about history is that countries like the US are too busy holding it over Germany's head and forgetting to learn from it.

    (Off-topic: I was living in Freiburg when the Iraq War started, and the whole "France and Germany shoul be grateful for what we did in WWII" thing made me so angry)

  16. Gee, I wonder who wears the pants in that family. I felt sorry for the guy when she said she was going to pray for him and he knew the right decision to make. Sounded like a threat to me!

  17. tilia said:

    "If the USA were as important as, let's say Luxemburg, ..."

    I don't know if that's a slam of Luxemburg or the USA... either way, I found it a little funny when you put it that way....


  18. Hey I will gladly denouncing this woman as the 'face of Christianity'... if someone does the same for Charles as the 'face of athiests'.

  19. No, Charles is "the BODY of he atheists"

  20. charles said...

    Hunt them down and kill them in their homes.

    Isn't that a hate crime too, the same as you labeled the Baptist homeschooler?

  21. Hey, they love claiming to be martyrs and they've got Heaven waiting for them, so why the fuck not?

    I used to be rational and polite, but you can see where that gets you with these inbred mouthbreathers.

  22. I agree with Freed.

    If you are to criticize the home schooler, than you should as quickly denounce Charles....

    Or, admit you're hypocrites

  23. Charles has as much right to say what he did, as this fascist woman did.

    And I can understand his frustration.

    However it does not represent what I believe, or how I live my life, which I do as someone who does not believe in the existence of gods.

  24. Charles does not speak for me when he says that all "religious retards" should be exterminated. The first time I read the comment, I felt he was mocking the baptisthomeschool post. However, if the his words are taken at face value, I could not disagree more.

  25. I don't think anyone should be hunted down and killed.

    I do think, however, that the baptist homeschool cunt face should be sitting in jail.

  26. LOAF,

    Do not assume that anyone who doesn't denounce what Charles said is a hypocrite. It could be that they didn't even see the comment until just now. I missed it earlier. Careful where you paint with that brush of yours.

  27. Besides, murder isn't legal yet. We should keep our homicidal thoughts to ourselves.

  28. NonMagic - "I do think, however, that the baptist homeschool cunt face should be sitting in jail."

    I have to object to the use of the term for such a wonderful piece of the female anatomy (and no, it's not "face") to describe this fascist.

  29. Kiwi,

    True. How about asshole? Although I hate to insult other assholes.

  30. I applaud her honesty. She should feel free to speak her mind.

    Ahhh Kaitlyn...

    I consider myself a tolerant and level-headed person, but I was going to respond very uncharacteristically with regards to the apparent arrogance of this woman.

    But your statement stopped me short.


  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. 'Free to speak her mind...'

    hmmm... this freedom of speech thing... quite interesting.

  33. Hmm...

    Well, I'm not an atheist, and though I think I understand atheism and will talk as if I do, I don't represent atheists in any way - or even Deists, Agnostics or Human Beings.

    I merely represent myself.

    Charles has the right to say whatever he wants, but I do concede this particular entry was as bad as some of the fundamentalist statements I've read and criticized.

    I don't support the killing of humans who express political views, regardless of whether I find them to be ignorant or antagonistic or annoying - or none of the above.

    To be perfectly frank, however, I'm biased: the woman in that clip bothered me far more than Charles did.


  34. IMO, both charles' and the homeschooler's statements were equally thoughtless.

    However, I do see some bias here.

    The non-believers here have downplayed charles's remarks but couldn't wait to report the homeschooler's remarks.

  35. Cynth,

    How has the remark by Charles been downplayed? That woman has an entire blog going back nearly 2 years filled with some of the most sickening BS hate filled writings I've ever seen. Charles made ONE remark in this thread. Seems to me what you are trying to do, but not very well, is make anyone who didn't run over to this thread and lash out at Charles to have downplayed his comment.

    So we've got 1 comment verses nearly 2 years of hate filled vitriol against a certain subset of the population based solely on their sexual orientation.

    What else ya got?

  36. NM,

    Charles made ONE remark in this thread. Seems to me what you are trying to do, but not very well, is make anyone who didn't run over to this thread and lash out at Charles to have downplayed his comment.

    I did not read 2 years worth of whatever she said, I only read the part you posted about blowing up the gay school. I am comparing that one remark to charles' remark.

    Those two remarks, in comparison, are equally thoughtless.

    How has it been downplayed? Some said they disagreed with charles but no one got upset that he said "exterminate them all". How is the meaning of what he said less than what she said?

    As I said, IMO, I don't see how what she said, in that one post, was worse than what he said, in this one post.

    I honestly don't care what either one of them said because both were off the wall statements. I'm just making the comparison and as I see it..it's there is bias against her.

    I may not do a lot of things well, but I'm not trying to make anyone do anything. I'm just pointing out what I believe is bias. If no one agrees with me, so be it.

    I didn't think much of the homeschooler's opinion about anything, so I consider myself unbiased in this case.

  37. See what you've done now Charles! Somebody toss him a fetus to gnaw on so he'll be quiet for a few hours.

    Now, you were saying...

  38. Freed asked: How is the meaning of what he said less than what she said?

    To me, it's an issue of quantity over quality. The wench in question wrote a lot of rancid, hateful stuff. Charles just blew his top (and AFAICR that's the only time I've seen it happen)

  39. Cynth,

    Maybe you should have read what she said because the crux of my post about it was based on various posts I pulled form those 2 years.

    Exactly how do you know that no one got upset about what he said??? It was denounced! What are you talking about??

    No one was ever comparing post for post, except maybe you, so if you want to go post for post, yes they were both bad things to say. But as has already been pointed out by WEM, it really is an issue of quantity over quality.

    And if you read that I implied that you were making someone do something then either you read wrong or I should have been more clear. I believed you to be making it out as if everyone who didn't run over and chastise Charles over ONE comment was downplaying it. And that's just not true. Not even a little.

    You think I've got a bias against her? Damn right I do!! That woman has written for 2 years about how all gays should be killed!!! Then she wrote that she thought a highschool should be bombed!! Ya think I might be biased against her at this point Cynth?? Well, YEAH! Charles has written a lot of really good stuff on this blog and over at Ray's. I will not denounce Charles as a person, even though I did not like his comment and did not agree with it. ONE comment out of how ever many hundreds he has made does not even come close to equaling what that vile bitch has said over the past 2 years.

  40. NM,

    I said "Those two remarks, in comparison, are equally thoughtless."

    You said "yes they were both bad things to say"

    That's good enough. We agree.


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