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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Paradox

Say colloquially, "There is no God," and get accused of making an illogical argument and a leap of faith since you cannot show something absolutely does not exist without omnipotence.

Choose your words carefully and say, "There probably is no God," and get accused of lacking "faith," having doubts, and really being an agnostic instead of a true atheist.


  1. Ray's premise is totally flawed, as ususal.
    I wrote to him that his framing of this issue would be like him falling into a pigpen and come out saying how nice he smelled.

  2. There's only one way to "win" according to the extremist believer's double-think. Abandon logic and reason and embrace the Lord.

    Logic and reason are tools of Satan.

  3. Other side of the paradox:

    "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist."

    Or: "Atheism is a form of faith, ain't it?"

    It's useless to point out that faith is apparently a virtue for bleevers but a vice for nonbleevers.

    Le sigh.

  4. Wee,

    Rat own. Logic and reason; demanded in every endeavor in life save religion.

    Good to see you. I had 0 degrees C here this morning.
    The rivers froze up there yet?

  5. To be honest, accusations from Dannyboy tend to not make me question things I've said. He's that dense...

    Additionally, we all know Ray tends to be a bit thick himself. And from the diatribe coming from his most ardent supporters, it's easy to see that they spend more time talking than thinking.

    IOW: anyone criticizing Ray or Ray's beliefs will be criticized - regardless of whether the latter critics actually have a point to be made.

    This behavior should come as not surprise.

  6. This is great raytractors, I enjoy ray and you guys, so thanks for the civil conversation

    froggie, saw your post on the site, you're right he could

    weemaryanne, faith itself isn't a virtue or a vice, but the object of the faith is... or we all have faith (if nothing else but the double yellow line that separates us from opposing traffic), the difference is the object

    'logic is a tool of satan', all i can say is indeed it can be. Believers think he takes good things and twists them, i.e. sex drugs and rock n roll

    using words like ilk and diatribe make you sound superior, condescending. I'm just sayin'

  7. jon,
    imo those are not very uncommonly used words. Even I use 'bigger' words often, and I'm not even a native speaker and don't have a college education. Just sayin.
    Ray once said that science 'bored him to tears'. I suspect he came across a few big words in the first sentences, felt condescended to and decided not to bother with it anymore.

  8. Ilk, diatribe and condescending are all perfectly cromulent words.


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