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Monday, October 20, 2008

Women, Vera is going to teach us about men. Listen closely.

I know that this was not addressed to me, but I could not let this response from Vera to Maragon go without addressing a few of the things that Vera said in her response. My responses are in red.

It is an interesting thing going from single life to married life. You will learn a whole lot of things you never knew about men just by living with one. They think so differently than we do. Us girls will often say, "It's a guy thing." Because men just do not think like girls do. You have to laugh about it or you'd go bonkers.

It is true. They will drive around in circles for hours before they will stop and ask for directions. :-) My husband asks me for directions though but never a gas station attendant etc. It's a guy thing. :-)

(No, Vera, that isn’t a ‘guy thing’. It’s a thing that certain humans do that certain other humans do not do. I have known guys that do this and guys that just hop out and ask. I’ve known women that refuse to ask for directions and women that don’t. Sorry, but stereotyping an entire gender based on the actions of your hubby is just yet another example of your inability to think critically.)

And there is no place where this divergence is more evident than in the area of romance.

For example, you said this

If my fiance notes that another woman is attractive it doesn't mean that he would sooner marry her or that he finds me less attractive.

See, this isn't what a guy thinks when he notices that a woman is attractive and trust me, it has zero minus minus to do with marriage. (Now she knows what all men think when they see an attractive woman.) Guys simply don't think like that. (There goes that generalization again!) The absolute last thing on their minds at that moment is responsibility, which is what a guy perceives in marriage. (Trust me Vera, not all men see marriage as a responsibility and not all women are thinking about responsibility when they think about sex.) That might be what a girl thinks because we girls want to be married. (No, Vera, not all women want to be married.) We want to be princess for a day. (No, Vera. Wrong again.)We love the story of Cinderella. (I’ve never liked that story. Am I not female? )We want to be in love.(No, Vera, not all women want to be in love.) Above all, we want a companion we can talk to. (Vera, I’ve known women who did not want a companion to talk to. As a matter of fact a relationship was the last thing in life they wanted. I guess they weren’t really women.)

What goes through a man's mind in a matter of minutes in terms of lust would make you want to throw up at times because it is so perverse and they could be sitting there nonchalantly in a business suit just staring at you, be handsome, ugly, or whatever. (Vera, you have serious sexual issues. They very idea that the thoughts of a man about sex would make a woman throw up is a very extreme reaction to have to the thoughts of another person.) It is so unnoticeable on our end because we simply don't think like that. (WE don’t? Yes, Vera, women never think about kinky sex, or sex at all for that matter. We think about sewing and knitting and baking little heart shaped cookies and that’s it. ) It has nothing to do with anything other than that this particular person allows themselves to go through the whole thing in their minds. (It has to do with being human, Vera.)We had a discussion about this early on on this list and most of the atheist men confessed that they see no problem with lust. (And? Was that a complete thought?)

Some men, such as my husband, are mentally disciplined and simply don't allow this to get off the ground in their minds. (LOL !! Yeah, I’m sure your husband never, ever thinks of sex, Vera. Then again, if he’s married to you, it might be such a painful thought that he’d rather not think it.) But other men that look at porn on the Internet, enjoy going through the entire act in their minds apparently. I totally cannot relate at all. (There are women who look at porn too, Vera. And couples. We know you can’t comprehend it. You are obsessed with sex, Vera. Obsessed with telling others how they feel about sex, what they think about sex, what they should do about sex. We understand you don’t comprehend much at all.)

That is their draw to marriage over and above almost anything else. (Yes, Vera. All men just want to get married so they can fuck. It’s just that simple. Because you said so.)But technically, many men today don't have to get married to get what they want because plenty of girls are giving it away free of charge. (So women should be charging??? Vera, you are a kinky minx under all that religion crap aren’t you?)

Like you said, they could line up a dozen of the handsomest men on the planet (and yes of course it is normal to notice a person's beauty) but you and I wouldn't think about hoppin' in the bed with them. That wouldn't cross our minds. What we would do is fantasize about being in love with them and being married to them and not involving sex whatsoever. (Not involving sex whatsoever. Must. Never. Think. Of. SEX!!! EVER!!!) I don't do that. Before I was a Christian, those are the things that would go through my mind about a handsome guy. (But Da Jebus took away all those dirty little thoughts about those nasty, dirty, filthy naughty bits!)

This phenomenon is a part of their makeup and chemistry. It is a part of their design and that's why God asks us to dress modestly. (Because god made men to be sex robots, programmed to fuck everything that can't run fast enough to get away.) For some men, they simply need to get a handle on life by repenting and being set free. ( Ohhhhh Vera! You are the LAST one who needs to be telling other they need to get a handle on life!)But others are bombarded with this stuff daily from women who walk around practically undressed. (Oh the agony that you poor men must be going through!!!)They are trying to keep their thoughts pure and the girls aren't making it any easier. (Men are trying to not be the sex robots that god made them into, but us women are just FORCING men to act out !!!)

In all fairness to you, most girls today haven't got a clue.(Uh, Vera….when you get over thinking that a concept like sin is passed on through the human genome, then you can start talking about who has a clue and who doesn’t.) Like I was telling Reynold, the attire of a harlot 4000 years ago was probably showing a shoulder or something. (And as sexually screwed up as you come off sounding, Vera, even an exposed shoulder would probably make you think a woman was forcing a man into being a rapist.)

To be honest, the guys don't understand one bit what it is like to go through 9 months of pregnancy either. How can they? That is the part that girls have to deal with and those things are so contrasting to the guys that we are like separate entities at times trying to communicate and relate. This is why books like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus were written. (Just because a man can not have the experience of being pregnant does not mean he can understand it, Vera. Can he understand it first hand? No. Is he incapable of understanding it at all? No.)

So it is difficult at times to choose when so many of the pieces of clothing are made to make us show body parts. (Not if you have a brain.) If your fiance were honest, he would tell you that I'm telling you the truth. (So now she’s saying Maragon’s fiancĂ© isn’t honest with her!)

Glad to hear you did well.

I apologize for misjudging you. You are right. A few pics does not tell us everything about a person.
October 19, 2008 7:46 PM


  1. I guess I need to stop printing out directions whenever I go anywhere and just drive around in circles.

  2. Well, of course, Rocky. If not you aren't holding up the stereotype of your gender.

  3. I like this picture about differences between woman and man.
    erogene zones

    No need to take it too seriously but maybe there is a difference how women and men fantasize about sex...

    Who cares?
    I'm pretty monogamic, but feeling guilty for my fantasies, wouldn't improve my relationship...

  4. Tilia,

    Oh there are definitely differences, but to stereotype the way she did is just insane. LOL, loved that link!

  5. This is vera's concept of women


  6. I'd just like to say that I have and will watch porn on the internet, I've been guilty of objectifying and fantasizing about other men*cough Trent Reznor, Christian Bale cough*, and I don't give a shit to be a 'princess'/

    Every time I see a guy or a chick with a hot ass I'm supposed to think about MARRYING THEM? WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?

  7. stew, the scary thing is, that isn't too far from 1950th reality...

    Some Christian women like Vera seem to be stuck there.
    She can't be that old and Raani certainly isn't.
    Did they learn that at home or from their boy-loving priests?

  8. Good ol' day syndrome, they are buying into the crap that things were so much better back then. Which is all just bullshit, things are pretty much the same.

    How many women actually lived a life like that? How many Cleaver families were there? The answer is zero. They think there is some ideological happy place in the past that is so much better than what they are going through today. It is like a reverse utopia, it is a very weird mind set that seems relatively pervasive today.

  9. What got me what this sentence:

    "What we would do is fantasize about being in love with them and being married to them and not involving sex whatsoever."

    She really thinks that women do not think about sex whatsoever !!!

    And this woman wonders why no one takes her seriously when she tries to talk about her invisible friend and her RTB pseudo science???

  10. Well, she certainly has my number...

    Only yesterday; I was driving along, lost as usual, with my girlfriend in the back seat (I was trying to return some rented porno movies and they were safely buckled into the passenger seat). The missus was gently nagging at me to ask for directions, as if I need directions, bloody woman!

    All of a sudden, this slut in a parka and shapeless, waterproof trousers walks past wearing practically nothing! I mean, you could see her finger tips, nose, forehead and even - you'll never believe this - exposed lips! Harlot!

    I slammed on the brakes, stormed out of the car and raped her over the hood.

    Serves her right I commented as I returned to my seat. My girlfriend dutifully replied; "Oh, you guys!". We never did find the rental place...

    [disclaimer: events are purely fictitious and should not be taken seriously....I do not, I repeat DO NOT own a car]

  11. Sorry, but this isn't news to me in the slightest: Gender stereotyping is practically the sole focus of youth-oriented religious messages (at least at the churches I attended as a teenager) with substantial breaks for "how to get your friends saved" and "stop being a hypocrite."

    It's so unbelievably one sided and sexist. Girls have to cover themselves up, (Modest is hottest!) never "tempt" the boys, and start accepting male dominance in relationships from their early teens. There's more water under the bridge on this issue than I could possibly summon the stamina to address in just a comment, but that gender-role garbage is definitely a lot more pervasive and "mainstream" (at least in terms of the Christian mainstream) than you would ever want to believe.

    And about that "Ever girl wants to be a Princess," bit: $20 says Vera is a fan of the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldgredge. (Don't bother looking it up if you're unfamiliar: It's a sexist and uneducated waste of time, trees and countless Christian girls' brain cells.)

    Anyway, stopping now. This is one aspect of pop Christianity that I could probably rant about for hours...

  12. Some men, such as my husband, are mentally disciplined and simply don't allow this to get off the ground in their minds.

    I'm sure that's what Mrs. T. Haggert told herself too.

  13. 100% of all humans think about sex.
    75% admit is. The other 25% is lying.

  14. Wow. Vera is a sexist against both genders. How is that even possible?

    I'm a guy, so I can speak from experience:

    1: I do take notice of beautiful women.
    2: I notice their facial features. So long as their body isn't at one extreme or the other, I take more notice of their face, hair and eyes.
    3: I do not think about sex when looking at fully clothed women. Period.
    4: I am far more interested in a long term relationship than a one-night stand. (ie. love, instead of lust)
    5: I have no interest in marriage, and even less interest in children. Except as a food source, since I'm an evil baby-eating atheist.

    Now maybe I'm the exception to the rule, but unlike Vera I do have almost 20 years of first hand experience of what goes on in a guys mind (although the first 15 or so probably don't count).

    Before this I pitied Vera, and admired that she was smart enough to forgo YECism. After this pathetic barrage of insulting stereotypes, however, I have no respect for her whatsoever. This seems fitting, since she has no respect for me, or any other male on the planet.

  15. I think Vera's right. This one time, I was headed to a strip club that was located on Penn Ave and I got myself completely lost. Sadly, there was a prostitute standing on the street corner where I was to make a right turn, but I didn't notice the street sign since I was too busy checking her out. I must have gone through that intersection 8 or 9 times before I gave up. If only I could of swallowed my pride and asked for directions.

    That's the stereotype of men that I got from Vera's post.

  16. I wonder if this isnt actually an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy actually. The kind of man likely to marry such a small minded harridan so prone to gross generalizations may, in fact, be more inclined to fantasize about other women who arent such utter bloodc*nts about things. Its a thought.

  17. Hold up a minute - who's she apologizing to, there at the end?

  18. Tillia, your picture is almost right, but my #5 is so TOTALLY where they put #2. If they switch that up on the man's side, it'd be perfectly accurate. I mean... pfft. Clearly drawn by a woman.

    Also, I was going to parody the stereotype but expatmatt beat me to it with the laughing-out-loud version.

  19. Vera said, "What goes through a man's mind in a matter of minutes in terms of lust would make you want to throw up at times"

    Vera's post made me want to throw up...does she honestly believe we women are somehow non-sexual? What the fuck (literally...)?

  20. My thoughts can be just as perverted as any man's.

    I said it.

  21. Well, Maragon's going to hell. :p

    Seriously, though, so can mine.

    I think it's interesting, but yet scary that someone like Vera can repress their thoughts about anything to the point that they claim they just simply do not have them. Either that or she's just lying, which is also a possibility.

  22. "Well, Maragon's going to hell. :p"

    Yeah Non-magic, THAT'S the reason..... =)

  23. "This is the truth. They will drive...."

    Vera even positions herself as speaking the words of god with prefacing many of her absurd statements with "This is the truth...."
    And we are to believe that because she is saying that god speaks through her....

    I haven't read any other comments yet but I just know someone else will have hit on this, but Vera is talking about a very identifiable segment of the Male population; 13 year old boys for christ sake.

    And yes, it's been that way since before the dawn of civilization. And No, they are not sinners.

    They are doing what they are because the onset of puberty is where men spread their genetic material the most prolifically, as they are genetically programmed to do..

    Modern society has dealt with that behavior fairly well because we use our brains and teach our kids societal norms and hope their emotional intelligence will overrule their genetic makeup to make choices on what is best for the tribe.

    We have been rather successful at that, but I doubt if we will ever fully extinguish that trait anytime soon.

    Now, the money quote:
    "What goes through a man's mind in a matter of minutes in terms of lust would make you want to throw up at times because it is so perverse and they could be sitting there nonchalantly in a business suit just staring at you, be handsome, ugly, or whatever."

    Vera has spent her life with men the emotional equivalent of thirteen year old boys!
    It is readily apparant that she has had no decent relationships with men.

    My three sons grew up as boys who had teachers, aunts, gramas, and many girl friends their own age, younger, and older and on talking with them for a minute you would see, Vera, that their attentions were on the person, and I could tell you of ssome great experiences well adjusted kids can have with all women in their life, including me, you bitch. You need to get a brain or shut the fuck up.

    PS I'll start treating you with more respect when you start getting smarter.
    Go ahead, teach your kids how they are sinning adulterers and sex is a filthy dirty activity and you will produce the boys that turn out the way that you so fear. I guarantee it.

    just shut up

  24. Kell r,
    You said,
    "Anyway, stopping now. This is one aspect of pop Christianity that I could probably rant about for hours..."

    I can plainly see that you know of where you speak; and thanks.

    My grandmother, my mother, and my wife, who is an electrician And carpenter, by trade, is with you one hundred per cent and so am I.

    It is only when we can all be brought to our best potential that we can realize our importance to each other.

    By the way, my oldest daughter runs a farm and #2 daughter works with challenged kids. They both have "real" husbands, in my book.

    Thanks again and go for it.

  25. Maragon,
    You said,
    "My thoughts can be just as perverted as any man's. I said it."

    OK, Having done some study in this area, I would think that you might be like most girls that are being honest about this.

    My question is, how does this perverted thinking manifest itself in your life?

  26. Oops, sorry. I adressed one of those to Maragon (because I was staring at her tits) instead of Nonmagic, who had some great thoughts there.

    Vera is one of my favorite targets too because she caves in so easily at times.

    I think she is just abut ready to give up the ghost.

  27. What do these uptight, Fundie women masturbate to, I wonder?

  28. Maragon,
    I'll be damned if I know!

    I'd actually hate to take a guess, but I guarantee it will be repulsive, by their own words.

  29. NM,

    In you I trust........
    All we have is each other.


  30. Maragon,

    Do you think it could be that uptite fundy girls don't masturbate? Like never?

  31. @ Maragon

    You wrote "My thoughts can be just as perverted as any man's."

    I'll take you up on that challenge.
    [evil grin]

  32. I wish I could be like Vera feel guilty and ashamed and dirty every time I thought about sex, but I don't.

    In fact, if I'm truly honest, I must admit that I enjoy my sexuality without any qualms.

    Please help me become a repressed screw-up so I too can become a dried-up, sanctimonius waste of flesh like Vera.

  33. Froggie,

    They could claim that. But it would likely be a lie.

    Although I have read reports of super religious or otherwise sexually repressed women masturbating is really strange, 'hands off' ways.


    I can be pretty "guy-ish". Bored on the bus? Thinking about sex. Doing homework that's boring and tedious on the couch? Reviewing posistions and ways in which I could be having sex(reverse cowgirl works best in that situation, for the record - ;) ). Etc.

    I have a pretty active imagination. After all, I'm only 23, and I'm pretty damned insatiable at points.

  34. maragon said...

    Although I have read reports of super religious or otherwise sexually repressed women masturbating is really strange, 'hands off' ways.

    Horseback riding.
    Spin cycle on washing machine.
    Bicycle seats.
    Shower and tub.
    Magic Fingers.
    Nerf toys.
    Mechanical bulls.
    Thigh Master.
    Personal watercraft.

    Remember, sex is disgusting, dirty, filthy, vial, messy, painful, satanic and icky. Save it for marriage.

  35. "Shower and tub"

    is actually pretty common with ALL women.
    It simulates oral sex.

  36. For all these years I thought it was just personal hygene. You learn something new every day.

  37. Craig,

    Ever heard of "massaging showerheads" with adjustable water pressure?

    That's not for your back, sweetie. =)

  38. maragon,

    I hope you know I am playfully feigning naivete. I can't tell on these new electronic communication devices.

    That being said, do you have a "pressure preference?" Wait, don't answer that. I'm now at work and I may have to stand up at any moment.

  39. And all this time I've been using the adjustable water pressure on the shower head to make sure I got all the cleanser out of the tub after I clean it. *sigh*

  40. So THATS why she put the poster of Christian Bale in the shower (laminated, of course).


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