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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ray Probably Hasn't Read 1984, He Just Lives It

Earlier today, Ray copied and pasted a piece by Einstein, that true Christian, titled Everything Is a Miracle. Ray titled his post, I think, "Atheists Don't Believe in Miracles". Now Ray's post is titled "Einstein and Miracles". But it's no surprise is it? After all, Ray believes in thought crimes; lust is adultery; hate is murder. Perhaps Living Waters should be renamed the Ministry of Truth. But I'm sure no one there would notice the irony.

And of course, when Einstein used the word miracles, he meant the same thing Ray does. Just like when Einstein used the word god, he meant the same thing Ray does.


  1. On the one hand, it's good that Ray amends his posts when he is called on the BS.

    On the other hand, he is deliberately being deceptive when he posts meaningless and provocative titles like that.

    Lucky for him that "lying for Jesus" is an acceptable preaching tactic, at least according to the lunatic fringe that Ray sits in the middle of.

  2. If he wasn't called on it, would he change it? I doubt it. You'd have nothing but "good post, Ray" and "those evil atheists, Ray". And I have no idea what connection Ray thinks Einstein's piece has with him. And yeah, lying for Jesus; kinda like lying for Big Brother.

  3. Yup...Ray retitled his post shortly after I submitted the following comment:

    Once again, Ray thinks he has a zinger, but winds up zinging himself.

    Ray, nowhere in that quote you posted is a reference to a God....any God, much less your God. In fact, nothing in that quote conflicts in any way with the atheistic mindset.

    Nothing, that is, except the pejorative and assumptive title you saw fit to attach - "To the Atheist, Nothing is a Miracle". Nowhere in that quote does Einstein make that claim.

    Just more of your dishonest shenanigans, Ray...why am I not surprised? You've made a career out of bearing false witness. Kudos.

    Once again, when called on his bullshit lies, he surreptitiously edits his post to cover his ass.

    I've lost track of how many times I've caught Ray lying...and then lying about lying. Lies are all that Ray is capable of.

  4. http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/o/orwell/george/

  5. http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/

    I found this website awhile ago (haven't had chance to check it out yet) it appears you can read pretty much anything for free online

  6. And after Ray changed it we were always at war with Eurasia.

  7. Hey, he's not as bad as the ministry of truth, at least not yet. 'Hate is Murder' is nowhere near as bad as 'War is Peace'

    Before this - how many of you have truly read '1984'?

    I read it some time ago, in H.S. in a 'utopian' literature class. Something I'd recommend to others.

    I'd check on that 'free-read' site and also suggest:

    Animal Farm
    Walden Two
    Brave New World

    Most quite disturbing, when you compare to current or past regimes here in the real world.

  8. laof,
    I didn't know that the guy with the Skinner box wrote novels. I have to get that one. Maybe it's even on the page revenant linked to.

    I've read the other three. But I believe you're right that not many really read 1984.
    They started a TV-show in several European countries (I don't know if they sold the format to the US) called "Big Brother"
    And a lot of people seemed to think this big brother was a good guy...

  9. laof,

    I see in your profile the second item on your ereading list is Ann Coutler "Anything by Ann Coulter."


    You do know she is really a man, right?

    You do know she is a lying sack of shit don't you?

    You do know she "Claims" to be a christian, don't you?

    If Ann Coulter is a christian, I am the fucking Pope, huck.

    By the way, why have you given up all your fundy type hype?

  10. come on, froggie, give laof a break. It's no crime to be a fucking conservative. Maybe there are reasons why somebody with half a brain likes Ann Coulter...
    And people have to be either masochistic or stupid to keep the fundie type discussion style at the raytractors.

  11. laof,

    I really like 1984, the ending disturbed me but that is the point. Have you read any graphic novels, also? I would definitely recommend "V for Vendetta" the movie was good but the graphic novel is better. "The Watchmen" is the best and is going to be a movie next summer.

  12. @ rocky -

    Thanks for the recommendations. 'V for Vendetta' is still on my 'must-watch' list, but I have very little time to watch movies or read graphic novels at this time. I will add the novel to my 'future-read' list though.

  13. BTW rocky, a little off-topic, but did you see 'Children of Men' and what did you think of that?

  14. Before this - how many of you have truly read '1984'?

    I teach it to my high school seniors. (And I show them V for Vendetta afterwards.)

    I pointed out some time ago that Ray obviously has Winston Smith working for him.

  15. tilia -

    ...and here I was hoping we were developing a rapport.. and you post those insults.

    Masochistic? no.
    Stupid? I hope not. I guess you'd have to ask my friends.

    There are other reasons, but I doubt anyone here would get the correct one(s).

  16. lance -

    I suggest the others for your students as well, if they fit the curriculum.

  17. laof,
    do you take everything personally?
    obviously you are much smarter than scmike and some of the others...
    The fucking conservative in this case was meant for Ann Coulter. And yes, I have problems to understand why anybody could like that woman, but hey, I like Michael Moore and you feel probably the same about him...

    Maybe I have to phrase my comments a little bit more careful. It's just normal to see insults where you exspect them...

  18. tilia -

    Thank you for the clarification. I retract my 'self pitying' statement.

  19. Laof,

    I have not seen it. It is one I have wanted to see but just never had the time to sit down and watch it.

  20. 1984 has been a top ten favorite book of mine since I read it in high school. should be required reading for students in my opinion.

  21. LAOF
    I will freely admit that I haven't read it. Although it has been on a long list of things to read for awhile now...sadly I don't have as much time for reading as I would like!

  22. to all:

    I'd recommend the following authors:


    I know that, as adults, we find less and less time for hobbies such as reading, but anyone who has reached adulthood without reading some of the 'classics' by these authors - well, I feel sorry for them.

    I wish I knew how far skep.sorc. was on her attempt to read 'Foundation' (et.al.) - THAT is something I wouldn't recommend on your first attempt at Asimov.

  23. Children of Men is an excellent flick; one scene in particular is heart-stopping. Oh, and Michael Cain rules as always.

    I've read 1984 numerous times and it always gives me chills. I recently watched the original movie (not the John Hurt one) and despite the technological limitations of the age, they still managed to purvey the sense of hopelessness and inhumanity that gets me angry beyond words every time the fucking TV show is on (the TV show 'Big Brother' gets me angry for wholly other reasons...).


    I love your new profile pic; the man with no name, Zapp Brannigan.

  24. let's add some German authors to that game:

    - Thomas Mann
    - Heinrich Mann
    - Günther Grass
    - Heinrich Böll
    - and even Franz Kafka

    three of them won the Nobel prize for literature.

  25. I feel the urge to recommend Asimov's "The Last Question" to anyone who's not familiar with it. So go e.g. here and have a read.

    1984 is one of my favourite books also. It caused me to go on an Orwell binge for a while, which I forced my girlfriend to join. Good times.

    When we have lots of time to ourselves, we read books to each other (slow process, only downside), maybe we'll do a cooperative reread of 1984 during winter leave.

    And I absolutely loved tomby stone's comment at AC that ended with "Oceania has always been war with East Asia!"

  26. I set aside Sundays for reading. I am a single male though so that may not be as easy for others. Also laof probably wouldn't like that except for maybe Sunday afternoons.

    Right now I am finishing up Why People Believe Weird Things and On the Origin of Species. I plan on reading Making Money by Terry Pratchett next. Then probably some Warhammer stories or Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan.

  27. beamstalk,
    you're into Warhammer stories too? That's nifty (anyone use that word anymore?). Fan and collector here.


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