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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mock the Afflicted

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll up, roll up...

Welcome to the show that never disapoints - Ray's Idiot Zoo! A veritable cornucopia of tame morons and imbeciles brought to a single place for your edification and delight.

And who do we have in this week's cage..? Why, it's the McHue, a creature that is able to force its enemies to face/palm themselevs to death.

Point and laugh, people. Point and laugh...

Jinx McHue said...

Lots of pretty silly answers from the resident atheists, but this one takes the cake:

"A chicken-like creature laid the egg of a chicken. The chicken egg came first."

So when Ray asks things like, "Show me a dog giving birth to a cat," he's actually being 100% accurate according to evolutionary thinking. "Chicken-like" creatures can "give birth" to chickens, so "cat-like" creatures (dogs have the same general shape as cats) can give birth to cats.


  1. Awww...Jinxy McDumbfuck is trying to think again. How...sad.

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  3. ... sigh.

    Do any of you wonder if the purpose of the Raytractors is really to find some sort of brick wall and repeatedly smash your forehead against it after trying to hold a conversation?

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  5. How much does one actually had to sleep during Science classes to make that uninformed statements?

    In German we have proverbial saying for this:
    "Dumm geboren -
    nichts dazugelernt -
    und die Hälfte wieder vergessen."

    "Born stupid -
    nothing addionally learned -
    and already forgot half of it."

  6. Exactly the reason that I've abandoned attempts at rational diolog with fundies, and now just amuse myself with abusing and insulting them. Let one of these clown-dicks grow a brain, and I'll think about playing nice again.

  7. Can someone substitute 'ape-like' and 'human' in their somewhere and point out how stupid his argument is?

    I would, but I honestly don't know what their argument is anymore; it's all just mashed together into one big bowl of stupid.


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