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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Theological Question:

Does growing up in a family in which you are your own father count as growing up in a dysfunctional family?


  1. Only if you kill yourself in order to appease yourself of some things that you find horribly offensive.

    Otherwise, not necessarily.


    Have your read "Lamb" by Christopher Moore?

    It actually paints a far better and more realistic picture of Jesus than the bible does. I could almost worship the Jesus in that story. Almost.

  2. [Insert Futurama Grandfather Joke]

  3. Lamb was great. I loved Biff.

  4. Fry: But won't that change history?
    Professor Farnsworth:Ohh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. "I'm My Own Grandfather"! Let's just steal the damn dish and get out of here! Screw history!

  5. They are making new episodes and movies.

  6. yeah, but it will still take ages until they are translated into German....
    And since they won't sell those episodes in Germany before they aired on TV I will have to find creative ways to acquire them...

  7. Kaitlyn
    Seriously?! You just made my day!

  8. Two of the movies already came out, the third is due pretty soon. They are still working on the rest of season 5 for Comedy Central.

    The second movie, "Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs," deals with religion and God. You'd like it.

  9. They ran a "new series" over here, but it was obvious all they had done was chop up one of the movies and put "To be continued" at the end of each 30 minute segment.

    It involved nudist scam artists and time travel.

  10. And it didn't work. At all. It just wasn't funny.

  11. Season 5 consists of 4 movies (chopped up) and like 10 new episodes after all the movies are released.

  12. Not if you're able to be your own father without humping yer Mom.


  13. Quasar,

    Like Kaitlyn said the new season is just the new movies cut up into 30 minute episodes. Buy the movies instead, they are fantastic. I am now anxiously awaiting my copy of the third movie "Bender's Game". "The Beast with a Million Backs" is better than the first movie and the first one was good. They are now showing the episode versions of the second movie. I did notice some minor things are edited out of the episode versions.

    Also for those that have seen the second movie, is it just me or is Yivo a version of the FSM?

  14. rocky,

    There certainly did appear to be a few 'noodly appendages' flying around.

    The reason 'Beast..' was better than the first film is that there was far more Zapp Brannigan and he's the best supporting character in the show (debatable, I know, but who else has lines like; "If we can hit that bulls-eye then the dominoes will fall like a house of cards...checkmate!")

  15. "If we can hit that bulls-eye then the dominoes will fall like a house of cards...checkmate!"

    I missed that one. It's beautiful. I can just hear Kif sighing.


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