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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mock The Afflicted #2

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll up, roll up...

Welcome to the show that never disapoints - Ray's Idiot Zoo! A veritable cornucopia of tame morons and imbeciles brought to a single place for your edification and delight.

And who do we have in this week's cage..? Why, it's the Dani 'el, a remarkable creature that possesses such a weak grasp on cause, effect and morality that its opponents become so confused attempting to determine whether any logic exists in his words that he is able to run away and live another day.

Point and laugh, people. Point and laugh...


"The day after California's courts forced sodomite marriage laws throught the courts, God sent an early season heat wave, followed close behind an unprecedented dry lightning storm that kindled over 800 wildfires in California.

A taste of things to come if San Fransodom and Los Gomorrangeles continue on their current path."


  1. So Dani'el Dufus thinks that god kills trees because of where some people rub their crotch? Oh yeah. Makes sense to me.

  2. Baldyslaphead,

    Your reference to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer has not gone unnoticed by me.

    If I am wrong about this you must advise me post haste. :>


  3. Baldy,
    The clincher was, "Welcome to the show that never disapoints."

    Man, they played some good shit.
    Those not "in the know," check out "Brain Salad Surgery."-------

  4. "*gasp*. Look: the sarcasm levels!"
    "They're reaching critical mass!"
    "No! Thats... that's not possible!"
    "Run you fools! Run for your life!"

  5. I don't know if they noticed it, but they spelled San Francisco and Los Angeles wrong. Someone should inform them.

  6. I bet Danny Boy is like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig; he has craving for dick but is so afraid to indulge it.

  7. Froggie, although I am fond of the ol' prog rock, ELP aren't a favourite - I've got Tarkus and I think that's it. I'm more a Gabriel-era Genesis, Floyd and Tull man, from that era.

    At best it was maybe subconscious, but it was just meant to be a parody of generic travelling fail patter.

  8. I'm a little concerned about dani'el comparing himself with Lot. Does he have daughters?

  9. What is funny, is I doubt he would get that reference, Tilia. It made me laugh though.

  10. I recall that there was an earthquake and fire that reduced practically the entire city of SF to ruins and ashes. This happened in 1906, 3,000 people died, and tens of thousands of buildings were destroyed.
    AfaIk, no natural desaster on any comparable scale has ever hit many 'depraved, sinful' cities like Rome, Cairo or Paris. Instead, the common and poor people of China get killed by the thousands.
    If that is justice, let's abandon all books of law and roll dice instead.

  11. "let's abandon all books of law and roll dice instead."

    Life now in D20.


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