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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Staring out the window
Street lights illuminate
Red eyes of an insomniac
I can't kill the dreams
With Vodka shots and Proza


  1. Do you write these, or are they songs I've never heard...either way they're good!

  2. sounds like a Chris Deburgh song.

  3. Mud,
    That is quite melancholy, but the time stamp is 11:50 PM, not quite what I might expect from an insomniac- 4AM would have been better.

    I like vodka too, but not on week nights anymore!

  4. yeah,
    I write the poetry.

    I didn't sleep last night (again). So right now I'm still kinda out-of-it.

    I'm not trying to score brownie points. Just what I say is real and. believe it or not.

    At least I feel my poetry covers something more interesting than birds on telephone wires connected via the ubiquitous simile. Do you actually write on a typewriter? Or is that just an attempt to seem more Whitman?

    If you would write about, say, enjoying the male figure, as you fantasize about being penetrated (like whitman), it might garner some interest on my behalf.


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