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Monday, October 20, 2008

I can not pass up making a post about this Raani woman on the Baptist Homeschooling blog that Kelly pointed out. This Raani person is more insane than Ray comfort ever dreamed he could be.

This is the post that Kelly linked to, and I think it needs to be exposed for its hate and bigotry so here it is:

Perilous Times: Sodomites in School

When I was in the process of moving and did not have internet access, I often visited a local library to check my e-mail and look at real estate listings. This particular library was in a small town and seemed to be a popular after school hangout for teenagers. One day as I was surfing the net, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation that was going on across the table from me. An openly gay teenage boy who was surrounded by female "friends" was talking about how he had recently had a relationship with a girl. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl's parents. Not only was their daughter sexually active, but she had engaged in some very high risk behavior by sleeping with a gay male.

Yes, I've seen the previews for Will and Grace where they're lying next to each other in bed platonically. Isn't that cute? The homosexual agenda wants people to think that homosexual men are safe for women to hang around and even be alone with. Nothing could be further from the truth. The stories about Sodomites in the Bible teach us that they do violate women as well as men. I've also known of people personally over the years who were known as gay yet "experimented" with the opposite sex. The term bisexual is an unnecessary distinction, because a faggot wants to defile anyone or anything he can get his hands on.

A friend recently sent me this article about a "gay-friendly" high school. If we were living in a biblical society, homosexuality would be punishable by death so such a school would be unnecessary. Although I'm against the special accommodations, perhaps this new trend of segregation will protect straight kids from these predators. With any luck, some radical will blow up the gay school. No, I'm not condoning vigilantism--I'm merely saying that it would be poetic justice.


She also goes on to say in her comments section that a gay person can never be 'saved':

"Changing one's ways is never a requirement for going to heaven. That is a common misconception so I'm glad you brought up that point. It is impossible for us to turn from every sin, so nobody could get saved if that was a requirement. Be sure to click on the link in my sidebar which gives a clear plan of salvation according to the Bible or listen to one of the How to Win a Soul sermons at www.faithfulwordbaptist.com which also explains salvation in depth. Repentance when it comes to salvation is turning from wrong beliefs and trusting in Christ alone for salvation.

That said, I believe that a homosexual can no longer get saved. They weren't born gay and God wanted them to get saved at some point. The reason they are that way is that they have pushed God too far and he has given up on them.

We also have an extended family member who is a homosexual. We had already distanced ourselves from that person before the news officially came out. We weren't surprised and still have no contact. I am sorry to hear that you are facing a similar situation. When someone seems questionable in that area, I would be polite in a group setting if necessary, but never leave my kids alone with that person for safety reasons. The person I am referring to has also abused children. When someone is a known pedophile or homosexual they should be completely cut off. I hope that answers your question."

Soooo....her god wants her to BLOW UP SCHOOLS, ostracize family members and hate people and he also will not 'save' a gay person. This woman sounds so much like the Westboro Baptist Church cult that I have to wonder if she is one of them. Actually, she may be worse. I don't think that the Westboro loons have publicly advocated blowing up any schools.

I checked out a few of her archives and pulled out a few things that also make no sense whatsoever. In this post she writes about how her god doesn't want people to drink alcohol --ever. She states that even if studies say that red wine is better for you than alcohol, she will continue to 'trust the Creator in matters of the human body'. I wonder if she also substitutes prayer and prayer alone for cures to diseases since the Bible also says "And whatever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." (John 14:13).

In the same post she goes on to say "People I know who set out to drink in moderation for health reasons usually end up drinking more than the recommended amount, anyway. What good is a strong heart if you get killed in a car accident?" Why would anyone make the leap to think that if you drink a glass of wine that you are going to end up in a car accident? Oh, maybe because it doesn't appear that this woman could muster a critical thought skill if her life literally depended on it.

And check this out. Here she says the following: "When my husband has a Saturday off, I usually make a big breakfast of fried potatoes, ham, eggs, and cheese. " And then here she states: "In spite of my efforts to feed my family a healthy diet, my husband, Bobby has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I think a lot of it is hereditary, plus I can't control what he eats when he's at work." I literally did laugh out loud when I read that. I can see it now....."Doctor, I usually feed my husband a fried, high cholesterol laden breakfast and how he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I just can't figure out why. Oh well, must be that crazy Creator !"

I'm sure you can find a lot of idiocy on her blog, but I thought I'd point out just the first few I found. I think it's great that this woman has a blog and that she has put a photo of herself on it. That way we know not only what idiots think, but we can avoid them when we see them coming.

EDIT: Folks, this woman also thinks that we've never been to the moon because she saw a conspiracy show on Fox !! And this woman homeschools!!!


  1. I read a few paragraphs of her OP, and had to stop. It was simply too mind-bogglingly dense (and angry) to be worth my time.

    But it got me to thinking. People like her need help, but how exactly can you possibly help them? She obviously believes in her interpretation of the Bible, and it seems she's got enough faith in it to consider everything going against that interpretation to be worthy of punishment.

    How can you fight that? It's almost like she'd need to be counselled by a moderate Christian - I'm positive she'd never listen to a non-believer, even if that person was religious...

    There's too much fucking stupidity on this planet, most of it being committed by people not interested in whether they're stupid or not.

  2. I reported her blog as hate speech. Advocating killing homosexuals is hate speech to me.

  3. Rocky, so did I. I am not a fan of censorship, but when she started talking about blowing up schools as being poetic justice, she crossed into a whole other realm.

  4. BeamStalk - Rocky S. sez:

    Advocating killing homosexuals is hate speech to me.

    Advocating killing homosexuals is hate speech. PERIOD.

  5. Did you see the post about marriage? She must be a time traveler from the fifties...
    How can a modern woman dare to think like this?

  6. Tilia, I missed that one. Got a link?

  7. NM,
    urgh, you mean I have to go back to that page?
    She has a list of topics on the side bar. It's only one about "marriage"

  8. Tilia,

    I've gone back as far as May on her blog, and this woman is so hate filled against gays that I simply can not continue to read this.

    This really is on the same level as the Westboro Baptist Church clan. It's really, really sickening and scary.

  9. NM,
    the moon story did it. I had another look at that stupid page and took the opportunity to get the link
    So if anybody isn't disgusted enough... marriage

  10. If only she'd post dissenting comments; we'd have ourselves a brand new Ray!

    Check out this:


    For some real, home-made, Christian love (I particularly like the bit where she says that 'as a Christian' she tries to 'hate the same things God hates')

    Some people should just not be allowed to breed.

  11. Hate the same things god hates??? Oh the love !!!!

  12. It's true. She's insane.

    But in other news:

    I'm faaaaaamous! I made it out onto the main page! My 15 minutes! YES!


    P.S. I'm glad so many people reported her blog; I reported it last night for that post, but maybe with so high a concentration of flags it'll get some real attention from Blogger.

  13. Kelly, I've been thinking about this and I'm starting to wonder if it doesn't deserve the attention of the authorities. Saying that blowing up a school is poetic justice really makes me wonder about this woman.

  14. Meh - do what you want, of course, but I see this wench as ranting because she knows she's pretty harmless.

    She submits to her husband and hates the things God hates, and needs to vent (rather than pursuing healthy relationships in general).

    AKA. I refuse to take her seriously

  15. Actually Nonmagic, I follow the blog of her sister-in-law who lives in Phoenix (wife of the infamous FWBC preacher that preaches - among other equally asinine topics - about real men peeing standing up, and the fact that Jesus wore pants) and have maintained for months that the way the whole lot of them are raising their children is child abuse.

    I don't think she could be gotten on that front (unfortunately) but truth be told, I agree someone should be notified. If nothing else her blog (and her sister-in-law's) are very widely read, and while she may not be brave enough to act on her wishes, not every creepo fundy is a repressed shrew with no access to real means to accomplish those aims; I legitimately worry her posts could give the more fearless fundies ideas, or incite some kind of actual violence.

    So... She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. If you really want to report her, her info probably wouldn't be hard to find.

    @ Whateverman

    I agree that most of these people have no actual influence and are just seeking a medium for disseminating their insanity, but she is a somewhat special case because of her brother's church and the "popularity" of both of their blogs.

  16. Kelly,

    I gotta see this 'real men peeing standing up' blog !! LOL, please link!

  17. Real men do pee standing up and we do it outdoors whenever we can. It's a guy thing.

  18. Little-know fact:

    100% of men think about sex while peeing standing up. The only exception is Vera's hubby, he pees sitting down.

  19. Nonmagic,

    It's not a blog, it's a sermon Raani's brother preached at hi church in Phoenix:


    They upload a lot of sermon clips, so if you're morbidly entertained there's plenty of crazy to go around, and even more at their church's website:


  20. I tried to post a comment on Raani's blog to start a discussion with her but did not have any luck. I guess some people cannot take any criticism.

  21. Kelley,

    I forced myself to sit through a couple of his videos. That man is very sick and possibly mentally ill. I feel bad for all the kids that are around these freaks.

  22. I just started watching the videos. It actually seems like he is preaching to an empty room.

  23. Apparently, he's not a Way of the Master fan.


  24. Nonmagic,
    I usually watch them and just gape at the absurdity, and haven't paid very close attention lately (school: more important than crazy fundies) but I watched one today that is actually really disturbing. He told his congregation the governor of their state should be taken out like a dog and shot, and that if the cops were "any good" they would go down to her office and kill her. Not sure how serious you were being about reporting Raani to some kind of authority, but I had no idea they were getting that explicit in their ravings, so I'm actually thinking about maybe shooting an email to P.P.D. with the link.

    Not so entertaining when they really get bizarre, I guess. :(

  25. @ mjarsulic

    I'm not sure he's anybody's fan. ...Except maybe his own.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I wish I could link the video, the one where he says Way of the Bastard, over at Ray's site. But then, I like to stir the shit between different types of Christians.

  28. Kelley, where is the link to the video where he says that?

  29. Nonmagic,


    It's a long one, sorry, I haven't even finished it yet (small doses...) but the whole thing is pretty out there.


    (I think he starts talking about the governor around 30/35 but I'm not sure.)

  30. http://stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.com/2008/09/another-fag-using-ivf-to-have-baby.html

    These people are scary.

    I think this line says alot:

    "Personally, I don't remember seeing a picture of him before because we do not have TV, and even if we did have one, American Idol is about the last show I would corrupt my mind with."

    Isolation sure makes people nutty sometimes, I bet they like to burn books too.

  31. Btw, do not flag that video. There's no point in reporting it if it's taken down.

  32. Shockingly she didn't post my comment.

    All I did was point out a few other commandments in Leviticus. Like not trimming your hair or beard, not eating the blood of an animal, not wearing clothing made of different fabrics, and not planting different crops in the same field. I just asked if she kept all of these also. I also asked what Jesus said about homosexuals.

    She said if she did not post your question it was already answered. I didn't see an answer to my questions though.

    By the way this argument was brought to you by the great Roy Zimmerman in his song "Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual", check it out if you haven't before, it is on youtube.

  33. Rocky, I'm not surprised. She has no answers and if she tried to answer you it would be so easy to trip her up and she knows it.

  34. I know but it is fun. It is just showing that they pick and choose what they want to believe in the Bible. Plus Jesus did not talk about homosexuals at all.

    I love her comment about the true bible, wtf is that? She is trying to say the King James Version is the most correct English translation, which is so retarded. Yes give me the bible that talks of unicorns.

  35. She didn't post my initial, pretending-to-be-friendly-so-I-can-bitch-slap-you-over-the-internet-without-you-realizing-it, comment, so I wrote another one.

    I'm trying so hard to stop myself from just hurling a shite-load of insults at her because I know how much these fundies get off on the whole persecution thing. I just want to sow some seeds of doubt about her kid's sexuality. If it keeps her awake at night and she falls asleep at the wheel the next day...meh.


    Unfortunately, I wrote my comment in haste and couldn't really remember exactly what I asked when I returned here to see if you'd replied. However, I had read all the comments before I posted and did not think that I was re-treading old ground - though maybe I was!

    I think you are very misinformed about the nature of homosexuality, particularly about them being 'recruiters', and your ignorance of the subject shines through in your blog.

    You said:
    "...a man who burns with lust toward another man which just isn't natural. They aren't born that way, you know."

    It is your opinion that homosexuals aren't born that way. It is my opinion that it is a mixture of nature and nurture. The thing is; our opinions don't count for anything because we're not gay!

    Ask a gay person what their opinion is on the matter - they might just have some better insight into what goes on in their own heads than you do.

    Oh, and saying things like:
    "...a faggot wants to defile anyone or anything he can get his hands on."
    just makes you seem like a raving lunatic. I mean, seriously, do you get your talking points from Fred Phelps?

    I sincerely hope that your kids grow up happy and healthy, whatever their individual choices and natural tendencies in life may be. 'Poetic justice' would be for every last one of them to be gay, out and proud. I wonder what your blog would look like then?

    Have yourself a great day, and keep on making your religion look like the Bronze Age superstitious nonsense it is; you have my deepest condolences for your loss of humanity.


    My FSM I hate this woman!

  36. As unbelievers, I realize that you do not make the Bible your authority. I will respond to one part of your post, though. Everyone knows it's o.k. to eat eggs once a week and I fry my potatoes in canola oil. Now what?

  37. raani,

    Welcome. I'm not a big egg eater but your taters sound scrump-dilli-itious.

    I don't believe in god but there's always the possibility I could be wrong. If I am, I can see god having a very special place in hell for ignorant haters like you. He won't fry you in canola oil. It's bacon grease for you.

  38. So why is it okay to ignore one part of Leviticus and not another?

    Also what does it say about Lesbianism? It is apparent that God does not like man on man but is all for some girl on girl action.

  39. It is apparent that God does not like man on man but is all for some girl on girl action.

    Who can blame him!

  40. raani,

    Hello and welcome to the Raytractors.

    You may wish to know that we are not all 'unbelievers' but feel free to continue making sweeping statements about groups of people you know nothing about; it appears to be your talent.

    We have no moderation here so feel free to let rip with any rebuttals to our comments; we promise to play nice if you do...

  41. The peeing standing up thing is priceless.

    This is what you get for studying the same "book" for 1500 years, and needing to come up with new material every Sunday...

  42. Raani,

    Do you realize that saying "With any luck, some radical will blow up the gay school. No, I'm not condoning vigilantism--I'm merely saying that it would be poetic justice" could very well be construed as a terroristic threat?

    If not, maybe you should consider that. Or, just enjoy your visit from the feds.

  43. I am a Christian, and I find Raani's opinions disgusting! I totally agree that homosexuality is a sin, I agree with the poster Mamame , who says, according to God, there is hope for the homosexual. Raani goes as far as saying in one of her replies below that "Since there is no hope for gays, we would be better off without them. They are recruiters and not reproducers so the safest solution would be the death penalty."
    This is so disturbing to me as a Christian and a homeschooling mother. She is a poor, poor example of both. Wow.


  44. Pharyngula has picked up the story and his hordes are flagging her blog like crazy


  45. Stew,

    You are the bringer of fantastic news !!! I am so glad to see that PZ has picked up on this woman and that she is being exposed for the hatemonger that she is.

    Thanks for letting us know about that!

  46. Ulanda,

    While I disagree with your theology and stance on homosexuals, I am glad to see that you do not agree with Raani and her disturbed mind set of hate against gays. It's refreshing to see.

  47. Stew,

    I was just about to bring the same good news; all hail the might of the Pharyngulite!


    Welcome to the Raytractors; pull up a chair and tell us a bit about yourself!


    Is that persecution complex going into overdrive yet?

  48. It's also been posted on Reddit.

  49. It looks like things have gotten to her a bit, as she has removed commenting on this entry and a few others.

    If you can't beat them censor them!

  50. Its, not It's. I hate my typos.

    Rocky, wanna take bets on how long before she plays the martyr card?

  51. So basically bets on when her next blog entry is?

  52. You are probably right NM.

    Want to put odds on it?

    1:2 for today
    1.5:1 for tomorrow
    2:1 for the next
    5:1 3 days away
    15:1 4 days away

  53. Awwww her gay bashing post was taken down :-(

  54. from a commentor on Pharyngula's site:

    I was looking at some of her posts on homeschooling and found exactly what I expected. Here's the quote:

    "I will be teaching all three students World Geography and Cultures from My First Atlas. I have censored references to evolution and I have altered statements that do not treat Biblical accounts as irrefutable. A Sharpie permanent marker in a few places does the trick."

  55. ExPatMatt ,
    I am a Christian (newly) homeschooling mother. I have a almost five yr old d, a 3 yr old s, and a 5month old d. I just had to post a comment regarding her sickening post. She is a terrible representation of a homeschooler and a Christian,a dn i hope most ppl know that this is not a representation of how Christians feel (at least myself and the Christians I know!) I would never disown my children for being gay. I would pray for them, but that is about all I could do, or would want to. As I posted, because I am a Christian, I do think being gay is a sin, and that it is not how God created us to be. But I totally disagree with everything else she says regarding the matter! Jesus does not hate homosexuals, he hates what they are doing, and I believe that of course they can be saved. When he dies on the cross, he died for ALL SINNERS, and no one sin is greater than any other!
    I am sorry if all my religion "talk" may grate on some of your nerves

  56. peaceandgrace wrote: I am sorry if all my religion "talk" may grate on some of your nerves

    Certainly not mine. Although this group has sizable atheist demographic, we've also got Christians and Deists and agnostics (and I think a Jew or two). If you stick around for a while, you'll notice that we don't always agree - and that disagreement isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Glad you stopped by

  57. Ulanda,

    I didn't welcome you to Raytractors, before so I'm doing it now. Welcome to the site!

    I can not speak for others here, only myself, but religious talk pretty much just grates on my nerves when people are stating things from faith as fact when here is no basis for it or when atheists or people of other faiths are being bashed and called names like liar, murderer, ect. when the person speaking doesn't even know the person they are speaking about. Of course, there are exceptions.

    I'm curious as to how you treat the subject of evolution in your homeschooling. Do you censor it or do you discuss it? Just curious.

    Whateverman is right, we don't always agree, even with each other. We're a diverse bunch.

  58. Yes welcome Ulanda, I hope you do stay. All the other xtians I talked to recently here took their toys and ran away. :-(

    NM, did you see Mark Morrison (Forgiven37) posted in "True and False Converts -or- ...".

  59. Rocky, I missed it. I'm trying to work and keep up here and somewhere else as well. I'll give it a look.

  60. We were both wrong NM, new post it is just a list of products she likes. She has removed commenting on all of her posts now.

  61. So she went from 'all gays should die' to 'Boy I sure love this Dove beauty bar!' I'd feel sorry for that woman's stupidity if it didn't turn my stomach in this case.

  62. Ulanda,

    Thanks for the response, always good to have some different views floating around. As has been said before; we're a diverse group and we welcome anyone to the table as long as they show a decent level of respect for discussion.

    You say that no sin is worse than another - what about blaspheming the Holy Spirit? I thought that was a deal-breaker?

    I'd also like to second nonmagic's request regarding your treatment of evolution in your homeschooling curriculum, if you're willing.




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