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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bat Shit Crazy

Dani'El, a commenter at Ray's is letting it all hang out at his blog

The Judgment of San Francisco :Luke 17

Now I don't mean for everyone to pour over there and give him a hard time, He is a disturbed young man.

I have stopped commenting because I don't think what I was saying was helping and through his comments and posts I have realised just how unstable he is.

But his blog is a fascinating case study of how gullibility and self desception can build a fantasy world. Everything he sees around him reinforces his belief.

Seriously, treat this one gently.


  1. this guy is the best case study on schizophrenia I have ever seen. Sometimes I'm close to believing that somebody makes this daniel up, using a textbook about psychiatry as inspiration.

  2. Woah.

    I seriously hope he gets help.

  3. Stew,

    You wrote,
    "Now I don't mean for everyone to pour over there and give him a hard time, He is a disturbed young man."

    I agree. I have been following Dan's antics with great interest.
    That type of behavior fascinates me to no end. He's also published a plethora of comments at Ray's, dominating a couple threads.

    I do have to wonder if he could be a Poe. I understand there are people that genuinely get off on that kinda stuff, and some are very smart and creative.

    If I did get a clue he was a Poe, I would go after him, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt since if he is for real, I would not want to be a party to him going over the edge.

    Situations like this actually cause a certain amount of pain to me because I tend to think about what I would or could do if this were my son.
    Perhaps he has no family though. No support. I feel very sorry for him.

  4. The woman in the above story needed this. Daniel needs something wayyyyy stronger.

  5. I am just trying to treat him with kid gloves, in the hopes he will see what I am saying. I may be giving up soon though.

  6. Freed on the other hand is fair game with her bile she pours out.

  7. Beams, Pvblivs and myself have been chatting with this guy for a wee bit now and he is pretty fascinating to talk to, although, anyone that says this:

    "anarchist leftist self-hating Jew", when asked for their opinion about Noam Chomsky, is fundie enough for fair mockery if you ask me.

    I'm going to put together a collection of his greatest hits (Prophets Say the Darndest Things?) pretty soon because there's some pure gold there that everyone should see.

    Of course, if San Francisco DOES get destroyed by sulfurous rainstorms...

  8. expatmatt said

    Of course, if San Francisco DOES get destroyed by sulfurous rainstorms...

    ...then somebody has bombed a black powder plant. Probably the one making this prophesy. Wouldn't be a first.

  9. I can't wait to see that Matt. He does have some interesting claims.

    You have a point about the Chomsky comment.

    I am still cautious with him because I think he is mentally ill. His breakdown could be bad too, as others have pointed out.

  10. The thing about people like this is that if their magic friend fails to come through on the promise to destroy everybody they think is 'sinful', they fit the profile of people that take matters into their own hands.

  11. At first, I pretty much came to that conclusion.

    There are a few things that keep me going back. For one, he's dramatically changed his tone, now that people appear to be engaging him in dialogue. He seems to be actually talking to people rather than AT them.

    Second, I'll confess that I hate dismissing people, even if they "deserve" it (purely a subjective conclusion, of course). I can only remember doing this twice since I've joined the Raytractors (re. SCMike and SyeTenB) - and I want to avoid adding names to that list.

    Finally, it really does seem like underneath it all, there's a guy willing to listen. I'm probably naive about this, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

    I agree with those who've said here that they're treating him with kid gloves. I am doing so in part because I value the respectful dialogue, and because I've got a window into a worldview I've rarely seen before.

  12. His comment that Freed was a sweet lady that needed to be shown respect made me laugh. He have to earn respect and she does nothing to earn it.

  13. It's a good thing to listen to what such people have to say, because it will alleviate the stress that they're putting upon themselves. A psychotherapist will try to gently get them to speak as much as they want to, and have them tell as much of their worldview and perception as possible. The more you know about what and how they think, the more you can gently point out the inconsistencies and logical flaws. Of course some people need additional medication to dampen the constant barrage of delusions and over-perceptions their environment and their minds produce.

    What Daniel has disclosed so far is that he has been held by authorities and released, a period in which he fervently prayed and had revelations.

    He's not disclosing why he was held in the first place, or on what grounds he was released.
    I suspect that they realized he was mentally unstable and recommended seeking professional help. Which he didn't do because he thinks, he can't help but think, that all his revelations were the real thing. Until he actually makes concrete threats or harms someone, there's nothing authorities or counselors can do.

    I hope there's a community counselor who visits him periodically to have an eye on him.

    I have addressed him in a brief dialogue a few days ago, just suggesting that he might be dealing with ideas that are a product of his own mind.

    He immediately called this 'psychanalysis', even though I wasn't making any specific attempts in that direction, just asking him about his thoughts. This is strong evidence that he's had contact with psyochological counseling or psychiatry before.

    Many religious groups advocate and literally demonize strongly against psychology and pharmaceutical treatment. They know perfectly well how progress in these fields threatens their recruitment efforts. It's a threat to the core tenet that mind and brain are separate, the metaphysical dualism that they base all their faith upon, from morality 'written on your heart' to the existence of souls.

  14. Now that Dipshit Dan has found his way over to Dani'el's blog my incentive to post anymore has withered away. There is only so much stupid I can take.


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