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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Suffer the Stupid

Dani'el wrote:
So if your knowledge or "science" is in error? it is "science falsely called".

I do believe just a few years ago science held that Pluto was a planet, and even now there is much disagreement.

Oh no! They redefined Pluto! Therefore... *gasp*... all of science must be wrong! The horror!

Forgive me Jee-Man!


  1. And what if the English language is in error? I do believe just a few years ago English held that those people who care for you on a flight were "stewardesses," and even now there is much disagreement.

    So much for English.

  2. OF course the Bible predicted that Pluto would be discovered in 1930, but correctly identified it as a Kuiper belt object. Yuo loose athiests!

  3. Slightly OT (hopefully this doesn't come through twice): the men in white coats will be coming for Dani'el anytime now. He is becoming more messianic and maniacal each day. In one of his latest screeds he says that Antichrist Obama will be herding up Americans to reeducation and branding camps if he becomes President. And then we'll be sorry.

    Someone tell me that he is a Poe. Dani'el DaPoe, perhaps?

  4. kiwiinoz,
    I asked him if he was Terry, because of this combination of insanity and this "Hello Ray. I'm here. I'M HERE!!!" (arm wave)
    He answered that he hadn't heard of Terry but thought my description sounded nice...

  5. Dani'el is starting to get on my nerves. I agree he is very Terry like Tilia. He is a moron. He shows his ignorance in every post and is proud of it. Okay that describes all fundies...

  6. kiwiinoz,

    Dani'el DaPoe made me spill coffee on my work - damn you!

  7. ExPatMatt - I wondered if anyone would get that allusion. I worked long and hard on it. :-)


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