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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping Ray busy

Ray announced an atheist-bible.


To quotemine his subheadline:

... 10% of the world's population claim atheism. ...

That are 600,000,000 people. So an atheist bible would need to contain the ideas of 600,000,000 people.

If he would want to write this book, this would keep him quite busy...
... which actually is not such a bad idea....


  1. Ray fails again. Atheists aren't in need of a group think manual.

  2. Actually most of them have group manuals.

    There are socialist atheists, liberal atheists, communist atheists, economy-radical atheists, humanist atheists, and so on

    They all have their particlary different set of social rules.

  3. I just posted something similar to that Germanmike.

    I said so basically the book just says "there is no deity or deities" because that is all there is to atheism.

    He can't seem to understand that.

    I also pointed out that I am a secular humanist and there is plenty of information out there about that.

  4. Secular humanism is also quite easy to summarize. Article 1 of the German Basic Law does it:

    "Human Dignity shall be inviolable."

  5. 10% is pretty big. And to germanguy... those are manuals. The Bible is a manual. The God Delusion is just another opinion book.

    Atheists need no manual. If there was one it would be one line.

    "Think freely."

  6. Actually, there is already a book called "The Atheist Bible", it contains quotes about religion/atheism from Russell, Twain, Franklin etc. It's one of the first books I bought after my "deconversion" :)

  7. I'm kinda partial to the Boomer Bible :)

  8. GM,

    I would argue that having them and needing them are two different things. Most fundies need the bible to tell them what to think. I don't think most atheists need a manual for that purpose.

  9. Hey,

    It appears that the "homeschooling Psycho bitch" took down here disgusting hate post about gays.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. oaa,
    but it seems, as if she managed to cut the link...

  12. Yeah, Reddit picked it up, too. Then she deleted the post and started yammering about her beauty products. Way to change the subject.

  13. Agh. Sorry the comment about blog lady going viral was mine. I do some freelance graphic design every once in a while, especially blogs during the school year because they're so much faster than web sites, problem is I pop over here to check out the threads, see something interesting, forget I'm signed in as a club or someone else and just comment.

    Long explanation, but just establishing that I'm not a sock-puppet. Sheesh. ADD much?

    Original Comment

    Off topic again:


    Raani's going viral!


    It's still in the Google cache, by the way. Google can be creepy, but the cache really does work wonders

  14. LOL Kelley, I don't think you are in any danger of being thought of as a sock puppet.

    She can blog all she wants about how she loves Dove beauty soap, but she can't run from Google cache.


    Ray's blog has added this to the sidebar. It does not appear when you are about the post a comment on Ray's site:

    Please note: All comments placed on this site are copyrighted and become the property of Living Waters.

    Everything you write is copyright the moment you create it. Yes, even blog comments. The attempt to claim that any comments to him are owned by him is not right. He likes to claim "Fair Use" but that is different to claiming you own the copyright to anything that is said to you.

  16. There is an easy to read run down on US copyright law. It's pretty much the same for most countries in the world. (Thanks to the Berne Convention) http://blog.v7n.com/2006/03/26/copyright-law-explained/

  17. This has annoyed me so much I think I might make my first blog post here.

    Does anyone remember when Microsoft tried to claim it owned the copyright on everything made by a certain piece of software? (The courts ruled that they did not)

  18. Jill D,

    That totally deserves its own post, especially now that this thread is buried. Even if it isn't legal for Ray / Living Waters to "own" the copyrights to comments, everyone should at least know that they're trying to. Even if you don't post it, someone should...

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Jill, I've made a full post about this one, with a screenshot so Ray cannot simply cover it up.

    It really needs to be pointed out ASAP.

    Thanks again for pointing it out.

  21. If there was an Atheist Bible then it would consist of:

    "You've purchased this book because you don't beleive gods exist. Good for you."

    Because by definition, thats the only belief Atheists have in common


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