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Friday, October 31, 2008

Partnership for a McCain-Free White House

This is a follow-up to Nonmagic's earlier post with that cool "get out the vote" ad. Here's another one, an anti-McCain ad that parodies anti-drug public service announcements. Great stuff:



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. My Mother (80 yo) loves Obama.

    My Mother is a force to reckon with.

    She comes by it honestly. My Grandmother worked at a fortune 500company during WWII and was promoted to "Acting assistant Manager."

    After the war ended the job was taken by a vet.
    But then he left in a couple years and the job needed filled again.

    Her boss told her that they would probably bring a "man" in from Chicago to properly fill the position. Big mistake.

    Grandma packed up their 1936 Chevy coupe and made my Grandfather drive her to Home Office in Chicago and she marched into the office of the president of the company and showed him how successful she had been in her division through the war and demanded that she be awarded the position, which he did without argument. I love that story.

    Anyhoo, I guarantee that if she was alive, she'd be voting Obama.

  3. Froggie,

    She woulds like a smart, tough gal! I love smart and tough.

  4. LOL! Sadly I tried to talk to my 76 year old mother yesterday about the dangers of McCain, but the media and her peers had already gotten to she and my father. It was too late.

    See, this is what happens when you aren't there to supervise your elderly parents tv viewing habits....one day it's a little Fox news and you're thinking well, maybe that won't corrupt their minds too much....next thing you know they're sneaking out to the polls and voting McCain behind your back.

    I had to delete and report this comment b/c of a typo. My own typos annoy the crap out of me.

  5. My Gram turned 96 a few months ago, and she's still sharp as a tack - we sit around talking about politics and religion while sipping Balvenie.

    We very recently found out that she's got inoperable pancreatic cancer; she's probably only got 2 years left tops.

    Nonetheless, I didn't mention this because of the sad stuff. Last week I paid her a visit and we sat around talking and drinking. She's still very much interested in the Presidential election - and is still undecided.

    It's not the same kind of tough as Froggie's Gram has, but I really respect her living her life as if every day is important/interesting/worth fighting for.

    Here's to tough old folks everywhere!


  6. Froggie -

    Great story about your grandmother.

    I just don't see the reason (correlation) that she would vote Obama based on that story - unless it's because she initially lost her job to a vet, and McCain is a vet?

  7. WEM,

    The only grandmother that I ever knew died before I was old enough to talk. How lucky you are to have yours and be able to spend such time with her. I am truly sorry to hear of her illness and I wish her all the happiness in the world in her remaining time.

  8. Thanks Nonmagic. It's ok - we're all in good spirits, and have pretty much spent a lot of time being thankful for the stuff you mentioned.

    When given the bad news, Gram said "Well, I knew I was gonna bite it some day - now I know how I'm going out!"


  9. What a feisty attitude she has! I love it!

  10. Whatever,

    Salute!! I love interfacing with older people. Been that way since I was a kid.

  11. Laof,
    "I just don't see the reason (correlation) that she would vote Obama based on that story -"

    Womens rights = Still a liberal (Dem) cause.

    Women in my family- very progressive. They'd kick your scrawny ass all over the place. :>

  12. Whatever &all,
    My mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer (never smoked) three weeks ago.

    My sister and I were with her when the doctor broke the news. She said, "oh poop."

    Now sh'e busying herself making sure that we're not all worrying about her!

    As my Dad was fond of saying, "the only real disability in life is a bad attitude."

  13. Yeah Froggie, that's the way my Gram is too. Happy people end up being practical about stuff like this

  14. froggie said:

    "Womens rights = Still a liberal (Dem) cause."

    That's very debatable. Still the party platform but in reality I think that's a lie.

    "Women in my family- very progressive. They'd kick your scrawny ass all over the place. :>"

    Mine is not that scrawny, but I would hope that I'd not give them cause to kick it all over the place, nonetheless.

    My grandmother was like that as well, before she died at the tender young age of 99, some years ago. She worked well into her 80s, and lived in her own house until the last couple years of her life.

  15. FroggieDale,

    You know I'm so fond of you, it breaks my heart to hear about your mother !! ((Huge hugs and love to you both)))


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