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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Please turn on the Sci-Fi channel (eastern times), and watch Bob Larsen in the "Real Exorcist. I've known about Larsen for twenty years, and he is a piece of work. It should be very entertaining, up to a point, when you begin feeling sorry for these people, who so obviously need real help.


  1. Oh this should be good for a few laughs!

  2. Hey, nonmagic. Bob Larsen has his HQ in Phoenix. You could head there sometime and get that Ray Comfort loving demon exorcised. You might make it on TV and amuse your fellow Raytractors.

  3. Rufus,

    I hope demon infested cockroaches infect your crotch. In a nice way, of course.

  4. Oh, they have, they have. A nice little place in the Philippines that I visited when I was much younger and stupider.

  5. It boggles my mind that I can be so rational and skeptical and yet still terrified of Regan from the Exorcist.

    Anyone says anything about exorcism or the movie or whatever and I still shudder.

  6. Rufus,

    Please say more on this...

  7. Maragon,

    The only horror movie that ever freaked me out as an adult was Exorcist 3...I think it was 3...the one that had the old woman crawling on the ceiling...and that's just because old women shouldn't be able to crawl on ceilings.

  8. It's "Larson"


    Ray must listen to his radio show because in one of Ray's open-air things he mentions "The Keeper" from Bob Larson.

    The first time I saw Larson was on "John Safran vs God" which I watched with a Bible believing Christian.

    She thought it was real and I thought he was having the audience on.

  9. Safran had a montage of him listing things and Larson saying "evil... evil... evil..." (I think it's in the bonus footage on the "John Safran Vs God" DVD)

  10. I have to admit, The Exorcist always scared me. Maybe it's idea of not having control of yourself, of watching yourself do things you don't want to do, and not being able to stop. But it gave Richard Pryor a decent routine.

    You're correct, Jill D. I was probably thinking of Gary Larsen.

    nonmagic: I joined the USMC when I was 19. I had had sex, with a woman, four times. My first overseas posting was the PI, a very wild place for a small town boy. At the very first house of ill repute that I visited, I caught a nasty case of the crabs, though at the time I could have been convinced they were demon infested cockroaches. It took a lot of work to exorcise the buggers.

  11. Rufus,

    Well, at least you had fun...I'm supposing you had fun! And you got a great crab story out of it.

    I retract the demon infested cockroaches to the crotch and just hope Jesus pees on your feet in your sleep. ;)

  12. Nonmagic,

    Holy cactus, you live in Phoenix?! That's where the insane YouTube preacher's church is.

    You should visit and do a post about it. Like investigative journalism! :D

  13. Kelley,

    Nope I'm in Vegas. Phoenix isn't that far away, though.

  14. Kelley,

    Oh, probably not anytime soon. I've got a couple trips lined up already. I've been to Flagstaff and liked it, but I dunno about Phoenix...

  15. Belleflower; Huntington Beach.


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