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Friday, October 31, 2008

Terry Burton

I just checked out Terry's web page for the first time in awhile.


Still crazy, after all these years.


  1. Simon & Garfunkle
    I still grab a guitar once in a while and play some of their tunes.
    "The Boxer" still holds a special place in my memory due to a personal experience.

  2. My favourite part: "GOD said, "Open your mouth and I will fill it."

    ...Apparently Jesus is coming (or cumming)?

    (Bad pun, I know.)

  3. I do like how God speaks to Terry. It's like, of all the people God could converse with, He chooses Terry. :)

  4. If there is a God, He enjoys messing with Terry's head. It's almost something I would do.

  5. This post of Terry's impressed me for its silly panic over Halloween.


  6. All I could think of was Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. Kinda scarey.

  7. Terry must be quite frustrated living in a solidly blue district. They focused on several districts and local voting polls on CNN yesterday, and when I saw all those blue islands, I immediately pictured Terry standing there with a tract in his hand and a lost expression in his eyes.

  8. Wow. He reverted.

    Well, at least he's no longer a Rayman fan. We saved him from that fate at least.


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